sacred spacePinYou are the architect of your world. You build, shape and form all the things you see. Your life is filled with many layers, levels, and rooms that all form a great mansion of your reality. What visions do hold before you? Are you content? Settled? Inspired? Are you filled with awe for the things you have gathered around you?

Looking at your life can be unsettling. I know I see dirty rooms, and dusty places. There are weeds, and thick undergrowth in some areas. My intention is to diligently work through all these forgotten, and avoided places. I want to be able to roam the halls of my mansion filled with excitement, and moving with grace. I know you want that too.

The Monster In The Closet

I have learned that we are constantly feeding our darkness. There is something comforting about wallowing in pain, and feeding “addiction”. Our places of resistance become old, familiar faces. It is easier to keep these sore spots alive because at least we know the depth of this present darkness… because what if we decide to end the cycle and build something new? Would life be better? Would life be worse?

The unknown has been the monster in the closet for humanity since the beginning of time. Freedom is the root of our fear of the unknown. Freedom to be whom, and what we want to be. Freedom to break the rules. Freedom to shatter the illusions. Freedom is a powerful sword to wield!

Stop for just a moment and contemplate your life through new eyes. See yourself being free to do the things that feed your spirit. No guilt, no regret, no worries.

What would you do with your life right now if you had no limitations?
How would you change yourself?
How would you honor yourself?

Fear is often buried deep in the dust, and rubble that fills your life. Excess is the way we cover up the weak spots, and the damage. Think about the things that you fill your lives with that are unnecessary. The stuff. The people. The situations. You tie yourself to a million things to lose sight of what’s real to you. It is just another way to say no to your true power as a vibrant spirit.

Your Home: A Reflection Of Your Inner World

sacred spacePinI often remind people that your home is a reflection of your inner world, and a microcosm of your life as a whole. Break down your space bit by bit, looking at and analyzing the things you hold on to. The stuff you are avoiding packing, unpacking, cleaning up, and parting with. Look at the rooms you use, and the rooms you don’t.

Then ask yourself these 5 questions:

1. What do you have too much of?
2. What do you feel is missing from your home?
3. What discomfort, and disharmony are you feeling in your home?
4. What is special about your space?
5. What does each room look like, feel like, smell like, sound like?

Go deep into the spirit of your space and really get a feel for its essence. These rooms are little pieces of you. They are all compartments of your life. Meditate on what each room means to you.

Maybe your bedroom is your personal life, your love life, and your romantic relationships. Your kitchen could symbolize your sustenance, and source of life. Your bathroom could be your place of surrender, and regeneration. And maybe your closets, and storage spaces are the dark underbellies of your spirit… the substance of your shadow.

Take the rooms apart, piece-by-piece. Part with things. Reacquaint yourself with things. Give them new life, or let them become part of someone else’s life. This is a all about freeing your spirit. Purging the excess, and creating room for the new.

Each thing you own, each object, each pile of trash…everything… has a piece of you in it. It takes up your essence, holding it tightly. If you are collecting things that really do nothing for your existence then you are bleeding yourself of beautiful life light. This is the energy that could be helping to build new walls, new rooms, and new facets to your life!

As you release stuff from your life, you move energy, which begins to shift all the different circumstance in life. So be ready for big change. When you start moving things about, you kick up the dust, and the storm of metamorphosis begins!

These endings become doorways. Endings are always beginnings…. Isn’t that simple, and yet profound? Endings are always beginnings. So if you get rid of something…something else must fill its place. If you say no to something… a yes situation will come along. And on and on it goes… the great tapestry of your reality is woven!

Spring Cleaning For Your Soul

creating sacred spacePinThe fragrant, and fertile winds of spring are blowing in quickly. Tap into this magical energy as you begin to clean, purge and transform yourself. The gentle scents will fill you, and the vibrant colors will renew you. If you allow yourself to be enticed by the light, you will bloom with all the flowers.

Remind yourself everyday that life is about sacred space. You are sacred; the space you occupy… internally and externally is also sacred. Find a way to tap into your sacred self. This can be as simple as making a designated for yourself to go inward.

Carve out a corner to display inspirational objects… quotes, statues, and trinkets. Crystals and candles. This could be a formal altar that follows a tradition. It could be a space for yoga and meditation. It could be an armchair with a beautiful pillow and throw blanket. Treat yourself, and give yourself a place of retreat.

Life is a garden of glorious things… sometimes it sprouts of few weeds, and some blooms die back into nothing. Pluck, prune, and clear away the dead parts, the weak parts, and the things that just don’t go. Then relish in the goodness that is all around you. And share it with everyone around you.

Be beautiful, be gracious, and be ever mindful of your blessing and joy!

As the New Moon and Spring Equinox approach us on March 20th, think about how you’d like to transform your physical and emotional space. Drop me a comment below and proclaim your intentions!