color of your clothing meaningPinThe hue-man eye can perceive 7 million varieties of color.  Every day we embrace a kaleidoscope of hues, tints and shades blatantly unaware of the psychological and healing influence each color has on the different levels of our being.  For instance, as soon as you get out of bed you’re making color-coded decisions by selecting which colors to ingest – although it’s not a color conscious choice – and which colors to wear – possibly a more conscious choice depending on the type of job you have. The colors you choose can have an impact on your mood, how you go about your day, even how others respond to you.  One of the most organically friendly ways of inviting color into your life is through wearing jewelry. It may seem small, but every piece of color has its place and you can use the power of color to invite certain qualities into your life.

What Color Are You?

I am often asked, “What color am I?” The answer to this question is not that simple. All living things vibrate with energy and to me this energy appears as color. Color has a language that once understood can help us define and embrace our inner world. We are made of light and thanks to Sir Isaac Newton we know that white light is the source of all color. Shone through a prism, we can see how light divides into a spectrum of colored rays. Newton described colors as “visual vibrations,” like musical notes.

We are complex creatures comprised of many layers. When I see clients I usually describe what I do as looking at their “vibrational wardrobe of outfits”. Take a look at the clothes in your physical wardrobe – how many different colors are there? You probably have more than one color. Well it’s the same in your vibrational energy field. As a child I would often see an aura of colored lights around the heads and shoulders of my teachers – this would frequently happen when I daydreamed. I learned what each color meant from my mother, one of the pioneers of yoga in Britain. She taught me the yogi philosophies, a wonderful foundation for my enquiring mind and the basis of most teachings today. I continued to learn through study and experience, but one of the most valuable techniques I can share with you is very simple. When you want to know the personal meaning of a color simply ask yourself, “What does that mean?” Then allow your mind to be clear of thoughts and let your inner wisdom share its guidance.

Dominant And Missing Colors

Some of the colors in your energy field can be more dominant while others may be completely missing. If a color is absent, then wearing, eating or drinking the missing color can simply replace its essence. For example, if red is missing you can choose to wear red, eat red foods such as beets, or drink red fruit juices. You can also replace a missing color using color visualization or by drinking solarized water – water placed in a colored glass and positioned in direct sunlight for at least 24 hours. The resulting water will contain the vibrational energy of the vessel’s color. This method can be used to bring all the colors of the rainbow into the physical to encourage balance, healing and wholeness. My mother used to fill seven colored vases with water reflecting the seven major chakras and then drink a little from each one every day, a kind of light spectrum supplement. 

So if something is missing in your life, it’s likely the color related to that quality is missing in your energy field too. Can you intuit which color is the best to use to attract wealth?

meaning of colorPinThe Color Green For Money

Green is the color of money, so if you already have money saved then green will help your dollars grow. Green is the color of the heart chakra so while it’s a great color to attract money it’s also linked with attracting blessings through financial wealth. Here’s a wealth tip, place your money in a green wallet or next to a money plant. Better still plant an evergreen tree with the intention that its growth reflects the expansion of your wealth. You can surround yourself in green and visualize your energy field filled with emerald green too.

meaning of colorPinThe Color Red For Power

Each color has an opposite complementary color with most of its qualities differing. However, opposites attract and opposing colors embrace some of the same characteristics – they are just expressed differently. The opposite of green is red, a power color.  If you want to give the appearance of having money and power then wear a small amount of red, such as a tie or scarf.  Red is the color of manifestation and energy, and revered in the east as a color of luck.  Place a check to yourself for $100,000 into a red envelope and position it in front of the mirror you frequently use.  Each time you go to the mirror touch the envelope and say thank you! This will give it the additional energy of gratitude – green.  Green tends to help money grow gradually, while red will manifest it quickly.  While green takes longer to accumulate wealth, the downside of red is it makes you spend it fast too, so any kind of wealth magic using color needs to be used with balance.

meaning of colorPinThe Color Orange & Yellow For Action

Red is known as a warm color and can work on getting you moving. Other warm colors include orange and yellow. Warm colors stimulate you to action, that’s why interior designers recommend yellow for a kitchen. Like the sun it wakes you up, but this same this quality is also used by fast food establishments – can you think of some that have used red, yellow and orange in their logo and eateries? If you want to eat quickly and eat a lot of food then red, yellow and orange are the perfect colors for you, but if you want to lose weight, stay away from red and yellow-based colors. These stimulate the appetite.

meaning of colorPinThe Color Blue For Control & Calm

Instead use a blue plate for your food, paint your kitchen blue or have lots of blue accessories and add some blue to the door and inside of your fridge. Blue has been found to suppress the appetite.  Blue is a color of peace, it’s calming, relaxing and stimulates control.  So if you need to control the urge to snack between meals, focus on blue while meditating plus try wearing jewelry made with Apatite crystals, a beautiful blue stone.

meaning of colorPinThe Color Pink For Love

Finally, if you are seeking a relationship then the most useful color to invoke love is pink. Known as the color of unconditional love, pink contains red the color of action and white the color of new beginnings. Pink is the essence, the light at the very core of your heart chakra. The outer layer of your heart is green and the inner layer is a beautiful glowing pink – yes, your heart looks like a watermelon! Pink stimulates love so wearing it in clothing or jewelry not only attracts love to you in the way you desire, but it can also make you more desirable and loved by all those around you.  My mother used to say, “Wear pink to make the boys wink!” But take care, whenever you wear pink if you’re sensitive you’ll probably feel a little vulnerable. That’s because pink makes you wear your inner heart on your sleeve, it helps you to let down your boundaries opening your heart to love.

What are your favorite colors and how do they affect your mood and well-being? Drop me a note below. I’d love to hear from you :)