Feeding The Chakras

Root Chakra (Lower spine, legs, feet. Vitality, creativity.) Red foods – meat, tomatoes, cherries, onions, watercress, radishes.

Sacral Chakra (Spleen Chakra) (Pancreas. Assisting in assimilation. Practical.) Orange foods – carrots, oranges, sweet corn.

Solar Plexus Chakra (Solar plexus, nervous system. Purification of liver and intestines. Helps repair skin blemishes, enriches brain.) Yellow foods – Apricots, sweet corn, bananas.

Heart Chakra (Cardiac, heart. Healer.) Green foods – plums, blueberries, fish, veal. Asparagus, potatoes.

Brow Chakra (Higher self, spirituality, knowledge.) Same foods as Throat and Crown chakras.

Crown Chakra (Pituitary gland. Spiritual perception, power ray. ) Broccoli, grapes, blackberries, aubergine.