soul truth and outcomes

Detaching from the outcome brings you what you want.

Detach from the outcome to attract your desires
Rewrite your story to manifest your desires

According to Harvard Psychologist, Robert Kegan, the only way to truly experience the highest levels of transformation and “conscious evolution” is to detach from the need for specific outcomes.

While this may sound altruistic, in truth this is the best way to get exactly what you desire.

But how do I do that?

The secret is, it’s an inside job and we must start by slowing down and looking within.

Every single one of us has our demons, whether they are from childhood, experiences beyond our control or things that we have not yet faced, we’ve all got work to do. Admitting these internal truths are incredibly scary and can often go unnoticed or painfully ignored, until one day we have no choice but to listen.

This often comes from immense pain, which if we’re able to see it as a gift, can offer us the deepest of revelations.

We must learn to face the truth of our personal soul’s journey and it starts with doing the deep inner work – completely removing our ego and finally facing the truth, no matter how terrifying.

This is where real happiness and freedom can begin to flourish.

If you’re attached to what you want externally rather than what your soul needs, your ego is running the show.

EGO is seen as:


Whether GOD represents the universe, our higher self, or our deepest sense of knowing, God holds a different meaning for all of us.

EGO Vs. Soul’s Truth

How do you know when you’re operating from ego vs. your soul’s truth?

  • Resistance to change is a prevalent feeling inside.
  • You may desperately want a shift but you’re running the same patterns and themes.
  • You deflect thoughts, feelings, accusations – often resulting in blame.
  • Procrastination is a key experience in your daily life.
  • You unwittingly practice avoidance.
  • You constantly experience burnout and are running on the hamster wheel of life.
  • Your use your charm / beauty / humor to control situations rather than being honest.

The pay-off is the false illusion of having power (which is actually control) over others.

When we can commit to lasting change, we’re able to remove the external noise, allowing the manifestations we’ve been working on start to flow our way.

We’re able to connect deep to our personal source, maintaining inner knowledge as we can completely detach from the outcome.

When we believe in our ability to be successful, we have the courage to create the impossible.

And when we completely detach from every outcome, we’re able to forge on with unmatched grit and tenacity because now we see that the outcome doesn’t really matter. Our soul knows the result is going to be perfect in whatever way it’s delivered to us – whether it’s a lesson, a few steps down our path, or understanding the reason we’re put on this planet.

This is freedom.

To expect the best, and be completely detached from whatever happens.

Attachment to outcomes leads to being desperate and removing your personal values to achieve the outcome. You can become unhealthily obsessed and anxious, making it impossible to stay present.

When you know things will work out one way or another, you can be detached from whatever happens and live with integrity. If you succeed, you’re not defined by that success. If you fail, you’re not defined by that failure.

If you attach to an outcome – whether good or bad –  your ego takes over.

  • Prior success defines you – stopping you from trying new things
  • Prior failure defines you – stopping you from taking more risks

If you want real growth, surround yourself with people who see your potential and are constantly challenging you to show up bigger than you’re used to.

Expect success yet attach to nothing. Simple, right?

Take out your journal

Jot down a few areas of your life in which you see attachment.

Step 1 → Be aware of the attachment – become conscious of your desired outcome and the actions you are pushing up against to ensure you reach this goal.

Step 2 → Surrender your NEED for this outcome and release fully – through mantras, meditation, prayer, whatever works for you.

Step 3 → Understand that listening to the wisdom of your soul is the truth and the way you will embody all you desire.

When you try to control an outcome in an effort to avoid anxiety, the reality is, obsessing over outcomes totally exacerbates our anxiety – it is inevitable when we live like this, because we’re constantly on high alert. This blocks your ability to manifest your desires and co-create with the universe, giving you the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you want.

If we want to manifest the reality we want, we must be in an energy of detachment.

We must be willing to ALLOW and receive.

And we must trust.

That is the only way to truly getting what we desire, which often shows up way better than we’d ever imagined.

About Baljit Rayat

Baljit Rayat is an Akashic Records Consultant and the founder of Lotus Destiny™. Committed to raising the vibration of humanity, Baljit has worked with thousands of women and men worldwide to uplevel their lives by uncovering the truths of who they are to the core, creating profound results in their businesses and relationships. She believes everything is this world is energy and getting to the root of desire causes a powerful ripple that spans all areas of life. To access your personal Akashic Record and align to your Soul Blueprint visit, and download your 60 min audio visual meditation journey here.

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