It is exceptionally soothing, calming and protective.

Aventurine is a form of Quartz with added hematite and holds many of the same healing and soothing properties as its beautiful clear cousin.

Usually green, with flecks of golden mica throughout, aventurine also comes in a few different colors, depending on the mineral combinations.

The most commonly found are green aventurine, blue Aventurine, and yellow Aventurine.

This stone a huge heart healer, though yellow aventurine tends to work more closely with the solar plexus chakra, whilst blue aventurine with the throat chakra.

Sometimes referred to as “Indian Jade” this gemstone also serves as a powerful shield for negativity. Both in the more metaphysical sense, and also in the practical, nuts-and-bolts world we live in.


  • Month Association / Birthstone: May
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Planetary Association: Venus
  • Chakra: Solar plexus, heart, and throat
  • Keywords: Healing, calming, soothing, protection


1. Opening the Heart Chakra

Green Amethyst is known to work directly with the heart chakra.

Rose quartz also works with this central chakra, yet green aventurine holds a different energetic frequency which serves to uplift and comfort in a slightly different way. (If you’re not sure which crystal to use, let your intuition lead you).

  • Wear an aventurine crystal as a pendant, so that it sits at your heart.
  • Hold a piece of this soothing green stone in meditation, or if you meditate lying down, then place it on your heart chakra.
  • Make an oil, or elixir and apply it to this chakra for a powerful heart-opening effect.

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2. Healing and Forgiveness

As a stone of powerful healing properties, aventurine really helps to gently unwind negative energy.

When pain stems from the inability to let go of old wounds, green aventurine is a great crystal to use, to promote forgiveness. Both forgiveness of other people, and forgiveness of the self. Its healing energy will loosen the grip of blame, grudges, and disapproval, replacing it with love and openness.

3. Reducing Anger and High Tempers

Going hand in hand with forgiveness, green aventurine is incredible for lowering those high and fiery emotions that can cause so much harm.

People prone to angry outbursts would do well to keep a piece of this gemstone close to hand. Like all forms of quartz, aventurine has clarifying properties, meaning it can help you to sort through emotions, making sense of what you feel.

In this way, high tempers are diffused, and anger released before it flares.

4. Shielding negative energy

Empaths will know full well how important it is to protect yourself from the negativity of other people. Yet in these modern times, it’s not only other folks that can share frequencies we’d rather not feel.

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Our lives are full of computers, machines, and electronic devices, all of which emit environmental pollution, in the form of EMFs that interfere without own energy fields.

Green aventurine stone is a great shield against this. Dark green aventurine is an incredibly powerful protective stone to have near your computer or even your wifi hub at home.

5. Settling Nausea

One of the least known properties of this mineral is its ability to settle feelings of nausea. Because it works to flush out negativity from the body, aventurine has the overall effect of re-balancing. And this can dramatically reduces nausea. It can be especially effective with morning sickness in pregnancy.

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6. Grounding and Bringing comfort

Regardless of its color, every kind of aventurine is profoundly grounding.

Simply holding onto aventurine stones connects you to the Earth, even if you’re thirty floors up! Just like the Earth holds and supports us as her children, this powerful gem also offers comforting energy.

7. Reducing Anxiety

Negative emotions such as fear and anxiety can fall away in the presence of this special green crystal.

Often used by crystal healers to soothe and reduce anxiety, green aventurine is a great gem to wear as jewelry if you are prone to these challenging emotions.

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8. Connecting to Nature Spirits

… Yet aventurine can also offer more than grounding. Working with this crystal, whether through meditation or shamanic journeying, can connect you to the Spirits of nature. Otherwise known as devas, these are the “little people” that many believe only exist in fairy tales.

Yet the beings of the land are attracted by this gem, and it can serve as a gateway between the realms.

9. Bringing Luck and Prosperity

Sometimes referred to as “the gambler’s stone”, or the “stone of opportunity” green aventurine is known to attract all the good stuff. Many actually regard it as the luckiest of all stones!

So if you’ve been feeling down on your luck recently, or have some serious manifestations that you’re working on, add this crystal to your ritual and you will see some big results.

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10. Increasing Confidence and Vitality

Lastly, this gemstone is one of the best all-rounders for increasing confidence levels. Meaning, simply having a piece of this around will lift you up, and help you to feel better about yourself. Plus, it’s inexpensive and widely available, so what are you waiting for?!

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