Silver hair. Silver tongue. Silver screen. Silver spoon.

Silver is a word that’s surrounded in meaning and mystique.

Yet as metal, it’s not exactly rare. If you’re anything like me, you have a few silver rings, and a silver necklace or two lying around.

As such a versatile, strong, and malleable metal, it’s used a lot in jewelry. For a lot of people, it’s preferable to gold: the color silver suits most skin tones and goes with most gemstones and crystals.  So it’s often worn on the body, touching the skin. And if you don’t take your silver jewelry off for bed, then it’s with your 24/7!

So isn’t it about time you got to know this metal a little better?

Because, like all things, it’s not inert or lifeless – it holds energy, power, and meaning, and will affect you in more ways than you realize.

So here are 10 things to keep in mind when you slip on that silver chain…

Silversmith polishing silver ringPin1. Silver is Associated with the Moon

It’s not just the mystical greyish-white color they have in common!

Silver and the Moon have long been friends. Considered a feminine metal, in ancient Greek Myth the Moon goddesses Artemis was known as the ‘the Huntress with the Silver Bow’. Most of the silver in the world is actually dissolved in the oceans – also beloved of the Moon. And in photography – the art of capturing light – just as the Moon also captures the light of the Sun – silver plates are used to form images.

You see their relationship is old, and deep.

It’s believed that the healing and metaphysical properties are at their highest on the New and Full Moons. So using this metal in your moon rituals can make them more powerful.

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2. Silver Can Expand Your Psychic Senses

Place a silver coin on the third eye to open up your psychic awareness. Or loosely wrap a silver chain around the wrist of your dominant hand, to help receive information from the unknown.

Using silver will draw out and enliven your intuition.

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3. Silver Enhances Your Connection to Your Crystals

Unlike other metals, such as copper, silver doesn’t influence the quality or characteristic of a crystal or magical object.

Yet it does serve to enhance the flow of energy between the wearer and the crystal.

If you have used a crystal as part of a ritual, or to set intentions, then wrapping it in silver, or placing it in a bag with a piece of solid silver can make an excellent talisman to keep you connected to your intentions.

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4. Has Powerful Healing Qualities

Most medics are aware of the powerful healing gifts that silver offers.

It has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, helping to ward off infections and prevent cold and flu. It’s also often used in bandages and creams, to dress wounds.

5. Silver Is Resilient

Unlike a lot of metals, silver won’t react to water or oxygen. This resilient quality has much to teach us. So on subtle levels, this is offered to you by that coin you carry, or piece of jewelry you wear.

6. It Reflects Negativity

We all know silver is used in mirrors. Yet it’s not only highly reflective in the 3D world. This powerful metal also serves to reflect energy, particularly protecting the wearer against any negativity sent his or her way.

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7. Used in Money Drawing Magic

Silver has long been used in the kinds of magic used to conjure money and wealth. Specifically, coins made of silver will often be used.

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8. It is Used in Astral Travel

Despite its lunar qualities, silver is very much a mineral of the Earth. And as such, it’s often used in by astral travelers, to tether the practitioner to the Earth plane.

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9. Reflects your inner truth

Another gift stemming from its reflective qualities, is that silver makes it easier to go within, and see yourself more clearly.

Used in meditation, either as something to hold, gaze upon or simply to wear, silver can truly aid in self-awareness, and being able to connect to those parts of yourself it’s hard to see otherwise.

10. It’s Powerful When Used in Dreamwork

A coin placed under your pillow can be a great aid to conscious dreaming. This is because it’s such an effective tool for bringing messages and information back from the imaginal realms.

How do you feel about silver? Have a favorite piece or coin that you like to carry?

Let us know in the comments below!