how to communicate with angelsYou have the ability to communicate with your angels! Everyone does and yet there are definitely those people who seem to have stronger psychic abilities and spiritual gifts. But really each and every individual on the planet has the same potential for spiritual gifts and abilities.

So if we all have the same psychic, and spiritual potential, why is it that the angels only seem to be clearly communicating with a select few?

How Angels Communicate With You

The truth is that angels do go to great lengths to communicate with everyone. However, they do so through our subtle spiritual senses more so than physical ones. Therefore, while everyone has the ability to communicate with angels, not everyone is paying attention to their subtle senses, nor are they willing to listen and act upon the subtle psychic impressions and spiritual information they are receiving.

In my last post, I talked about how to ask the angels for help, which is an important step in the process of communicating with angels. However, for effective communication with the angels, or with anyone, listening is most important.

When you ask the angels for help or guidance, your angels will always answer. But are you listening?

If you’re not yet hearing the guidance of your angels, it’s not that they’re not speaking to you… But that they’re doing so in a way which is different, and probably more subtle than you might expect.

how to talk to angelsListening With Your Subtle Senses

To effectively communicate with your angels, you need to learn to listen with your subtle senses, as these are the primary ways your angels will communicate with you.

By quieting your mind, and from a place of awareness and inner stillness, you will be able to receive the information your angels are sending.

Angels speak to you through a combination of your subtle psychic senses of seeing, hearing, sensing and knowing. Be open to how you receive information most clearly from the angels, which will likely be a combination of a few ways to start, and may be different than you would like or expect.

Angelic communication is soft and subtle, especially when you’re first learning to tune in. With practice and awareness, you can open and develop all of your senses so you can clearly receive angelic guidance for yourself and others.

The Four Main Ways Angels Communicate

1. Strong emotion and feeling.

Strong emotions like love, compassion, peace and joy which rise up after you ask your angels a question, or which wash over you out of the blue are often communications from the angels.

Through feelings not tied to the physical world, you can also receive information from the angels. For example, getting the chills when you’re not cold, suddenly feeling warm and loved, noticing a slight breeze indoors, experiencing a change in pressure, or just sensing a spiritual presence are ways you receive guidance through sensing.

Without knowing how or why, you may just sense your next best step, or be able to feel the truth about a situation or person. This sense of feeling is also known as clairsentience and by listening to it, and developing it through awareness, it can be incredibly accurate.

2. Visual communication in the form of inner visions, dreams, as well as through what you see with your physical eyes.

Angels will often use your physical sight to help you notice signs, certain words which seem to stand out on a sign or paper, numbers which consistently appear, or objects which draw your attention.

You may also receive inner visions from the angels offering insight into people, situations, and to guide you in the right direction.

To see angels, you may see a shimmer in the air, notice a flash of light, a colorful orb, or you may actually see a vision of your angel standing before you in a similar way to how you recall memories.

The subtle sense of seeing is known as clairvoyance, which often works by your receiving an image, which has a metaphorical meaning, which you are then able to interpret to understand the message.

3. Through sounds – Both internally and externally.

You may wake up to your name being called, hear angelic music playing in your mind, or you may overhear a bit of a conversation others are having which relates perfectly to your situation.

The subtle hearing sense is known as clairaudience and through it angelic guidance may come to you as a loving message which appears in your mind, a ringing in one of your ears (right ear for yes- left for no), or you may even hear a message from your angel externally whispered into your ear.

The messages you hear from your angels will be very subtle to start, and you may even confuse them with your own thoughts at first. A good tip is to quiet your mind, open your heart, and just focus within to listen for the soft voice of guidance, which is from your angels.

4. Knowing without physical proof

The final subtle sense is known as claircognizance, and it is when you just know something to be true without seeing, hearing, or feeling anything that specifically led you to this knowing.

This sense can come in the form of aha realizations, prophetic knowing, or brilliant ideas which you seem to tune into out of nowhere.

You may just know something is meant to happen or you may know when situations in your life are divinely aligned. An example of claircognizance would be knowing a friend is going to stop by your house when you’ve not seen them or talked to them, but somehow you just knew.

You may also ask your angels for guidance about your best next step and without really seeing, hearing, or feeling anything specific, you just know the answer, and it’s right on.

talking to angelsDeveloping Your Senses

Whatever you feel like your strongest sense is right now, all of your subtle senses will overlap and support each other. Ultimately, by staying focused in the present moment, and increasing your awareness, you will be able to communicate with your angels through a combination of all of the above ways.

Don’t worry about missing a message from your angels, as angels will keep sending you what you need to know until you get it. This is why angelic guidance is often repetitive. The angels will keep saying the same thing until you take action, and then they will move on to the next most important thing for you to know.

Angelic guidance is always loving, uplifting and to the point. If you are receiving a message that is fear based, judgmental or condescending… It is not your angels! Think or say, “Angels please surround me with divine white light and release any negativity so I can clearly hear your guidance. Then, clear your mind, open your heart and refocus within to tune into the loving, uplifting guidance from angels.

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