Guest Post by Maria Hayes at Trusted Astrology

The Connection Between Numerology & Crystals

On the surface, the relationship between numbers and crystals seems very little. A crystal is a tangible thing that you can see, touch, and even smell. Numbers, on the other hand, are fundamentally theoretical things. They can be expressed in symbols, but they are best comprehended as ideas. This is because they can function independently in our minds without even us needing to think of an object.

As it turns out, however, numerology and crystals share a much more intimate relationship than most people would give them credit for. In fact, they are often best used in tandem due to their complementary properties to each other. Of course, the nature of this tandem is a science unto itself.

This is why we must take time discussing each in better detail. Thankfully, this guide offers exactly this. Not only will this article describe the relationship between the two, you’ll also understand:

  • The underlying connection between healing crystals and numerology
  • How healing crystals amplify your life path number’s cosmic energy
  • 3 easy tips to harness your life path number’s healing crystals
  • And so much more…

The Underlying Connection Between Healing Crystals and Numerology

The connection between healing crystals and numerology unfolds in their complementarity. On the one hand, numerology helps us find our essence through our life path number. On the other hand, healing crystals help amplify our natural essences, allowing us to harness the power that’s rooted in mother nature itself.

In spirituality and metaphysics, these ideas are therefore combined in specific order to help amplify a person’s essence. As a result of this amplification, one ends up becoming a better person overall. You make less mistakes because you capture your central number’s essence further through the healing crystal that you use.

Of course, there is a certain order of application here. Since healing crystals amplify, you need to first figure out what needs amplifying. This is the job of numerology, which helps you find your life-path number. Each number has certain strengths and weaknesses that you can amplify and resolve respectively to better yourself.

Once you have your life path number, you can be flexible in the number of ways that you can apply healing crystals. Do you want to address your weaknesses, add to your strengths, or even introduce new traits? Depending on how you want to go about it, the options you have are essentially limitless.

How Crystal Healing Can Help With Your Life Path Number

Healing crystals often work surprisingly well with numbers. This is because the energies each crystal contains help in a variety of ways. You can use a crystal, for example, to address weaknesses, augment personal strengths, or even create new ones.

As such, you should use healing crystals in a way that complements your life path number. This, together with the crystals already recommended to you through your astrologer, should help you make your life better. Here’s what we recommend for your life path number.

Life Path #1: Agate

The perfect crystal for the leader-number is Agate. This is a crystal which directly helps boost self-esteem and eases nerves, especially when addressing others.

Life Path #2: Clear Quartz

The empath’s crystal is Clear Quartz. A crystal that focuses on peace, it promotes clarity of mind and allows you to emit positive energy.

Life Path #3: Hematite

People who are endlessly curious and wander tend to benefit best from crystals like Hematite. It helps them narrow their focus and try to understand things more deeply.

Life Path #4: Jade

Jade is the crystal of loyalty, and therefore works best with the stoic. This will increase your positive energy to help boost other people’s confidence in your intentions.

Life Path #5: Sodalite

Sodalite is a crystal that naturally promotes peace of mind. This may well be the best crystal for path number 5s, as they are often led astray by their imaginations.

Life Path #6: Peridot

Those who represent others need something to represent themselves. Thankfully, Peridot is a great crystal for sixes as it helps neuter their tendency to overthink.

Life Path #7: Cat’s Eye

Number 7s almost always watch others with a sense of bewilderment due to their relative introversion. Contemplative as they are, they need a perfect backup. Cat’s Eye does this by increasing their ability to understand others beyond the surface.

Life Path #8: Malachite

The money-making eights often need crystals that help boost their business. Malachite does this by increasing their fortunes, allowing opportunities to arise more often.

Life Path #9: Rose Quartz

The idealism of Nines works best with crystals that manifest love, as it colors their ideals better. As such, you should use your Rose Quartz to help promote interpersonal energy.

3 Tips To Harness Your Life Path Number’s Healing Crystals

Contrary to what many might think, there is a nuance to using crystal healing in numerology.

#1: Consider your situation

Although we often want to use as many healing crystals as possible, this is actually impossible. Some crystals contradict one’s life path number and some will have no effect on others. As such, only use the healing crystal that best suits your current needs.

For example, if you are a number 8 in dire need of financial luck, it is better to use Citrine or Malachite. These crystals directly help you manifest money and attract customers. Thus, they are helpful for new investments or even anointing your new business with luck.

#2: Focus on the long-term

Healing crystals may be versatile, but using them haphazardly for your life path number means you are courting disaster. Once this happens, you will be caught in a cycle of simply using crystals to address short-term problems.  As such, you need to use them to also promote long-term growth.

If we go by the same example in #1, you can use Tourmalated Quartz in order to further your business’ luck. This crystal is one that promotes long-term prosperity, so this should only be used once your business is already thriving. As long as you use crystals in the right order, long-term growth will be guaranteed.

#3: Meditate deeply

A healing crystal isn’t just a tool to help you out. It’s an object of the universe that directly manifests its energies through you. Since human beings harness energy regularly, this means you have the capacity to appreciate the true depth of your healing crystal and life path number.

Thus, set aside a proper time when you are preparing to use a healing crystal and meditate on its true nature. As you close your eyes and contemplate, ask yourself: why is this crystal truly related to fortune? Why would fortune help me in my life? How does it relate to my life path number?

Once you form a deeper connection to the crystal, your larger purpose will be revealed. By then, you will have truly understood the true depth and relationship between numerology and crystal healing.