While knowing your family’s Life Path number won’t miraculously make everyone get along like the people in a Norman Rockwell painting if you know your family’s basic Numerology you can perhaps detach yourself from some of the holiday trigger-points you might experience.

For this exercise, you need your significant other’s full birth date.

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Example: DECEMBER 19, 1948

December is the 12th month. Add 1 + 2 = 3

The day of birth is 19. Add 1 + 9 = 10

Keep adding to digit down to a one-digit number:  1 + 0 = 1

The year of birth is 1948. Add all four numbers together: 1 + 9 + 4 + 8 = 22

Continue adding until you get a one-digit number:  2 + 2 = 4

We now add the resulting single digits.

Month = 3          Day = 1              Year = 4

3 + 1 + 4 = 8

The Life Path number is 8.



PinIf your family member is a 1 Life Path, understand this: They need to be the leader – they’re a leader and so they need followers. They’re here to use their creativity, leadership abilities, and are supposed to be an achiever.

GET ALONG: Know that they need to be in charge. Let them. Know that they need a cheerleader. Cheerlead.

POSSIBLE ISSUES: Are they a leader or have they folded? Are they active and engaged in creative and/or business pursuits?  If they’re not actively expressing healthy independence and achievement, they often opt into being a negative, cynical, judgmental person. Know that they can have problems with addictions if not using they’re creativity and leadership abilities.  And that can often come into play more intensely during the holidays

IN ORDER TO ‘GET’ THEM: Allow them to be the center of attention when it feels appropriate. Encourage them to act upon their creative ideas – especially if that’s something they’re not actively pursuing. They’re meant to follow their unique voice. Appreciate where they’ve has come from, which is usually “The School of Hard Knocks.”


PinIf your family member is a 2 Life Path, understand this: They’re conflict avoidant. They’re a mediator, diplomat, and just want to give and receive unconditional love. They’re extraordinarily emotionally sensitive.

GET ALONG: Know that they often live and breathe  family – it’s very important. Know that they thrive when the whole group is thriving. They’re intuitive and emotionally sensitive.

POSSIBLE ISSUES: If not being acknowledged for what they do, they can emotionally withdraw and be resentful. If they’re hurt, they can become childish, combative, and downright impossible. They can over-give and then wonder when it’s their turn.

IN ORDER TO ‘GET’ THEM: Allow them to nurture you. Encourage them to be involved with group activities that give a sense of purpose. Appreciate the way in which they takes care of the details and wants everyone to be happy. Give them kudos and acknowledgment for what they do.


PinIf your family member is a 3 Life Path, understand this: They’re creative powerhouses. They’ve got a great intellect and thrive on good communication. They’re deeply emotional and a joyful and giving person. They’re a natural entertainer, performer, and can be the Host or Hostess with the Mostess.

GET ALONG: Know that they need to have creative outlets – through writing, teaching, performing, music. They usually make it all look so easy. Know that they’re extremely emotionally sensitive and need to be “heard” from the inside out – meaning they like to dig deep into the emotional components of relationships.

POSSIBLE ISSUES: If not using their creativity and expressing emotions consistently, they can experience depression. They can be scattered and have trouble following through with things. Know that they can let projects take precedence over some of their family interactions. They’re debilitated by criticism. If they’re out of balance, they’ll be unable to connect on an emotional level. They can opt toward criticism, superficiality, and self-absorption.

IN ORDER TO ‘GET’ THEM: Listen and ask questions.  They’re often master listeners. They love great conversation, love to know who you really are, and love to support you in whatever you do. Encourage their creativity – they struggle with self-doubt.


PinIf your family member is a 4 Life Path, understand this: They’re the pillar of the family. They’re solid, steady, and crave security. They’re a hard worker and can be a dominant figure.

GET ALONG: Understand that they’re a “slow and steady” person. Allow them to process slowly and take the steps it takes to get from point A to point B.. Ask them about the newest book they’re reading – they love sharing knowledge.  If they have pets, make sure and treat them like family.

POSSIBLE ISSUES: They can be workaholics. They can be stubborn, blunt, and opinionated. They can be a bulldozer when it comes to doing what they feel needs to be done. If they’re out of balance, they can be myopic, cynical, and bossy. They can have an inability to understand anyone’s point of view other than their own.

IN ORDER TO ‘GET’ THEM: Allow them to give you unsolicited advice – also understand that they see the world in a very “literal” way. Encourage them to be a bit more flexible and think outside of the box. Appreciate the ways they’re reliable and knowledgeable.  They’re the member of the family who’ll say they never fight and yet will have an escalated debate based on the fact that they’re “right.”


PinIf your family member is a 5 Life Path, understand this: They’re the life of the party. They’re freedom loving, adventurous, and agents of change. They live life without a filter. They’re usually up for fun and something funny.

GET ALONG: Know that they need their space. “Don’t fence me in!” is their mantra. Appreciate their quirky humor and enjoy the unpredictability. Understand that they’re super-emotional – so humor their propensity to be a Drama Queen or King. They might be the one kicking up some dust during family get-togethers.

