8 Signs Your Angels Are With You!

By December 1, 2014Divination

signs from your angelsWhen you ask your angels for help they will always answer. Yes, you too have angels who are guiding, helping, and supporting you from beyond the physical.

One of the best ways to start becoming more aware of your angels is to tune into and acknowledge the angelic signs all around you. As you realize that you do have angels by your side and welcome the help and presence of your angels into your life, their assistance and guidance will continue to become more prevalent in your life.

If you doubt that you have angels with you, try suspending your disbelief for a moment, and simply imagine that you do have angels who are helping you, for now. When you consciously imagine, think about, and look for the presence of your angels in your life, they will start to make themselves more and more know to you.

Your angels want you to know that you have their love and support, and so they will offer many signs and signals to help you fully understand and realize this.

Coincidence? I Think Not…

signs your angels are nearEveryone receives angelic signs, but many people are simply too busy, distracted, or they don’t allow for the possibility that they have angels, and so they ignore the signs or write them off as coincidences, or strange occurrences. But really, the signs, signals, and strange synchronicities of life are often sent by angels to deliver guidance, offer insight, send messages or warnings, or to simply let you know you’re not alone and that you are incredibly loved and supported from beyond the physical.

To start tuning into the signs and guidance from your angels, start looking for them!

Angelic signs are often repetitive, out of the ordinary experiences, or synchronicities which hold personal meaning, and which seem to coincide with what is happening in your life.

Sometimes the angels do offer help through direct intervention, or they give clear guidance through dreams, premonitions, psychic and subtle senses, channeled messages, or meditative insights.

But for most people, especially when first learning to connect with the angels, angelic guidance will first appear through signs and symbols. You can also ask your angels to send you a sign, and then be alert, aware, and on the lookout for the little signs your angels send to let you know they are indeed with you and supporting you from the realms of spirit.

8 Common Signs From Angels

angelic flash of light sign1. Flashes of Light

While angels in artwork and literature are typically portrayed as being quite humanlike with wings and halos, I often see angels as orbs of light near people. In addition, you may ask your angels to help you with attracting more abundance, and then your lights flicker. Or maybe you’re out walking in nature and you seem to notice a shimmering light out of the corner of your eye, but then when you turn and look it’s gone. Geometric light patterns, orbs, flashes of light or color which you see indirectly out of the corner or your eye, or which quickly appear and disappear, are all common signs your angels are near.

2. Sounds or Music

Have you ever thought you heard tranquil music playing, or windchimes gently ringing, and then upon listening closely it was gone? Music is a common sign from the angels, and when you meditate, and find quiet time to simply be, it will appear more often. Angels may also nudge you to change the radio station so you hear certain song lyrics, a series of songs with a similar theme. I even know of one woman who wakes up with songs in her head that perfectly answer her prayers and questions posed before sleeping. One of my angels alerts me to certain things through a buzz, sort of like a ringing in my right ear. Pay attention to the songs and sounds you hear, as these are common signs from the angels.

3. A Lovely Fragrance

Angels love to make themselves known through lovely floral or chocolatey fragrances which seem to appear out of nowhere with no physical source. Smell a floral scent in the perfume store? Probably not your angels… But if you’re laying in bed meditating and praying, and a soft lovely fragrance seems to magicaly waft over you, it’s likely that your angels are alerting you to their presence.

4. Temperature Change and Feeling

When angels speak to you, you will most likely feel it before you hear it! A sudden change in temperature, a slight breeze across the room, getting the chills when you’re not cold, or feeling a warm glow of light around you while you’re indoors or standing in the shade are common ways to feel the presence of angels. You may also feel lighter, free and expansive, or you may feel sense of peace and calm wash over you when your angels reach out with their love and light.

5. Knowing and Inspiration

Do you suddenly know what to do next to solve a challenge? Or maybe you just know in your heart that your angels aligned a meeting for you with someone, and are supporting you on your path. Or perhaps you’ve asked your angels to help you heal, and then shortly thereafter you get inspired to make healthy changes, start exercising, eating more healfully or drinking more water, and it’s totally natural and effortless for you to do so. If you get the sense that you’re in the presence of angels, but you don’t really know how you know, you are!

feather angel6. Finding Objects

When feathers appear angels are near! The same is often true when you find coins, crystals, or other small meaningful objects on your path. Feathers, coins, and crystals are especially powerful signs when you keep finding them, or when you find them right when you’re asking for help, guidance, or for a sign. I often hear stories from people who find feathers in the most unlikely places. Finding feathers and other small valuable objects are beautiful reminders that your angels love and value you and are supporting you from beyond the physical.

7. Wings or Angelic Shapes

Have you ever seen an angel cloud or noticed an angelic outline in your morning latte, or appearing on the side of a building? Angels don’t need wings to fly, but they will often appear with wings because we expect them to, and because wings represent the ability to carry out Divine will. They also know we associate them with wings and so they will show us this angelic shape in all sorts of places to let us know they’re near.

8. Actual Signs

The angels may even use marketing messages, billboards, and shop names or street signs to confirm they’re with you and to offer clarification or validation on guidance you’ve already received. A certain word on a sign may jump out at you, or you may have an experience like mine when I was looking for a house to rent when moving to Tahoe. I was stressing out about finding the right place within our budget, and then noticed a sign on a local hotel which said… “Your angels are with you, remember to look up”. I immediately remembered to ask the angels for help, trust in the process, and yes we did find a great little place to rent that very day.

Angels are great at sending signs. And this list is by no means a complete list. Really, angels may use any aspect of the physical realm to offer their guidance. The key for you to notice the signs is to remain present, alert and aware.

When you do start to notice, learn from, and act upon the guidance from your angels, you can positively tranform your life in a number of powerful ways.

Remember to ask for help, and look for the signs your angels are near and helping you from the realms of spirit.

Drop me a comment below and let me know what sort of signs your angels have left you! And if you’re looking for help from your angels, say it out loud and put your intention out there!

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