7 Ways To Ask Your Angels For Help

By December 10, 2014Divination

asking your angels for helpWhen you begin to look for signs from the angels, read about angelic encounters, or learn about connecting with angels, the likelihood of experiencing the presence of angels is greatly increased.

The simple truth is that even if you don’t fully perceive your angels yet, or if you’re not entirely convinced, you’re already connecting with your angels in one way or another through angelic signs like recurring numbers, finding coins and feathers, or receiving intuitive nudges.

Angels are always near and ready to offer powerful assistance from beyond the physical. But although angels are always willing to help, they will rarely interfere in your life without permission because they honor your free will, your right to make choices, and to learn lessons how you see fit.

Your angels, however, will sometimes step in on your behalf in emergencies or in the case of certain life threatening situations, which come about before your time. But more often than not if you want to receive angelic assistance, you need to ask for their help first!

Asking for help from angels is really quite simple, but here are 7 tips to help.

ask your angels for help1. Simply Think Or Say: “Angels, Help!”

Sometimes people get caught up with trying to invoke their angels in a specific way, and with an exact invocation, or prayer. But really when it comes down to it, the exact words you say are far less important than your sincerity and intention.

Angels communicate telepathically, and so you don’t even have to speak your request for help out loud to receive it. Mentally speaking those words works too. Your angels are always near and will hear your mental or verbal request for assistance and will respond accordingly.

2. Be Open To How The Angels Will Help

When you ask for help from your angels you will always receive assistance. But perhaps more often than not, the angels will help you in a way that is slightly different than you would have expected.

Release expectations as to how help will appear, as well as the need to tell the angels how to help you. Ask for help, outline the situation you would like help with and your desired outcome. Then, be open to how and when the angelic assistance appears.

3. Put Your Request Into Writing

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, concerned, or worried, write a letter to heaven asking your angels to help! You can even write out your fears, hopes, expectations and worries, as a way to give these things over to the angels to handle.

Angels will never judge you, so don’t worry about being totally honest with how you’re feeling, or about using perfect spelling or grammar. You don’t even have to keep the letter. You can burn it, bury it, shred it, or toss it in the garbage.

Again, it’s not what you say in the letter that matters, it’s your intention that really matters when it comes to handing over your challenges, and invoking the help of angels in your life.

4. Make A To Do List

Do you have a ton going on in your life? Are there things you’re hoping will line up which are outside of your control?

Make a to do list with two columns. In the left hand column write out your to do list, and the things you are willing to do in order to move in the direction of your goals. These can be direct things like “apply for a job”, or indirect like “spend 15 minutes meditating every day.”

In the right hand column, write the to-do list for the angels and the universe. Here, write out all the things you would like done which you need help with or which are outside of your control. Then, uphold your end of the to do list and trust the angels will go to work on the items on their list as well.

5. Ask For Signs

You may find yourself questioning whether or not the angels have heard your plea for help, or doubting that they can or will do anything to help you. If this is the case, or even if you’d just like some validation, ask for a sign!

Ask the angels to confirm they’re helping you and to make their presence known in your life with a clear and blatant sign. Don’t tell them what sign to deliver, just ask for a sign and let them surprise you with how they confirm they’re helping and supporting you now and whenever called upon.

White angel wings on textured sky background6. Invite Angels Into Your Dreams

When you’re sleeping, your subconscious guard is down and you’re effortlessly able to link with the angels. If you’re in need of guidance, healing, or reassurance, before you go to bed at night, ask the angels to connect with you while you sleep for help or guidance.

7. Ask the Angels to Boost Your Faith

Even if you still have a bit of doubt as to whether you have angels, or that they can actually help you, ask for help anyway!

In addition, ask your angels to boost your confidence in them, and to make it clear to you they’re helping. If you do ask the angels to boost your faith and show you their presence, take a moment to just be, breathe, and tune into your feelings and subtle senses.

When you ask, they will answer, either right away, or when the timing is right they will help to boost your faith so you can be sure of their help and presence.

Angelic Assistance Is All Around You

Your angels love you immensely and want to help you improve your life experience so you can live with more love, joy, and abundance in your life. Angels aren’t magical genies who will grant your every wish and desire, but your angels can offer powerful assistance in both direct and indirect ways.

You may receive miraculous and sudden assistance, or your angels may subtly guide you through signs, signals and intuitive nudges to make changes that will heal and improve your life.

When you do ask for help from your angels, make sure you pay attention to your intuition, and remain present in the moment so you will notice how the angels are helping you. When you do have an inspired idea, inner prompting, or synchronistic alignment, you must take action!

Asking for help and then taking action on your promptings and intuition is all you have to do.

Angels do have the power to uplift, heal, and guide, but ultimately you are responsible for what you do and experience in your life. Stay positive and release your worries to your angels, so that you can refocus on what you really want and magnetize it towards you.

In most cases you will be required to take action to make your dreams and goals a reality, but when you ask for help there is powerful spiritual assistance from the angels to help you throughout your journey.

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