For most people, amethyst is one of the very first crystals they get hold of!

Maybe your gran gave you a piece when you were little? Or you found a string of amethyst beads in your mum’s jewelry box? Or maybe this one first drew you in at a metaphysical store…?

Yet, this beautiful violet stone it’s also the one that tends to sit on the shelf, gathering dust. As more ‘exciting’ and exotic gemstones take center stage, amethyst crystals can easily get shoved to the back…

But maybe it’s about time you should rethink that?

All crystals are conscious beings

This means they’re awake, aware, and alive. Each holds a specific vibration that can be tapped into and drawn upon for specific healing purposes. Amethyst is one of the most universally beneficial.

Amethyst: The stone for healing and harmonizing our planet

A form of quartz, amethyst holds a strong but powerful frequency of purification.

Working to heal both the emotional body and the physical body, this purple crystal is one of the true multitaskers of the mineral world!



Month Association / Birthstone: February
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius, Pisces
Planetary Association: Uranus
Chakra: Third eye, Crown
Keywords: Healing, calming, spirituality, surrender, purification

Other Common Types of Amethyst

Brandberg: a combination of amethyst, clear and smoky quartz. This Brandberg amethyst is only found in Namibia, so is a rare mineral with extraordinary healing properties.

Ametrine: A fusion of amethyst crystal and citrine. This unique gemstone combines harmony and creativity, bringing focus and clarity.

Chevron Amethyst: With layers of purple and white forming V-shaped patterns, this quartz form is especially potent for opening and focusing the third eye.

Green Amethyst (Prasiolite): A different shade of the quartz family of amethyst crystal, this promotes spiritual wellbeing and can help with communication.


1. Opening the Third Eye chakra

Amethyst is known to work directly with the third eye chakra. There is some crossover with the crown chakra, as both of these energy centers work to increase our spiritual connection to higher consciousness.
This gemstone’s lavender color – it can be anything from pale pinky-lilac to red-violet, to deep purple – mirrors that of these chakras.

  • Place a piece of this powerful crystal on the third eye, during meditation.
  • Sleep with a piece under your pillow.
  • Or make an oil, or elixir and apply it to this forehead for a powerful awakening effect.

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2. Healing Emotional Trauma

As a stone of powerful healing, amethyst emits a field of energy that gently holds negativity and trauma, loosening it and washing it away.

With an energy that is both ancient, and forward-thinking, this beautiful form of purple quartz can help us to remove what’s no longer needed, whilst strengthening our roots to what we DO need in our lives.

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3. Relieving Stress and Anxiety

On a day-to-day basis, amethyst crystals can help to ease the stresses and strains of life.
Wearing a piece of amethyst jewelry or carrying amethyst gemstones around with you can soothe the nervous system, and help you to resist taking on negative energy.

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4. Alleviating feeling of grief

Well known as a stone for healing grief, amethyst is a potent ally when moving through troubled times.
Especially in these days of collective grief, when sadness and despair are rising to the surface for so many people, amethyst has powerful properties that are most needed. It brings inner strength and resistance, as well as healing energy.

5. Promoting Inner peace

Wearing a pendant, amethyst ring or necklace, or simply carrying this healing stone around with you in a pocket is a gentle, yet powerful way of promoting feelings of inner peace.
Working with crystal energy is rarely earth-shattering. It can be hard to pinpoint a before and after effect.

But the meaning that gradually enters your life working with a stone such as amethyst, travels deep into what it means to be a human.

The healing properties of amethyst bring a sense of peace and calm, which will serve you in all areas of life.

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6. Bringing Focus

Another wonder property of this incredible gemstone is its ability to bring focus. Alongside deep emotional healing, amethyst can focus the mind like few other crystal allies.
If you’re in need of clear sight and decision-making prowess, using a piece of amethyst can truly help. Take hold of a piece, and enter into meditation with it for a few moments before starting a big task.

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7. Aiding Physical Well-being

As well as being a spiritual stone, Amethyst is well known to work on the physical body, in various cleansing and clarifying ways.

  • This is the stone for harmonizing and boosting hormone production in the endocrine system.
  • Amethyst aids in optimum oxygenation of the blood
  • It can help to clear detoxify the digestive system
  • It can bring out and reduce bruising and swelling
  • Amethyst (using the stone itself, or a gem elixir) can be useful to treat arthritis
  • Amethyst stone can be used to treat insomnia
  • It can reduce the hold of obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • It can also really reduce headaches and migraines

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8. Increases Intuition

Alongside opening the upper chakras, amethyst is one of the stones to use to activate intuition. It’s violet rays can help you tap into the subtle realms, and activate that sixth sense.

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9. Helping to treat alcohol addiction

The name of this precious stone comes from the Greek word ametusthos, meaning “not intoxicated”.

The legend goes that a young maiden named Amethyst, was on her way to the temple of Diana one day, when she crossed paths with Bacchus, the God of wine. He was angry after being insulted and decided to avenge himself on the poor Amethyst. Bachus set his tigers on her. At the last minute, the Goddess Diana intervened and turned her into a crystal. Realizing the results of his actions, Bachus poured his goblet of wine over the newly created crystal, turning Amethyst a deep shade of purple.

The ancient Greeks used to stud their goblets with pieces of the purple stone, believing that by drinking from it, they would avoid intoxication.

10. Inspiring Creativity

Also referred to as the Artist’s Stone, the Inventor’s stone, and the Poet’s and Painter’s Stones, amethyst crystals have long been believed to support creativity, inspiration and the birthing of new ideas.

Increasing self-awareness, amethyst also help to identify inspiration, and have the courage to run with it!

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