First of All, When is Autumn / Fall Equinox?

September 22nd OR 23rd, depending on the astrology of the year, marks the autumn or fall equinox. 

For many, it marks the official end of the summer season (not forgetting our friends in the Southern hemisphere who are just gearing up for spring! – you may want to check out this post about Spring Equinox).

The meaning of the word equinox is actually “equal night” because both night and day are of equal length. From this point onward, the days will become shorter and diminishing light will bring a chill to the air.

Are you ready for the descent into the darker times?  You’re ready to say “bring it on!” if you’re looking forward to welcoming the following 9 things…

1. Cozy knits and woolly socks

boy holding cup in fallPinStrappy summer dresses and flip-flip flops are all well and good, but autumn equinox means its officially okay to start snuggling under a few more layers!

2. Bonfires

girls sitting around bonfire with marshmallows and warm jacketsPinCooler evenings mean more reason for bonfires after dark! Who wants to huddle around a bonfire at the height of summer? Fall on the other hand…

3. Starlit skies

autumn night skyPinThere’s something so deliciously romantic about gazing up into the night sky to see the familiar constellations blinking down at you. Except not when the Sun is still shining at 10 pm. Shorter days mean longer opportunities for stargazing.

4. The magic of frosty mornings

frosty winter forest Pin

Who doesn’t love the untouched crisp whiteness when Jack Frost has been in the night? Magic made manifest.

5. Autumn flavors

autumn bakingPin

Apple pie, pumpkin pie, cinnamon and spice… is there anything better than the taste of autumn? Enough said.

6. Crunchy, golden leaves

autumn leavesPinThere’s nothing more grounding than the sound of autumn leaves beneath your feet as you walk through the park. And with the trees dropping their precious load, it lets us relax a bit too.

7. Guilt-free time indoors!

reading indoorsPinDon’t we all love being able to mooch around inside all day without feeling guilty for not making the most of the sunshine? As the nights draw in and the temperatures drop, we get permission to retreat indoors too.

8. Unleashing your inner kitchen witch!

homemade christmas giftsPinAutumn is THE time to get busy in the kitchen making goodies from the fruits and bounty of the summer! Whether you love making jams, gins, or herbal-infused everything, this is your sign to start prepping for those home-made Christmas gifts!

9. Candlelight

candles at nightPinCandles don’t quite have the same mood-making appeal in the summer when it’s hot and sticky and the sun is shining high. Autumn means candlelit dinners, breakfasts, well, whatever you fancy!

Are YOU ready for the Fall Equinox to hit, and bring us gently into Fall? What are your favorite signs of the coming seasonal shift?

Share with us below!

And wishing you a blessed equinox.

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