Dictionary of Dreams

Absent Persona - Seeing absent persons denotes their speedy return and a joyful reunion.

Abandoned - To be deserted by your friends shows you have their affection and love. If you abandon someone else, it is
a sign of disappointment.

Abroad - To be abroad shows success in your undertakings.

Abyss - To fall into one denotes the loss of your lover or that you will be deserted by your friends.

Accident - Seeing one, passing worries. To be in one, slow but eventual success in your enterprise.

Admirer - You will realize your wishes.

Altar - Happiness. A speedy marriage to the one you love.

Anchor - Hope and influential friends.

Angel - Good news and a voyage.

Anger - Beware of powerful enemies.

Animals - Domestic animals are a sign of return of absent friend, and family happiness. Wild animals, secret enemies.

Automobile - Seeing one, a visit from a friend. Riding in one, a journey.

Baby - To hold one, true love. To rock one, embarrassment.

Bacon - To eat bacon, triumph over enemies.

Balcony - Bad luck.

Balloon - To go up in one, unexpected fortune. To see one, a message from home.

Band of Music - Money.

Bank - If you are depositing, beware of loss. If you are drawing money, disappointment.

Barber - Trouble. If you are being shaved by one, a long journey.

Bath - If the bath is either too hot or too cold, trouble in the family. Moderate temperature, pleasure and wealth.

Bear - To be attacked by one, persecution by some enemy. If it runs away, success.

Beard - For a man to dream he has a long beard denotes good fortune. If in trade he will thrive; if in love he will marry the object of his affections.

Bed - To see a strange bed, trouble. To sleep in a bed, good luck.

Bees - Success, but if stung by them, failure.

Beggar - Always a good sign, especially to lovers and businessmen. To give alms, unexpected present. To be a beggar,
good health.

Boil - To hear a church bell ringing alarm or a quarrel. A dinner bell means a feast or a wedding.

Beach - Standing on one, comfort. Sitting on one, take care you have a rival

Betting - Losses and disappointment.

Bereavement - Visit from a friend or relative.

Birds - Seeing them or hearing them sing, pleasure and profit. If they are quarreling, a great change in your life. If you
dream of birds three tunes in succession, you will fall heir to a fortune within the year.

Birthday Presents - To receive them, poverty. To give then, a pleasant surprise.

Bleeding - Loss of goods and of character.

Blind - To dream that you are blind is generally a lucky sign. To lead the blind means success in love.

Blood - To see it, great riches, a faithful lover. To lose it, disappointment and loss.

Boat - Arrival of a friend. To row a boat, inheritance of money. To see one founder, danger or illness.

Books - Reading a good one, pleasure and honors. Reading a bad one, disgrace. To give a book, victory over an enemy.

Bottles - Full, pleasure. Empty, sickness. Broken, sadness.

Bread - Eating it, profit in business. White bread means friendship; brown or black, poverty.

Bucks - A happy marriage and prosperity.

Bridge - Crossing one, success and prosperity. Passing under one, trouble. Falling from one, loss of business.

Brother or Sister - Dreaming of one that is dead, long life and prosperity.

Building - Illness, losses.

Burning - A sudden danger.

Business - Someone wishes to enter into partnership with you.

Cage - Danger. If empty, a marriage broken off.

Cake - Pleasure is in store. A family festivity.

Camel - Good luck.

Candles - If lighted, mean and happiness and prosperity.

Cards - Loss of money; a quarrel. To play cards, unnecessary expenditure.

Castle - Success. A happy event is in store.

Caller - Good health.

Cat - Perfidy.

Cemetery - Prosperity.

Check - Cashing one means loss of money.

Children - Pleasure. To punish a child, injustice.

Church - To see one, inheritance. To enter one, troubles.

Climbing - To climb a steep slope means many difficulties to be faced. If you reach the top you will overcome them.

Clock - Expect important matters in business.

Coal - Beware of enemies. To see coal burning means happiness and success.

Cooking - Look for a wedding soon!

Cross - Happiness, triumph.Crowd - Importunity.

Crown - Elevation to some dignity.

Crows - Bad luck.

Crutches - To walk on them yourself means trouble. To see others using them, troubles for these persons.

Cyclone - A catastrophe.

Dancing - Success, gaiety.

Darkness - To be in the dark is unfavorable. To go from darkness to light means good tidings.

Deer - Disputes.

Dice - To play dice means that you will have ups and downs in life. If you win, fortune will favor you during the coming year.

Dirt - Sickness and dishonor.

Ditch - An obstacle.

Dog - Friendship. If barking, a good sign; if howling, look for bad news.

Doves - Success, pleasure. A happy event.

Drowning - To see another drown means joy after sorrow. To dream you are drowning, prosperity.

Drunkenness - Success.

Eagle - Success, prosperity.

Earthquake - Serious danger.

Eating - Danger.

Eggs - Good luck unless broken, when a quarrel is indicated.

Elephant - Certain victory.

Elopement - Sign of speedy marriage.

Enemies - If you dream of enemies be careful in whom you place your trust.

Engagement - Great pleasure in store.

Fall - To dream that you fall means trouble and losses. To fall into water, poverty and distress.

Family - To dream of a family is a sign of joy.

Father - To dream of him as living, great joy; dead, financial losses.

Fence - To climb a high fence signifies a sudden rise in life.

Fields - To be in green fields is a happy omen. Plowed fields foretell disputes, to the lover, disappointment.

Fig - Prosperity and happiness. Also indicates a legacy.

Fighting - To the lover this means loss of your loved one through a foolish quarrel.

