How to Feel Awesome: Take Care of You

Humans are such funny and interesting creatures. Somewhere in the human experience we as a universal collective developed a little trick to keep us from fully expressing and exposing our awesomeness out in the world. Teaching ourselves how to feel awesome everyday can be a challenge. It’s called taking care of everyone else first and leaving our individual needs to be the last ones addressed and sometimes sacrificed all together.

When we do this we become hyper unbalanced and find ourselves in unhealthy relationship dynamics of all kinds. Why this happens can be for a multitude of reasons; from a misunderstood concept of ‘helping’  right down to a way to consciously control others. Yucky right?! Whatever shadow side our personal ego chooses to dance with, gives us a lot of access to transforming ourselves into something greater, a version more aligned with our heart vibration. This heart vibration is found within the vowels of our names, it’s our hearts desire number. When we know what this number influence is we can gain greater access to the motivating factors behind our conscious and unconscious behaviour.

How to FEEL awesome & take care of YOU: The thing is we are all 100% responsible for ourselves and our lives. In the context of self-care the concept of taking care of ourselves and each other is a prime place to focus our attention. I’m going to say something radical here and I invite you to just sit with it for a minute to really ‘get’ the intention behind this statement: We cannot take care or fix life for anyone but ourselves. 

The only way we can contribute to others having an experience of being taken care of is to respect their feelings and allow their path to unfold as it’s meant to for them. Any other martyr behaviours are an extensions of control and fear consciousness disguised as ‘love’.

The first step in the quest for ultimate self care is identifying and acknowledge the self sacrificing behaviour we all do to a degree, where we put someone else’s needs ahead of ours. This happens frequently to those who are naturally empathetic and energetically open. In particular these individuals want to ease the pain or suffering of someone they care about because they can energetically feel the suffering in the other persons experience. This unfortunately is can easily slip into a trap of the ego as it perpetuates the stimulation and development of unhealthy co-dependant dynamics. Any time we do this we also take away the other persons ability to really step up, take 100% responsibility for their experience and rock their life.

The thing to remember is we are always fully capable of handling whatever our life’s journey has in store. Knowing we attract all we experience also plays into this. We are always vibrating and emitting a particular frequency that will indeed attract vibrationally compatible situations, circumstances and results. As humans its easy to take responsibility for causing the positive results in our lives and we resist taking responsibility for the challenges. The ego will find fault and excuse an outside circumstance as the cause for our turmoil or upset. Accepting we are responsible for everything we experience gives us the ability to consciously create a life characterized by great peace of mind and happiness.

Part of taking care and responsibility for ourselves is knowing ourselves. The more tools of self discovery we can use on a day to day basis allows us to experience contrast for the shortest amount of time possible. It is very possible to experience contrast for just enough time to notice the illusion, identify the trick of the ego and get back on track. In this experience you learn how to feel awesome again and take care of yourself, always pushing forward.

Knowing your strengths and challenges is one of the greatest tools we have available to us. When we know what we are dealing with we can create our experience to flow with those strengths and honour those challenges in order that we maintain our quest on the path of least resistance. The influences in our numerology charts instantly illuminate awareness of these strengths and challenges. It’s with this awareness we activate our free will to create our lives in such a way where we can be fully expressed about what we need and how to achieve those needs. That is what we call the ultimate in self care!

Love in Numbers



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