A few days ago I felt a change of scenery was necessary. Though it has been hot and sticky here, I decided to trade my usual reading room for a shaded corner somewhere outside. Fresh air and a few trails of sunlight have their own healing powers.

In the refuge of a cool doorway outside I made my sacred space. Spreading out a scarf, laying out my favorite crystal allies and taking a few moments to gather my senses and calm my breathing. I set the intention that this is a healing space, a place of transformation and deep clarity.

change of scenaryPin

My client called and we began her session. Diving into her present state of being… looking at whatever might be happening within and around her. Immediately I was hit by this deep sense of change, longing and wanting to be somewhere else.

I turned over the six of swords, which showed a yellow butterfly taking to the sky, leaving behind a jagged gulf of swords and stones. In the image the sky above her was dark, yet a sense of freedom seemed to shine through the clouds.

Sharing those impressions with her began to unravel an interesting narrative. Her heart was filled with longing. She found herself grappling with feelings for another person who seemed to be far way. She wanted to escape those feelings and escape the lull she felt her life had been in.

In the spirit of change she made a trip to another country to visit family and take a respite from all the noise in her daily life. She felt that trip was an alchemical experience, as if something in her had been awakened. Ready to truly step into her transformation we began to discuss other ways she could break free.

Bring my awareness to her center, I asked  the spirits for a message to show her what to do next. I felt like travel was necessary medicine for her current spiritual process. As I spoke those words a large yellow butterfly flew around my head and then disappeared off into the distance.

I shared the message with her and relayed the butterfly encounter… pointing out that the butterfly was the same one from the cards image. This gave her a deeper sense of confirmation. She knew that as difficult as it might be, she needed to make a more radical change…. Trusting the call to go somewhere new and seeing what would unfold.

a change of scenery will help remove you from negative mindsetPin

Her session held a common theme that I’ve encountered lately. It seems a strange feeling of change is heavy in the air. Everywhere I look people are at a personal crossroads, being faced with the choice of going forward into the unknown or choosing to stay on the same path. That feeling of needing to shift directions is so prevalent and something that shouldn’t be ignored.

Personally, I’ve felt that same call for change hanging over me. There are parts of myself that want to grow, evolve and bloom into something bigger. In order to experience that immense growth it means letting go of attachments that no longer serve me.

It seems like all growth requires pruning… we have to lighten load, free the space and go through those small deaths to truly experience our metamorphosis. Embracing those dark skies and trusting that just behind the clouds are beams of light to dispel the shadows.

Movement is a healing modality in itself. When we allow ourselves to be in motion everything can flow, unravel, and unfold. Inner movement can lead to outer changes… but we must listen to the call!

My approach to change is to begin observing. Taking stock of what is happening in this moment right now so I can see the possibilities that are all around me. Usually I do this by journaling. Taking time to write down my thoughts and feelings. Letting everything tightly held inside bleed onto the page. Those moments of introspection offer a sense of relief from the pressure of daily life, but it also parts of the clouds of confusion so a new path can be seen.

The crossroads of change are a difficult place to be. You have to surrender to the process. Tap into your inner voice of wisdom and truly listen. When you feel the wings of change upon you get clear about what you need to lay to rest. And, notice whatever else is on the periphery of your vision trying to get your attention.

Ask yourself these questions:

What crossroads are you at?

What do you want to let go of?

What do you want to experience instead?

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

Asking the question summons the answer. When you take the time to inquire within you discover how much choice and power you really have. There’s a whole world of adventure waiting for you… trust that feeling, heed the call and take to the sky.

And never forget to ask for a sign when you need it most! When it shows up… listen!