You have angels who are always nearby, and who want to help you to align with more love, joy, and abundance in your life. But just what are angels anyway?

Angels are powerful spiritual beings of love and light who act as messengers for the Divine.

Angels transcend any one culture, gender, time period or religion and are present in art, literature, legend, scripture, and philosophy from cultures around the world. The actual word “angel” means messenger, and this simple definition is right on.

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What Do Angels Do?

Angels serving according to the Divine will to help you to remember your soul’s purpose, and to align with the blessings of joy, love and learning. Angels also offer guidance, healing and protection to keep you out of harms way and to help you live your life with increased love and peace.

Angels exist outside of the confines of time, space, and ego that you and I experience here on Earth. This means you will never bother, upset, or waste the time of your angels by calling on them, because they’re always ready and happy to help you. They also have the ability to help multiple people at the same time, and from their perspective no request is too big or too small. Just ask!

Asking For Guidance From Your Angels

While angels can and want to help you in all areas of your life, they will rarely interfere in your reality without your permission. This is why asking for help from your angels is so important!

Angels honor your free will and want to give you the opportunity to learn your life lessons, and make choices how you see fit. You can however can easily give your angels permission to help you by asking for their assistance or inviting them into your meditation.

Thinking or saying “Angels help!” is really all you need to do to invite angelic assistance into your life.

If you’re not yet aware of the presence of angels in your life, this doesn’t mean they’re not there!

What Are Angels?

PinAngels are not physical. They are spiritual beings with an incredibly fine, light, and high vibration. If you want to learn to see or hear your angels, you will first need to raise your vibration and open to your subtle senses which allow you to perceive in the realms of light and spirit.

Angels do occassionaly manifest as physical beings to help out in life threatening situations before it’s your time, or when an urgent situation calls for it, but more often than not they exist soley in the spiritual realms. They offer a bridge between the Divine realms of unconditional love and peace, and the sometimes harsh and dense energy present in physical reality.

Although your angels will rarely interfere in your life without permission, they are always offering guidance. Have you ever had a sudden flash of inspiration, a nagging feeling that you need to take action, or a soft inner knowing something was going to work out? These are common ways of receiving intuitive guidance from your angels!

Signs Your Angels Are With You

Angels also love to play with synchronicity and are often behind chance meetings, unlikely opportunities, and those little signs and signals you receive alerting you that you’re on the right track.

Seeing number sequences, finding feathers, coins or crystals, seeing sparkles or flashes of light, hearing a specific song on the radio, and receiving inspiration or insight during meditation, dreams, and more, are common ways the angels attempt to alert you to their presence.

Angels have profound insight, wisdom, and guidance to offer you as you journey through life. They are able to see your past, present and future reality simultaneously from a completely different perspective. Due to this your angels can help you to stay focused on what is important and what will truly serve you in aligning with your authentic path and purpose.

How To Connect With Your Angels

PinMost often, connecting directly with the love and guidance of your angels requires that you raise your personal vibration, and open to your subtle psychic senses. Doing this doesn’t need to be challenging, but it does take practice.

Returning to love and joy, being playful, laughing, meditating, and spending time in nature are easy and powerful ways to lift you vibration and begin opening to your subtle senses. In addition, thinking about angels, asking angels for help, listening to angel messages, and reading about angels will help you to more closely aligning with these powerful spiritual beings of light and love.

When you do ask your angels for guidance, know that they will always answer. Your job is to simply be aware, and to remain open to receive. The guidance of angels is always loving, empowering, uplifting, and it is usually repeated until you get the message. After you ask for guidance, quiet your mind, open your heart, and simply be present and aware as you trust the guidance will appear.

Angelic guidance, assistance and healing comes in many forms. They will sometimes directly assist, and other times their help comes much more subtly in the form of inspiration, a gentle nudge to take action, or an understanding of your next step to move in the direction of healing, health, and happiness.

After you ask your angels for help, be open to how the help and guidance appears, and be sure to act on any insight you do receive. You have powerful angelic assistance which is available to you, but ultimately you are responsible for taking action, staying positive, and manifesting the blessings you desire in your life.

With many blessings of love and light,