There is power in exploring what hurts. That hot, heavy pain inside writhes swells and roars for freedom. Crack open and let it explode. Seduce the fear and embrace the pain… there you find your power and live your purpose.

Every door that closes, every hurdle you face, every wound you endure, has a beautiful message for you. You are being called into action and asked to be present.

You are being shown how to be powerful… empowered.

You are a work of art. So wear your scars. Accentuate your flaws. Share your gifts and express your truth.

Not one person in this world is entitled to validate you, except yourself. When you embody your truth and discover your power…your innate, divine, vibrant, sexy, power from within…you see how you can lift others up and change the narrative of the entire world.

Be brave, be bold, be audacious enough to love yourself and honor your deepest desires. You are destined to thrive, when you take destiny back into your own hands. Because the life you lead, is the art you create, and it is shaped by your hands, your vision and your intention.

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Look whatever provokes you straight in the eyes.

Challenge its presence with your unshakable truth. See it, feel it, acknowledge its place. Then, thank it! Because you’ve been shown the boarders of your box, the pain points in your heart. Now you know where you are dreaming small, accepting limits and declaring defeat.

By seeing these triggers completely you see the edge of your personal beliefs, and how they are challenging, depleting and defining you. Yet, the deep wisdom inside rages, because it knows… you know… there is a different way.


Lead from your inner power.

Remember no one can make you be something you’re not, unless you agree with them. It is in this agreement that you give away the gift of your spirit. Choose to disagree and look for a new way of seeing and believing. That will change your life!

Have an unshakable knowing that you are everything you need and nothing can make you more or less than the diamond you are. Yes, you’ve been forged in the fire and under the pressure of your pain, but it has made you stronger than you know.

You were silenced once, so stop silencing yourself.
You were underestimated once, so stop underestimating yourself.
You were lied to once, so stop lying to yourself.
You were wounded once, so stop hurting yourself.

That thing you’ve been seeking has always been inside of you. You are always the answer to your deepest questions. The World needs you. Your exquisite voice. Your innate talents. Your diamond heart. Your unique expression. The World needs your art!

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I know you’re afraid to burn brightly.

Someone, somewhere, at sometime told you it wasn’t okay to be empowered. They were probably told the same. It’s a convincing lie, one that keeps being repeated. But the truth is out!

This crazy world needs radical gestures of self-expression. We need more people to explode with truth. And the truth is, you are valid, you are worthy, you are grace. When you shine from within you inspire and ignite the light of another person who is lost out there in the shadows and eventually we all become lights… supernovas in the sky.

And believe me… we have enough darkness now to cradle all our light.

Keep seeking and you will find what ignites you with vitality and expansion. Even when things seem dark and your heart feels broken there is something out there to nourish you.

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Don’t turn away from the pain…

Rather, go deep into it so it can transform you. There is no room here for guilt, shame or blame… just make space for yourself to unfold. You will bloom in your own time; you’re blooming right now even if you cannot see it.

Take a moment to be with all that you are feeling. Find a fresh candle in a shape, size and color that you find appealing. Hold this candle in your hands and let all the feelings within you well up in your heart, until they burst like a flood and wash over the handle you hold.

Now light the candle and watch it burn bright with all your feelings, all your pain, your pleasure, your dreams and misgivings. All of this emotion becomes the fuel that allows the lamp of your soul to stay lit in the darkest of nights. Never forget the glow.

I would love to hear how pain has influenced you. Share your thoughts below.