chakra-meditation (2)In the past few months I have found myself in a state of purging, reflecting and changing. As the summer has grown hotter and heavier, and the retrograde still looms around me I feel myself touching on the past, and exploring my inner levels.

I have had some powerful moments of quiet communion with my spirit, and some extreme moments of personal altercation. All of which have culminated into major life lessons, and thankfully inspired some much needed growth.

But I am not the only one who has been on this crazy train to self-discovery. This is bigger than me, and my spiritual journey. It is something cosmic. I have seen it in the faces and hearts of those around me. I have heard stories, and seen the dramas unfold.

I find it all beautiful, and enlightening. Dancing in this storm, through the rain and the wind, and the water can really heal you!

Life is holographic

The life happening around you is all a projection of your inner world. All your layers, your dark, your light, and the stuff in-between are telling your story. Life is nothing more than a hologram of your spirit, your light and your shadow.

Try that on for size. You are projecting this life, this experience, and this existence. Now this is a very simple statement, but it touches on some very powerful and complex things. As I said before… it is all your layers.

Your life is the interplay of the conscious, and subconscious mind. The self, and the deeper self. Some things are consciously created, and other parts of your life are the reflection of something hidden, buried and completely under the radar.

  • Explore all the layers. Look at your life. Evaluate all the different parts that you are playing.
    What feels good in your life right now?
  • What feels bad in your life right now?
  • What doesn’t make sense to you right now?

1. Consecrate each moment

Most of us are fighting our present reality. We fight like hell to get away from things we don’t like, and grasp for “better” things just outside of our reach. But it is in that fighting that the struggle continues. You are basically avoiding the lesson to be learned, or the magic to be experienced in that moment.

Take a different approach. Bless each moment. Consecrate the experience. Graciously move into your experience with the intention of learning, growing and understanding. The dark, and the painful have their beauty too. They show you what you are really made of.

Just be here now. Be thankful for this experience. Don’t shy away from the chaos. And don’t be afraid to dance in it. Lose your composure. Be crazy. Be dramatic. Far too many “spiritual” people fear being too human caught in the lower level feelings of anger, pain, aggression, lust, and overall insanity.

It is okay to lose composure. To spiral out of control. Spin, scream, rock and roll. You will find your voice, your passion; you will find the things that make you feel. If you consecrate the moments where you are in your shadow, you will create a safe passage to experience your light.

2. Express yourself, rather than explain yourself

Unapologetically be who you are. In every moment express yourself. Express your beautiful soul. You have a unique perspective on the world, live through it! Never edit or sensor yourself for the comfort of others!

It isn’t always easy to really express the “true” you. It can feel dangerous, exposed, and vulnerable to uncover the beautiful parts of yourself. We all have times when we are afraid we will be misunderstood, judged and even in danger because of our true identity. But this is your true spiritual right!

I have learned that we have no real need to explain who we are. Our only responsibility is to express who we are. Not everyone is going to get you. Not everyone is going to understand you, or accept you. Oh well… that’s not your problem. And it is not their place!

There have been many people in my life who have tried so hard to understand a facet of me that they look right through me. They never realized that the eccentricities, the mysterious parts of me were just that, parts. They are parts of the whole!

People are souls, souls are art, and art isn’t meant to be understood. It is meant to be felt and experienced. Art is meant to prompt something internal. It can mean anything, anything you want it to mean, and anything that they want it to mean.

If a person is really interested in being a guest in your little world, then they will have to give you the space to dance, and express your wild, crazy, little self. No censoring. Just observing, and experiencing.

This should be a mutual agreement with one another.

  • What do you see in yourself that you are afraid to share with the world?
    What are you hiding?
  • What are you showing?
  • What are you longing to get out?

balanced life3. Be okay with goodbye

Everything has its place and time. Sounds simple enough, but usually we grapple with letting go of the old and worn-out. Saying goodbye becomes so difficult because you actually have to detach, and let go of something, or someone. Saying goodbye is often met by a feeling of anxiety, which is an unconscious sign that we are feeding off of something emotionally and energetically.

When you spend a lot of time with a person, or in a situation you are energetically and spiritually attaching yourself. You are creating a direct link with the person, or the situation and basically giving away, or taking in energy. As things grow sour, and the energy no longer feeds you… you begin to slowly poison yourself!

Relationships grow toxic when we cannot acknowledge that the end has come. Say goodbye gracefully and move on to something better. Yes, letting go of something is difficult, and it is definitive, but it clears the path for something better.

