taking control of your energyPinYou are always telling an energetic story.

Your energetic story is the fabric of your reality. It is the accumulation of all the things you believe about the world, all the things you attach yourself to. How you believe the world sees you, responds to you and feels about you. Your energetic story dictates all things that come in, and go out of your life.

It is based on the simple truth that energy is currency. You give your energy to specific people, places, things, ideas, feelings, beliefs, fears, etc. You invest your energy the way you invest money.

When you make an energetic investment you have to ask yourself, “Is this going to pay off?” Because if it’s not then you’ve wasted vital assets. You want your energetic investments to feed your spirit, to help it multiply!

If your investments multiply, then you can invest in new things. You make an energetic investment every time you believe something to be true. You make an energetic investment every time you make yourself responsible for something. You make an energetic investment every time you dwell on something. You make an energetic investment every time you are afraid of something. And on and on it goes.

How Do These Energetic Investments Affect Me?

These energetic investments refine and reiterate whatever story you are telling. You are the narrator of this story. Whether you realize it or not, you are allowing, calling on and creating the circumstances of your current life.

If you aren’t aware of your energetic investments, then you quickly have nothing! You feel stifled. You feel impoverished. You feel angry. You feel lethargic. You begin to feel as though nothing you want in life ever happens!

When you make an energetic investment, you make a commitment to give your energy to something.

So ask yourself, will it pay off?

Energetic investments don’t stop at the initial transaction, they are a continuous commitment. When you commit to someone in a relationship, you energetically invest in them – you establish a cord between your heart and theirs. You’ve given them a direct pipeline to your essence.

Ah! Now you see why negative relationships will age you, take your health, and make your whole world go dark?

When you are in a negative relationship, the other person is siphoning your life force away – leaving you with nothing! Pretty soon you will be hungry, without the strength to find sustenance.

Feed Your energy! Don’t Deplete Your Energy.

energetic storyPinWhen you realize the simple truth that you are the narrator of your energetic story, you begin to be conscious of what you are manifesting in your life. This is the secret of the Law of Attraction. You don’t have to be a victim to the whims of some force out there in the sky – you can take charge of what happens.

So how do you take charge? You want to do is be picky about who you attach yourself to. You want to be picky about the thoughts you choose to think. You want to be picky about the story you tell yourself. You want to be picky about the fears you entertain.

You’ve been given a certain amount of energetic currency. Use it wisely. Like your weekly “allowance” you don’t want to spend it all in one place! Be conscious of what you invest in, be conscious of what you are manifesting.

If you are feeling stuck ask yourself why. Are you investing in an energetic black hole? Do you need to unplug from something? Are you being careless with your energy? Are you entertaining worn-out thoughts and ideas?

What Is Starving Your Energy?

Invest your energetic currency in things that multiply, and feed you. 

Sit down today and look at what you’ve invested in. Before you can make your dreams happen you have to unplug from all the dead ends and dead beats – then plug into the good stuff!

Practice spiritual cleansing to release these negative energies. Be conscious of your thinking.

Figure out what story is playing in your head, heart and spirit.

If you’ve ever experienced a spiritual reading of any kind, then you’ve been given a snapshot of your energetic story. When I read for someone I try to make it very clear that we are looking at where they are, where they’ve been, and how that is laying the path, and pace for what is next!

When you begin to use this wisdom, you consciously manifest the life you want.

For example, if you are feeling lost about your “life purpose”, and don’t know what direction to take your career begin to ask yourself these questions:

➼ What activities give you energy, and inspire you?
➼ What do you dream about doing?
➼ When do you feel your best?
➼ What hobbies do you enjoy the most?
➼ When do you lose track of time?

Answer these questions, and then link into whatever you’ve answered. Be clear, be specific, and be honest!

If you begin doing the things you love, you create more of what you love. If you dream of singing, sing every chance you get! This creates a space in your spirit, and in turn, your life. Singing will become part of your reality. But if you continue to dedicate 40 + hours of your week to something that makes you feel completely worn-out and unimportant, then you are telling the Universe that you want more of that lifestyle.

Or, if you are wanting to find love, and attract someone who makes you feel completely sexy, validated and alive ask yourself these questions:

➼ Who is your ideal lover?
➼ What does he or she look like?
➼ What does he or she do for a living?
➼ What values does he or she hold true?
➼ What are your long term goals with a partner?

Now focus on someone with those qualities. Not on a specific person, but on the essence of someone with those qualities.

Put energy into attracting someone who embodies everything you want. And know, KNOW that he or she does exist, and you do deserve to have that kind of love. NEVER settle! You don’t have to. That is a myth with regards to love, career, happiness, and everything else in life.

When you begin to link into this mindset, doors will open, opportunities will find you, and people will be attracted to you. And you will learn to hear the whispers of your intuition.

So I encourage you to take ownership of your Energetic Story. Here are a few suggestions:

7 Ways To Empower Your Energetic Story

spiritual cleansing - energy cleansingPin1. You are in control! You may not always have the ability to change the circumstance, but you can change your reaction to it!

2. Use Spiritual Cleansing. Spiritual cleansing is a way of energetically clearing the slate, releasing stray and unintentional energy from your Aura. This raises your vibration and brings you into alignment with a more appropriate vibration.

A simple way to do this is take a cleansing bath. This releases stagnant/negative/ill energy from your aura. Run a bath of hot water and add to it a cup of each: Sea salt and white vinegar. Salt draws out negative energy and vinegar dissolves it. Allow yourself to soak in the mixture for at least 10 minutes. Submerge your entire body, including your head. (Do not use soap or any other body product, this is strictly a spiritual bath).

Another wonderful way is to smudge yourself with sage or sweet incense. Allow the smoke to waft around your entire body. Smoke absorbs and neutralizes negative energy. This will strengthen your aura. (Keep the smudge a few inches from your body so you aren’t burned).

3. Say yes! Say yes to things that come out of the blue! That is how the Universe works. You begin attracting things to yourself, and they just show up! But you must be ready to seize opportunity when it arrives.

4. You are Intuitive. Accept that you have a spiritual navigation system within you. It tells you when you should move closer, or further away from something. It gives you the answers without relying on logic. Don’t edit it, don’t filter it, and don’t over think it.

5. Every moment is a new moment. When you begin having awareness about your energetic story, and how powerful you are, you may first feel guilty about the things in your past. STOP! There is no point. You can start making change now, and the past doesn’t matter. Hold no attachment to what happened.

6. Have Gratitude. Gratitude is the essence of abundance. When you show gratitude, even for the “bad” things, you create a vortex that spirals good stuff right to you. More, and more and more will come. And there will be plenty for everyone.

7. Take stock of your relationships. Who do you love? Trust? Rely on? Who do you have an energetic connection with? Does this connection feel good? Or is it draining? As I mentioned earlier, be picky with your friends and relationships. Likewise, don’t forget to be grateful for the relationships that give you energy and inspire you!

Spiritually cleanse yourself, and nourish your spirit by consulting a Reiki practitioner. Have a reading to pinpoint the blocked areas. Keep a running journal of your life to look back on! Make time for sacred space, and sacred moments! It’s all about being aware of yourself.

The possibilities are endless. Affirm this everyday!