talking to the spirit worldIn those silent moments, when the hush of night wraps me gently I find myself in a place beyond time. Here creative expression, and intuitive wisdom can step forward. This is the place where we touch the magic of the invisible world around us. In this place many things can be experienced, the infinity of our soul, the wisdom of the Universe, the blessings from the Other Side. It is in this very same sacred space I move deeper into my Lunar-self, my intuitive nature, to connect with clients to bring wisdom, clarity and insight into their lives.

Venturing into this sacred space is not something only a few of us have access to; in fact, this is a place that all of us are welcomed, and encouraged to visit. Because it is a place that is within and all around you. When you slip out of your head, and into your heart you perceive the invisible world around you with clarity, you experience your most intrinsic nature.

Stepping into the Unknown

Some of us might meet this place with a little trepidation. It might feel foreign, even a bit frightening because it is the big unknown. It exist outside of the world of facts, figures and analysis… the hallmarks of the material world that we all live in! But in order to really find our most authentic self we must move beyond the humming noise of the world around us.

I invite you to take a moment to close your eyes, slip into the darkness that lives behind them. Let yourself relax into this silent state and be filled with wonder. Let your breathing lull you deeper as you begin to find your personal rhythm. Let yourself become perceptive. Rather than think about what is happening around, begin to feel. Feel all the sensations that wash over you. Notice what tingles your awareness. See what feelings bubble up in your heart, your body and your spirit.

When you slow down and slip into this altered state of being you become sensitive to the hidden world around you… The pulsating world of energy, and if you cast your net wider, the world of Spirit.

Gifts are waiting for you in this silent, open space.

Gifts from your spirit, and gifts from your Spirit Circle… the collective of celestial helpers, angels, loved ones that are all around you. I invite you into this space because I want you to experience true connection, and the unlimited potential that is all around you.

When October greets us, the atmosphere hangs heavy with magic and mystery. The invisible world, the mystical world somehow feels closer, more accessible. On a psychic level we see this as a time when the veil that separates the physical from the spiritual to be thin. However, the invisible is always there!

At this time you might experience a few things…

You might find your intuition is heightened. You easily perceive things in a deeper, more empathic way. Anything from sensing the energy in the room, the right direction to go, hits of inspiration, or more interestingly, the whispers of an invisible visitor.

Your dreams can become more vivid at this time. Wild adventures that inspire you in your sleep. Or connect you to forgotten people, or those whom you’ve had to say goodbye to in life. It is especially easy for us to connect with our loved ones in spirit at this time, so dreams of this nature should be met with open arms.

Synchronicities are more frequent. I find this happens in the form of things lining up effortlessly. You are working with your magic more intimately at this time… remember, you can do this everyday of the year as well!

Signs in the form of animal visits seem to be very prevalent at this time. A visit from a friendly critter at your window. The flight of birds that seems to catch your attention. The slinky black cat that crosses your path. Those in spirit love to connect with the natural world, and often send messages by putting us in touch with nature, and animals in unimaginable ways.

Be open and curious to the things that are unfolding around you.

Beyond that, be willing to partake in the mystery. If you are open to the signs and messages sent from the spirit world, then you can also begin to talk back!

You can do this by simply speaking to your Spirit Circle. Talk aloud or in your mind to your guides, and your loved one in spirit. At first you might feel silly, but I promise you a connect will be made. The more open you are, the more proof will find you. And stave off the need to rationalize these experiences!

Simply be open, perceptive, curious and aware.

Pillow Talk with the Spirit World

I like to speak with my invisible friends right before bed. While sleeping you are naturally moving into the receptive state where your lunar self can step forward. I allow myself to fall into a relaxed state. I surround myself with white light, and know that I am protected with goodness. And then I begin to speak out loud to my spirit world. I let my heart flow outward and give myself permission to be transparent.

Often I will ask for guidance and clarity. This might come in the form of a very specific question, or a general “second opinion”. Setting the intention before sleep that answers will find you is planting a seed, and giving it the dark, fertile space for growth. Dreams might bring found clarity and answers, or give a sense of direction to find these answers.

Don’t be discouraged if a dream doesn’t follow. Know that your vulnerability was heard, and you will be guided to clarity. You might already know the answer, and the invisible world is waiting for you to accept support in making a decision.

candle magicA Candle for Clarity

Another simple way I connect with the wisdom of the spirit world is through candle work. Candlelight glowing in a darkened room has such a meditative quality that soothes and opens the spirit. For this reason I use candles in prayer work and connecting with my invisible helpers.

Begin by taking a fresh white candle. Holding it close to your heart, or with cupped hands, begin speaking your questions, concerns and intentions into the candle. Filling it with all the energy you can generate. You can ask for your Spirit Circle to support you, or call upon someone by name… whatever you feel moved to do is correct.

Light the candle. Notice how it burns, the way the flame dances, glows and crackles. Spirits are attracted to candlelight, and they find it very easy to work with this natural energy source to communicate with us. You might ask questions at this time out loud to see how the flame responds.

I like to create a system, much like using a pendulum. I will ask that the flame show me yes and see how it responds. Then I will ask the flame show me no and observe. Now you have a system to work with. Ask questions and notice what happens.

Adding to this wonderful practice I like to allow the candle to burnout on its own. What will follow are shapes and images formed in wax. Wax remains can be read like clouds in the sky, or tea leaves. Anything can appear in the wax… letters, shapes, faces, and animals. All of which have significance in answering your questions, or conveying some piece of insight.

You can consult a dream dictionary, or a book on symbolism to get more insight into these shapes.

Magic is Always Around You

Regardless of how you choose to connect with the spirit world know that it is always available to you. Just allow yourself to slip into that sacred space and be open and receptive. Magic is always around you, and so is the loving support of your invisible friends. Set an intention whenever you visit the invisible world that you only be met with love, support and wisdom. Take in the experience, and then weigh it against the knowing of your own inner knowing.

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About Shaheen Miro

Shaheen Miro is an Intuitive Reader and Energy Worker helping people find clarity and reclaim their personal power. He connects with people all over the world through Intuitive Guidance Sessions, workshops and events and conducts workshops and presentations nationally, on subjects like, creativity, intuition, tea leaf reading and spiritual cleansing. He is the author of, The Lunar Nomad Oracle: 43 Cards to Unlock Your Creativity and Awaken Your Intuition. Learn more at:



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