Purge your demons. Let your feelings out. Let all the grit, trash, and baggage come to the surface. Kiss it on the forehead and then send it on its way. You are not missing out on anything. You wont say goodbye to something that you regret later. If you are even questioning it, then it is probably a good time to move on.

Something inside of us fears the end, inn all of its forms because the end means the unknown. And the unknown is scary as hell to you, to me, to everyone. But there is also this misguided idea that if you say goodbye to something that whatever comes next might not be as good.

It’s like we convince ourselves that the good parts are way better than the messed up parts, so the messed up parts can be overlooked. Then you plea, well if that kind of good never comes again? So what if it doesn’t? What will happen?

Well hopefully the next person, or situation that you attach yourself too is completely different. There is no need to compare the past to the future. Let it all flow. Say yes to new beginnings, and goodbye to all the things ending. This is the slow, graceful flow of age. Affirm that!

You are brilliant. You are brilliant at saying goodbye. You are brilliant at starting anew.

4. Let go of controlling others

This sums it all up! Let go of controlling people. No one thrives under the pressure of being controlled or manipulated. It’s hard to live up to someone else’s expectations, even when you think it is for there best good… or your own. It’s much easier to let people be who they are, and if they aren’t who you need them to be… then say goodbye!

I am learning that most of the painful, clunky, disempowering experiences are the result of trying to control someone else’s actions, thoughts, ideas, and way of being. This is no way to live! It gives your energy away, and completely bleeds them of their energy.

  • Who are you trying to control in your life (consciously, or unconsciously)?
  • Who is trying to control you?
  • Where does this need for control come from?
  • How does controlling the person or situation make you feel?

Go deep into this. Sit with it. Feel lit out. What emotions do these questions elicit? Where do you feel the answers in your body?

When you let go of controlling people everything else aligns. You will begin to express yourself unapologetically. You will bless each moment you are in. You will create the life you want. And as a result you will no longer fear saying goodbye!

5. Perform A Daily Chakra Meditation for Balance

chakras chartI recommend finding your own daily practice to bring calm into your life. But if you haven’t found a personal activity yet, here’s a simply chakra meditation to help you bring balance and peace into your daily life.

  1. Take a few minutes each day to align yourself. Sit quietly. Focus on your breathing. Build a rhythmic breath by inhaling to the count of six, and exhaling to the count of seven.
  2. Let all your muscles relax. Starting with the crown of your head. Moving through the face, ears, and then neck. Relax the shoulders. Down the arms, fingers, and the spine.  Feel your sitting bones relaxing into the floor beneath you.
  3. Feel the stability of the earth below. Feel your hips, knees, legs and feet relax. Surrender to the feeling of being in your body.
  4. Now one by one go through the chakras. Send them love, light, and good intention.
  5. Begin with the crown. The gateway to your Divinity. Here you ingest, and process Universal energy, wisdom and insight.
  6. Move to the third eye. This is your place of inner vision. Here you see the world, and its many layers. Send love to this place. Ask for clarity in your perspective of yourself, and how you fit into the Universe.
  7. Now bring your attention to the throat chakra. The 3rd chakra is your point of self-expression. Feel warm, nourishing energy circulating here. Let your voice, inner and outer be heard.
  8. Begin to make you way to the heart center. This is the bridge between the two worlds: the physical and spiritual. This is the place where the higher and lower worlds come together. Affirm that you are only nourished with positive, uplifting energy.
  9. Next is the solar plexus. The solar plexus is the place where we hold “gut feelings”. Here you are processing, compartmentalizing and digesting energy. Affirm that you only internalize the things that serve your highest good, and that you purge all that is unnecessary.
  10. Now your awareness comes to the sacral chakra. This is a few inches beneath the naval. It is the seat of your sexuality, your creativity, and your self-identity. Fill this area with love, with compassion and openness. Doing some light stretching after the meditation will help to balance your sacral chakra further.
  11. Last come to your root chakra. This is your foundation, your place of stability, nourishment and survival. This brings your whole system into alignment, pulling your entire being in synch with the earth. Affirm that you are present, whole and provided for.

As always, I am sending you good vibes. Love yourself; be mindful of where you are and where you need to be. And let these suggestions serves as a gentle affirmation that you are growing, learning and finding yourself. Be good!

About Shaheen Miro

Shaheen Miro is an Intuitive Reader and Energy Worker helping people find clarity and reclaim their personal power. He connects with people all over the world through Intuitive Guidance Sessions, workshops and events and conducts workshops and presentations nationally, on subjects like, creativity, intuition, tea leaf reading and spiritual cleansing. He is the author of, The Lunar Nomad Oracle: 43 Cards to Unlock Your Creativity and Awaken Your Intuition. Learn more at:

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