blueprint for lifePinDo you ever feel you just want to start from scratch and redesign your life?

I get that feeling a couple of times a year. When I do it is usually just after I’ve done a vision board for something I’m working to manifest. As I look at the vision board I start to envision the life design that would support my manifestation and whether or not I’m living that life now.

I would love it if my life could be like the plans for a house I’m building. I want to move walls and redesign spaces while everything is still on the drawing board, before the concrete walls and floors are in. To me that is what childhood felt like – an endless well of possibility and potential yet to form.

Spiritually, that is exactly what life is like regardless of age when you first create a desire to manifest. You are at the blueprint stage – the stage where you can play and refine your vision before committing to a path forward. That is why the Law of Attraction works so well with the blueprint stage. In that stage you aren’t set on the “how” and more open to change and unexpected opportunities.

Using the metaphor of a blueprint and a house as the design for your life makes sense. The rooms in your ‘house’ may not be taking up physical space but you have many rooms nonetheless in the patterns of your emotions and thoughts, in the roles you play and in the goals you have for your life.

Some people are really good at compartmentalizing areas of life. For those people the areas are rooms in the blueprint of their life plan. Some people have the ability to close the door to one of the rooms and put all their focus in another. Some people always have all the doors open, doing a million things at once and having their attention constantly moving back and forth among all the demands on their energy and time.

Like a movie set, your outer presentation of your ‘house’ may just be a facade with something very different going on behind the scenes. Life is always calling us towards authenticity so even your blueprint has to flow from your center if it is to be truly yours.

Doing a life blueprint is an intuitive process of becoming all that you are and allowing that very original design to be seen.

So get some paper and let’s design a new blueprint for your life in five steps:

PinStep 1 – Journal Your Life Priorities – decide what rooms you want to have:

  • Think about what areas of your life do you want to be public and open and what areas you want to keep private.
  • Do you have a room for romantic relationship?
  • Do you have a room for your creativity?
  • Do you have a room for your own self-growth and development?
  • Is there going to be a room for the joy of time spent with family?
  • Where is your room for work?
  • Do you have a room for financial well-being?
  • Where is the room of your health?
  • Where does nature fit in your blueprint?
  • Do you need a room for connection to spirit or does that infuse the whole life design?

Keep going until you have all the rooms and spaces you feel you want in your design.

PinStep 2 – Design the new life blueprint – play!

  • Decide how big each of the rooms you identified is going to be
  • Draw some rectangles, circles, squares or other shapes, label and cut out your rooms and spaces
  • Play around with the layout to get an intuitive feel as to which rooms need to be close together
  • Make a note as to which rooms are shared spaces and which belong to you alone
  • Jot down the names of other people who are in your shared spaces

Notice, just notice, how looking at the rooms and spaces laid out in a design makes you feel.

PinStep 3 – Stand in the heart of your design

This is a very important step because, in this exercise, you feel your way to the gap that exists between the life you are living today and the life you want to create.

Take each room or space in your design and write down a number that reflects how much time of each day you spend in that room or space currently.

The rooms you made the largest in your blueprint may be the ones where you spend the majority of your time. If that is not the case then those rooms may need more of your investment of time and energy since they take up more space in your design.

This is an opportunity to see if where you spend your time honors your deepest desires. Don’t analyze – just go with how the rooms and spaces make you feel. Where you notice you are feeling constrained or unfulfilled, you have found your big authentic opportunities for a new life design.

Rework your rooms and design until it feels good to you and then let it go.

PinStep 4 – Take Care of Yourself

You have an original blueprint – the one drawn by that unseen Divine hand. The original blueprint asks you to share your gifts and talents with the world. The original blueprint has you being of service doing what only you can do.

To honor the original blueprint:

  • Stop comparing yourself with others
  • Eat nourishing food
  • Drink lots of water
  • Spend some time moving your body each and every day for at least 30 minutes
  • Connect with someone you love daily
  • Write one thing you are grateful for each and every day
  • Spend five minutes in meditation daily
  • Forgive yourself
  • Forgive others

As you take care of yourself visualize that your blueprint has a big dumpster outside your new house just waiting for you to take the opportunity to toss out all that no longer serves you in the life you want to live.

Letting go of what no longer serves you is an act of self-love and self-care.

PinStep 5 – Commit to your new Design

You don’t have to commit to the whole blueprint at once. Most likely this exercise has brought up fear of change. A new life blueprint requires that you take risks and risks can be scary. So in this step you want to commit to your new design one small change at a time.

One small change. That is always possible.

Without thinking about it you already know the changes you need to make if you are to have the life you want to create. Those changes may involve shifting old patterns of belief. Those changes may involve taking new actions towards a healthier, more loving, lifestyle. Those changes may involve shifts in relationships that are no longer fulfilling.

Step 5 only asks you to commit to one small change that you can make and incorporate into your daily life.

If you can do that you will find that you want to make other small changes. Let your intuition guide you as to the changes that will most benefit you and bring you closer to your dreams.

Remember that creating a life blueprint is an intuitive exercise so don’t analyze, just do.

Add color.

Add detail.

Make the house of your new life blueprint a beautiful expression of your own personal aesthetic.

Then when you are ready, invite us in.