It appears everywhere in our lives, from those stylish exposed pipes in your favorite bar, to coins you carry in your purse, to the cells within your beautiful body.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, Copper has a pretty huge part to play in your life.

But it’s not all about the functionality. Yes, copper wires criss-cross every building you enter, carrying electrical currents. And together with iron, it helps your body to build red blood cells. BUT, copper also has many, many spiritual properties, that our ancient ancestors recognized, yet many of us are still to remember…

As the conductor of electricity, it’s also believed to be a natural conductor for other kinds of energy. Similarly to quartz crystal, this elemental metal can be used to transmit intents. But that’s only the beginning… Here are 10 more spiritual properties and meanings of copper that you won’t believe until we tell you!

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1. Is a “Conductor” of Belief Systems

According to ancient folkloric beliefs, copper has the ability to conduct spiritual energy between people, their auras, crystals, and the Spirit realms.

Similarly to the way electrical wires conduct electricity, this metal can serve as a kind of hotline between beings.

This becomes even more interesting when you consider copper that has existed underground for millennia, absorbing the energy and beliefs of those who came before us. Now, in our modern times this metal is being mined or re-appropriated into the food we eat, and the technologies we build.

And all the while the spiritual capabilities of this metal continue to exert an effect on us…

2. Copper Amplifies

As well as being an excellent conductor, copper is also an amplifier.

This means that it will enlarge and strengthen thoughts, psychic knowledge, and communications.

Many modern witches who use wands will incorporate this element within the creation of their magical tools, believing it will amplify the power of their spellwork.

3 It’s Cleansing and Clarifying

In addition to amplifying magic, copper is well known in new age circles to clarify, cleanse, or ‘straighten’ the intentions that are channeled through it.

So in the case of a wand, the presence of copper can help to clear and straighten its magical effect.

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4. Stimulates the Flow of Intuition

As a conductor, this vital metal is known to stimulate psychic energy. For those whos intuition needs a boost, this is a great tool to keep around, as you would a crystal.

Wearing copper bracelets or a copper ring can also activate these spiritual properties, as well as improving the connection you have to Spirit Guides and Spiritual beings.

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5. Eases Stiffness, Joint Pain and Arthritis

OK, this one you probably have heard of.

The healing properties of copper bracelets are widely recognized, and it’s why so many people can be found wearing copper bracelets on a daily basis. Copper jewelry is proven to ease joint stiffness and rheumatoid arthritis.

As well as the healing benefits brought by improving blood circulation and overall cardiovascular health, this element also opens up and clears the flow of blocked energy.

6. Brings Vitality

Copper stimulates the flow of energy.

In medicine, it’s believed to strengthen the female reproductive system – the literal birthplace of all human life – and the inherent healing, activating qualities of this metal help anybody overcome lethargy and listlessness.

Those who wear copper bracelets or other jewelry also report improved mental agility.

7. Opens the chakras

As an enlivener, copper can be of healing service to all of the chakras in the chakra system. By stimulating the flow of energy, it helps to remove stagnant and blocked energy and create a clear channel.

Wearing a bracelet or other jewelry made from a copper-based metal is a great way to receive its healing properties.

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8. Symbolically Holds the Magic of the Underworld

Like all metals and minerals, copper comes from deep below the surface of the Earth. This means that in shamanic and earth-based traditions, it holds medicine and wisdom from the underworld.

This element can be used as a supportive, grounding tool for traversing the personal underworld, especially in shadow work.

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9. Associated with Venus (and the Sacred Feminine)

The word ‘copper’ comes from the word – and island – Cyprus. It’s believed that this is where the Goddess Venus was born, and in fact, she is often depicted with long, flowing, reddish-brown hair.

Cypress is also one of the places where copper was extensively mined in ancient times, so the two are intrinsically connected.

The planet Venus has long been associated with the Sacred feminine. As the only feminine planet in the solar system, Venus rules over love, beauty, and wealth.

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10. Copper Balances the Sun and the Moon

Metaphysically, copper is a hugely balancing metal that served to balance Solar and Lunar energy.

This means that as well as enlivening, and invigorating, it also cools, allowing us to reflect, receive and get in touch with our emotions.

Whilst some crystals are very feminine in nature, and other crystals hold a masculine vibration, copper blends the two, being neither and both simultaneously meaning it can help us to do the same within.

Do you have any experience working with Copper as a Spiritual tool?

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