Nothing could be more important that the ability to heal. We can use our psychic capabilities to heal ourselves and others. It is an excellent e example of psychokinesis I in action.

Next time you feel a cold coming on or have an ache or pain that could become serious, relax as much as you can and call on your Super-Concious mind. Visualize the healing energies in the part of your body that is causing pain. You can visualize then in any manner you choose. Some people like to visualize then as round circles with mouths (as in “Pac-Man”) gobbling up the illness. Others see them as arrows firing at the illness. One lady I know visualizes a tiny doctor inside her repairing the damage. It doesn’t matter how you visualize, just as long as you do it until you visualize yourself whole and well again.


First, do not try to heal anyone who does not want to be healed. Some people actually enjoy being ill and the very last thing they want is to be healed. It is a waste if your time and energy to even try.

If the person wants to be healed and is in your presence, start by bringing in the cosmic forces. In your mind thank them for all they have done for you in the past and then tell them about your sick friend. Stand with your palms upward and feel the healing energies pouring into you. You may feel a protective white light around you and tingling in your palms and / or spine once you are filled with the healing energies. Immediately, place your hands about two inches from them, close your eyes and send the healing energy down your arms and through your palms to your friend. Visualize and feel the energy leaving you. If your friend if sick all over move your hands up and down his body and visualize the healing energies going to every part of the Body.

If the person has, say a sore shoulder, place one hand behind the shoulder and the other in front and visualize a current of energy going between each hand. This creates both a positive and negative flow of energy, if your hands seem to want to move to other parts of the body let them. They will instinctively know where they can do the most good.

Ask your friend how they are feeling as you do the healing. Stop when you feel the time is right. This can vary enormously from person to person. Let the person remain in the position they are in for a few minutes once the healing is over.


It makes no difference where the person you are trying to heal is. If you know he is in a certain ward in a particular hospital in Istanbul, picture a hospital in your mind, followed by a door with the ward number on it, and then move on the picture the person lying in a bed there.

Once he is clearly in your mind place your hands on the part of your body which relates to his illness. If he has a liver condition, place your hands over your own liver. Say out loud, “I am touching Jim Smith’s liver and sending healing energies into his body. “ Visualize this happening as clearly as you can. Focus upon you friend and send the healing energies directly at him, no matter where he is. Something will tell you have done this for long enough. Cross your arms and say “thank you” three times before washing your hands.


Animals and plants can be healed in the same way, but animals in particular seem to like physical contact. If the animal is small pick it up in your arms and send the energies to it. If possible have one hand on each side of the body. Plants can be healed without actual physical contact.


All living things respond to touch. A pat on the shoulder, a hand resting on an arm can all help heal. A kindly word can do a lot to heal as well. Remember the amazing power of love. Spending time with someone can also help heal.