So, you’re a highly sensitive person, otherwise known as an empath?

Hey, that’s great news! Being an empath has tons of amazing benefits… like being able to relate more easily to others, communicate effectively, and you also have an intuition that is totally fire. Meaning you pretty much always know if someone is trustworthy… OR if they’re a slithery snake that’s not, under any circumstances, to be trusted (we all know one).

It’s true, being an empath is a very special gift… except when it’s not. 

And actually, being an empath can kind of suck. Thanks to your highly attuned emotions, you have the tendency to literally feel, and absorb, the energy and emotions of everyone around you…

This means that when you’re in a large group setting like, oh I dunno… Christmas… all of these “other people” vibrations can start to consume you, eventually draining you of your own energy and positive vibes.

That doesn’t lead to a very happy holiday season, now does it?

But that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on all holidays and large social gatherings… In fact, there are steps, practices, and precautions that you can take to protect your sensitive soul from being energetically depleted.

Here are 5 super simple survival tips for all of my fellow empaths during this holiday season. Or as I like to call them… the 5 Ds of energy preservation… dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge (if you know, you know).

We’ll start with the easiest, and work our way to the hardest. Don’t worry babe, we totally got this.

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The fact of the matter is that some people are just straight-up energy vampires. They literally suck the life out of you… and if you have an energy vampire in your life, it’s imperative for you to identify them. If you can’t identify who is draining your energy, then you can’t properly protect yourself…

And some people can only be handled in small doses (energy vampires are definitely some of “those people”)  that’s just a fact.

But instead of ditching out on an entire party to preserve your sanity… you can just DODGE the one person who drains your energy the most. That’s basically empath training 101.

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Even with the most ninja-like dodging skills, you’re bound to encounter draining people (especially during large group events, like Christmas).

So one of the absolute best things you can do is DUCK the harmful effects this negative energy can have… And how do you do that?

By protecting yourself. 

This can look different for each individual empath, and it really depends on what you resonate with the most… For some people it’s crystals, for others, it might be meditating, grounding, breath-work, energy shields, or positive affirmations. Find what centers your energy, and use it whenever you need to in order to keep your mind clear and your vibes high.

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3. DIP

Despite your best dodging and ducking, some unwanted energy is bound to find its way to you eventually… this is just the reality of life as an empath.

When you find yourself being overtaken with these emotions and energies that are not your own, remember to DIP into your own mind. Only you can control your thoughts, feelings, and emotions – remember that!

You are extraordinarily sensitive, yes… But you are even more powerful. And when you find yourself being pulled down into a negativity spiral, you have the power to prevent negative thoughts from racing through your mind… you can release the anger, you can whisper positive affirmations, you can turn the boat around… YOU are in control.


If you’ve gone through steps 1-3, and you’re still feeling triggered… first of all, don’t feel bad. I mean you’re an empath, so it’s bound to happen.

But second of all, DIVE into the root of the problem… and yas Queen, cleanse yourself! 

Chakra cleansing is a way of keeping both your spiritual and energic fields balanced, and free from negativity.

One of the most popular methods of cleansing is smudging… but hey I get it, not everyone walks around with a smudge stick handy at all times.

Instead, you could essential oils (aromatherapy), sound healing, or crystals!

Sit with your method of choice, and focus your energy on clearing the negative blocks, emotions, and baggage. Once you finished your ritual, close your energetic bubble, and you’re free to return to your party, refreshed and renewed!

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And once you do return to your party… the single most important thing you need to do as an empath… is… DODGE unwanted energy.

I know what you’re thinking… “hey, we already talked about dodging unwanted energy!”

Nope, we’re talking about a different type of dodge… We’re NOT talking about the type of dodging that involves you literally avoiding said person altogether.

We’re talking about dodging unwanted energy by addressing the root of the problem…

Yes people, we’re talking about boundaries here. As an empath, you have to set boundaries. And the very best time to do this is after you’ve finished with a cleansing ritual… this way you’ll be in the right state of mind and more able to communicate your boundaries effectively.

This is definitely the hardest step, and especially as an empath. Because you’re so caring in nature it can be challenging to make people “uncomfortable” when you approach them with your boundaries.

But it’s also the single most important step. Because until you can stand your ground, and set proper boundaries… you’ll constantly be yo-yo-ing up and down on a string of emotions that’s being controlled by everyone around you, except for you.


Take back control over your life (and your emotions!) this holiday season… it might be the greatest gift you ever give yourself. Just always remember… dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge!

Are you a self-identified empath? If so, drop a heart in the comment section below!


About Brittany Jordan

Brittany is a writer for Drawn to astrology, herb magic, and spirituality she loves connecting with people through well-crafted words and the occasional belly laugh. Bored by the traditional ''seriousness'' that spirituality is often associated with, she enjoys making divination fun through playful writing that keeps topics down-to-Earth, easy to digest, and most importantly... FUN to read.

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