5 Ways Your Chakras Affect How Well You Communicate, Attract, And Love

Is communication a problem for you? Is it hard for you to confidently say what you mean, and easily be understood? Do you often stumble and stutter when you have something important to say? Does it feel like your throat is blocked and your voice is stifled?

Do people understand you? Are you ‘seen’ and ‘heard’ by others?

Are you terrified to speak your mind?

Why Communication Is More Than Just “Being Heard”

chakra healing - communication, throat chakraCommunication is one of the most important life skills. If you can’t communicate well, you can’t be understood, helped, supported and respected.

If you can’t communicate properly you also can’t share yourself. Your creativity, ideas, desire, passions and fears. You’ll find it difficult to fully partake and be in the flow of life. Being in the flow of life means being open, connected and actively engaged with other people, the planet and the greater Universe. If this isn’t happening your needs are not being met, and you’re not able to enjoy the bounties of life.

We thrive in life when we share ourselves, and when others share themselves with us. We are only happy when we are in a state of interconnection.

The Throat Chakra & Communication

Communication is a full-bodied, full-sensory, full-chakric experience. Although it is important to have a healthy and fit throat chakra (your 5th chakra makes sure you are communicating properly), truly fabulous communication only happens when all of our chakras are working properly.

The job of your throat chakra is to articulate what you want, and to make sure this is being heard and acted upon. Many of us though, feel conflicted and don’t know what we want. This then makes it very difficult for the throat chakra.

The job of the throat chakra is to honestly and authentically communicate how we feel, think and what we need. A conflicted throat chakra can only express for us: “I don’t really know how I feel or what I want!” How frustrating!

How Your Other Chakras Affect Your Throat Chakra

chakra meditation healingTo be able to communicate fabulously you need to make sure that all of your chakras know what they want and need, so that your throat chakra can ‘pass on this information’ to the outside world. The only way this can happen is by having fit and healthy chakras.

1. If your base chakra (chakra 1) is working properly, it can tell your throat chakra:

What you need to feel at home, to feel secure, and belong to a tribe. If other people know this, they can support you in this.

2. If your sacral chakra (chakra 2) is working properly, it can tell your throat chakra:

What you desire and what your passions are – what you need to feel beautiful and desired. If you can tell your lover those intimate things, think about how good your love/sex life will become.

3. If your solar plexus chakra (chakra 3) is working properly, it can tell your throat chakra:

Your moral code and boundaries and how to defend them – what you believe in and will stand up for. If you can say no, and stand up for yourself peacefully and confidently, you not only are able to withstand conflict, you will transform conflict into peaceful negotiations.

4. If your heart chakra (chakra 4) is working properly, it can tell your throat chakra:

What you love. Who you love. Your throat chakra voices the love you feel and want to give. You can only get the Law of Attraction to work for you if you are giving love! If your heart chakra or your throat chakra aren’t working properly, neither is the Law the Attraction in your life.

5. If your throat chakra is working properly along with chakras 1 – 4:

You can communicate fabulously, easily express and attract what you need and desire, as well as share your unique personality and style with the world.

Success, prosperity and recognition are only available to those people who are interconnected and engaged with life. Those people that are not afraid to say what they mean, mean what they say, and show up in their unique way.

It is only ever through communicating and connecting with another human being that we move closer towards living and expressing our life’s purpose, our grandeur.

Whenever you feel the need to attack someone verbally, or swallow what you need to say, or even refrain from voicing your opinion because you are afraid, remember: you are cutting yourself off from the life and the flow of goodness.

In those moments you need to overcome your fears and use your throat chakra, (and then go home and balance your chakras!)

Here’s to fabulous communication. Wouldn’t it change the world!

In White Light + Love,


PS: Drop me a note below and let me know how you feel about the way your communicate. Is there a chakra you know you need to work on? Or are you finding it difficult to focus on what you want, and therefore cannot voice it? 

Editor’s Note: This post was first published here. Thanks so much to Belinda for sharing her wisdom with us!

About Belinda Davidson

Belinda Davidson is a well-known medical intuitive, teacher, healer and public speaker. Often described as a spiritual change agent, thought leader for her generation, visionary, and seer, she feels most comfortable with being called a modern mystic. She is “a modern-day woman with one foot in this world, and one foot in the other.” Get free access to her chakra course and White Light healings at www.belindadavidson.com.

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