The World’s First Doughnut Personality Oracle

By November 25, 2014Divination

doughnut personality testIf you were a doughnut what kind of doughnut would you be? Your choice of flavor, shape, topping and filling can reflect more than just your taste; it can reveal your individual nature!

Let’s have some fun today and dive into the magical world of doughnuts ;)

In order for this to work, you need to have an open mind and indulge in your silly side. And don’t worry, this test is gluten-free!

Before you check the World’s First Doughnut Personality Oracle below, first create your ideal doughnut in your minds eye. Alternatively, wait to be inspired in the moment as you read the four questions below.

Are You A Plain Doughnut Or Are You Flavored?

doughnut personality test If you’re plain then you are traditional, honest and dependable, but it doesn’t mean you don’t step over the line every now and again!
If you’re a flavored doughnut well you’re a bit saucy, playful, and like to have a laugh. You do have a serious side though so it’s not all fun and games.

Our next question is about the shape…

Are You A Round Doughnut, With Or Without A Hole Or Are You A Different Shape Altogether?

dounut2• If you’re round with a hole you like to know what’s happening in your life; you don’t like tricks played on you but you do like to be given unexpected
• If you’re a round doughnut and in one piece then you’re happy to go with the flow and you’re really good at keeping secrets.
• And, if you’re not round and you have a completely different shape, well, you are always up for trying something new; you’re adventurous and willing to take a risk.

And now for the best part of the doughnut – the filling.

Would Your Doughnut Be Filled With Jam, Cream, Or Fruit?

3• If you are a jam doughnut you know how to get out of a scrape – you’re a fix-it person! Jam is usually red so you’re fast, think on your feet and a little sexy – Ooh La La!
• If you are a cream or custard-filled doughnut then you are quite simply nice, romantic and a bit of a people pleaser. Cream is usually vanilla colored so you are adaptable and blend well in any environment.
• And if you are a fruit-filled doughnut you will happily give the shirt off your back to help someone out, but they’d better not be stringing you a line because you can easily dish out your own kind of revenge, and it’s not pretty!

Our final question is about the toppings!

Are You Covered With Icing, Glaze, Chocolate, Sprinkles Or Just Plain Old Sugar?

doughnut personality test• If you are covered with icing you like the simple things in life, provided simplicity comes with some creature comforts.
• If you’re covered with glaze you are easy going and don’t mind an untidy environment – as long as it’s organized chaos.
• If you’re a chocolate-covered doughnut, you are resourceful, open to new ideas, and willing to go the distance for those closest to your heart.
• For all those with doughnuts that have sprinkles or M&M’s on them you are cheeky, indulgent and like lots of variety.
• And finally if your doughnut is covered in just plain old sugar then you are a supporter, defender and protector, and you’ll do everything in your power
to keep everyone happy and safe.

What does your doughnut say about you? Drop me a note below and let’s have some fun!

About Elizabeth Harper

Elizabeth Harper is an internationally acclaimed Color Clairvoyant, Metaphysical Artist, and teacher who has helped thousands globally to access their psychic and color intuitive skills through her playful approach to learning. She has been featured on Woman's World, the BBC, Sirius XM, and is the author of How to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires. You can explore her coloriscious world at Sealed With Love and support your own creativity with your free Archangel Gabriel Prayer.

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