POSSIBLE ISSUES: If feeling hemmed in, they can be quite volatile. Addictions can be an issue – they’re all about escape.  They can lack focus, commitment, and follow-through. They can abandon things before starting them – or hang on long after needing to let go. If this doesn’t sound like your family member at all, they’ve most likely succumbed to fear and has retracted and retreated into being the “Anti-5.”

IN ORDER TO ‘GET’ THEM: Allow them to have their space. They’re here to master the constructive use of freedom. Appreciate the ways in which they’re fun and full of life. Or understand that they grapple with more than their share of fear and restrictive circumstances.


PinIf your family member is a 6 Life Path, understand this: They’re the “love and marriage, horse and carriage” person. They’re all about the family. They’re nurturing and it’s their thing to make their home beautiful and comfortable. They’re super-responsible and can be quite a visionary.

GET ALONG: Know that family and children are their heart. Know also that they’re Super Mom or Super Dad – and that can have both its upside and its downside. They want to have control over virtually everything, so allow that when possible. They don’t like to be told what to do (understatement).

POSSIBLE ISSUES: They’re perfectionists. If they’re not balanced, they can be extremely hard on themselves (internally) and outwardly on family members. If they’re not happy, ain’t no one happy (if you get my drift). They want to feel as though they’re in control, so understand that they’re in their game when they’re putting out fires. When things are going smoothly, they might be a bit antsy. They often put themselves “on hold” in order to take care of everyone else. So the more you can understand that about them, the better off you’ll be.

IN ORDER TO ‘GET’ THEM: Allow them to be the apex of the family dynamic when possible. Encourage them to “live and let live.” They can become quite self-righteous because ultimately they’re idealists and can be disappointed by others’ lack of high standards. Appreciate the way in which they can be counted on.


PinIf your family member is a 7 Life Path, understand this: They’re an elusive spiritual seeker. They’re highly analytical and data-driven and yet also acutely intuitive. They can appear somewhat detached at times. They’re always asking questions (usually internally).

GET ALONG: Know that they’ve got trust issues, so always be trustworthy to your 7 Life Path family member. Honesty is the best policy with them. Know that they’re on a slightly different wavelength than most people.  They can be introverted.  Yet they can also be a “wild thing” if they haven’t yet keyed into their sense of higher purpose in life. Know that they need “alone” time.

POSSIBLE ISSUES: If off-balance, they can be amazingly superficial. They can have the sharpest tongue you ever experienced, so be prepared. They can have addictive tendencies to anything from drugs and alcohol to food and cigarettes.

IN ORDER TO ‘GET’ THEM: Allow them be a little “woo-woo,” weird – or just analytical. Encourage them to seek their own sense of spirituality – or the bigger picture. Appreciate the way in which they can emotionally attuned and support you through thick and thin. They’re caring and compassionate and want the best for you, even if you have to wade through their trust issues to get there.


PinIf your family member is an 8 Life Path, understand this: They think in business terms. They’re a powerhouse and meant to be successful in the material world. They’re the pillar of the community and really care about their (and your) appearance. They’re here to make their mark in the world.

GET ALONG: Know that they’re supposed to be mastering the art of money, power, control, and authority. That’s a large order to fill. Understand that they often avoid the emotions and communicate more comfortably in business-like terms. Praise them for their achievements. Allow them to help you out if they offer it.

POSSIBLE ISSUES: They’re blunt and opinionated. Their way is often the only way (if you know what I mean). They can struggle with money. If off balance, they can struggle with scarcity or downright poverty and can be the ultimate victim – where it’s everyone and everything else’s fault that they’re where they are in life.

IN ORDER TO ‘GET’ THEM: Allow them to focus on money, as long as it’s balanced with giving. Encourage them to go have some fun and relax! They need a good laugh since they’re often working so hard. Appreciate the way in which they aren’t a slacker.


PinIf your family member is a 9 Life Path, understand this: They’re the ultimate humanitarian. They’re quite charismatic and have a giving and compassionate heart. Family is very important and they’re givers.

GET ALONG: Know that they’re there to help and support you. Know that they experience a lot of loss in life, so they’re learning to let go and live in the moment as much as possible. Or if on the flip-side, they can actually despise people across the board and have diminished capabilities in offering their support to people.

POSSIBLE ISSUES: They’ll never, ever ask for help. Offer support to them even when they act like they don’t need it. They feel as though they carry the world on their shoulders. They can get overwhelmed about the troubles of the world, becoming bitter and resentful and have problems letting go of the past. Oddly, they can also be someone who’s always pushing against something, even when there’s really nothing to push against – call it the “Rebel Without A Cause” Syndrome.

IN ORDER TO ‘GET’ THEM: Allow them to give to others. Encourage them to act upon their own creativity – they’re extremely creative. Appreciate the ways in which they support you for exactly who you are.  They’re learning how to give and receive.

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