Finger - If you dream you cut your finger and the blood flows your sweetheart will prove kind and true, and you will receive money from an unexpected source.

Fire - Small fire, pleasure. A large fire indicates some great festivity. To light a fire means that an important event will

Fishing - Big fish, happiness; small ones, only limited success.

Flag - Floating, danger. To carry one, honor and success.lame - Triumph.

Flies - Rivals.

Flood - Slander.

Flowers - To see them, pleasure; to wear them, marriage; to pick them, good health.

Flying - Great success.

Fountain - If the water is clear, riches and honors. If muddy, vexation.

Friend - If alive, pleasure; if dead, money trouble. To enjoy yourself with a friend, a quarrel.

Fruit - Pleasure and profit.

Funeral - Marriage. To be at your own funeral means notable success.

Gaiety - Sorrow.

Gambling - To lose is a good omen; to win is bad.

Garden - A pleasant surprise. If the garden is bare of flowers, a temporary lack of money.

Gifts - To receive them, means that something good is about to happen. To a lover, speedy marriage.

Glass - If full, a sentimental message; if empty, poverty. A broken glass foretells success.

Gloves - Putting them on, a pleasant trip; losing them, a blunder. Soiled gloves mean that you will suffer insult.

Gold - Loss of money.

Grasshopper - Losses.

Guitar - You will have a declaration of love.

Gull - A safe journey.

Hair - Separation. If the hair is white, honors will be yours. Blond hair means flattery.

Harp - Friendship.

Hat - Disillusionment.

Hay - Success in business.

Hearse - Festivities.

Hen - A black hen means that you will receive news; a white hen, good times. Several hens, scandal, gossip.

Hill - To climb hills or to travel over them signifies good fortune. Your name will be known to posterity.

Horse - A happy omen.

Horseshoe - A journey.

House - A sign of good fortune.

Hunger - Prosperity.

Hunting - Useless labor.

Ice - Danger.

Ice Cream - Profit from your undertakings.

Illness - Worry.

Ink - If the ink is black you will become involved in an unfortunate scheme. If ink is red, good news awaits you.Iron - If hot, a risky undertaking.

Ivy - You have faithful friends.

Jail - If you see others in jail you will lose your liberty. If you are in jail you will be raised to a high station in life.

Jam - Quarrel.

Jewels - Look out for your money matters.

Journey - A risky venture.

Key - You will miss an appointment.

Kiss - Kissing a relative, beware of deception. Kissing a stranger, a journey.

Kitchen - Profit from your enterprises.

Knife - Quarrel and separation.

Knot - Difficulties ahead!

Ladder - To climb one, success; to descend one, trouble.

Lake - If the water is clear, friendship; if muddy, quarrels.

Lamp - If lit your course is clear; if not, difficulties are ahead.

Laughing - Change of circumstances and friends.

Legacy - Loss of money.

Letter - Visit from a friend. Good news.

Light - To see light is a happy omen. Honor and riches are in store. Success in love.

Lightning - Love quarrels.

Linen - If clean, a legacy; soiled, illness.

Lion - A new friend.

Liquor - Riches.

Locomotive - Unpleasant journey.

Love - To dream you are in love shows that you are not susceptible. If you dream of another loving you, you will go
through life alone, unsought.

Man - A girl dreaming of a man, gossip.

Map - A long journey.

Marriage - To dream you are married is unfortunate. To be present at a wedding foretells pleasant news.

Matches - Riches.

Milk - To drink it, happiness; to spill it, your plans will not succeed.

Mirror - Gallantry.

Money - To find it, good luck. To see a large amount, treachery.

Moon - Success in love. Full moon, delay.

Mother - Joy and happiness.

Mountain - Ascending a mountain, success and riches. To descend, the reverse. Loss of a loan.

Moving - To dream of moving means beware of thieves.Mud - A happy future. To be muddied means worry.

Mule - Business difficulties.

Music - A happy omen. Good news from an absent friend.

Nails - Unexpected news.

Naked - To be naked, poverty.

Needles - To see them, annoyances.

Neighbors - Beware of gossip.

Nest - To see one, profit. To see a full one is an omen of good luck.

Newspaper - Treason and slander.

Noise - A quarrel.

Nose - A big nose is good luck. A long nose, increase in the family. A short nose, poverty.

Nun - Inheritance.

Nuts - Riches and happiness. If you crack them, however, your love will be unfaithful.

Ocean - Dreaming of swimming in it, is unlucky. If you are on it, beware of deceitful friends.

Olives - Very lucky; honors and success, peace.

Orchard - Riches, a happy marriage.

Organ - Hearing it played, good luck; playing it yourself, disappointment.

Oven - A change. You may become notorious.

Owl - Sickness or poverty. Caution is needed.

Oyster - Easy profit

Pain - To be in pain, better luck.

Palace - Trouble.

Palm Tree - Good luck.

Paper - Good omen. If creased, pain.

Park - Happiness.

Parrot - Gossip. Indiscretion.

Peaches - Expect pleasure.

Pearls - Worry, hard times, disillusionment.

Peas - If green, happiness; if dry, marriage.

Perfume - Great success.

Pies - To make them, joy and profit.

Pins - Quarrels.

Pipe - Pleasure. If broken, a quarrel.

Pit - If you fall into one, disappointment in love. To be in one and climb out, you will overcome your difficulties.

Policeman - Trouble or dishonor.Pool - Gazing into a clear pool means true friendship. If muddy, quarrels.

Prayers - Happiness.

Precipice - Danger.

Present - To receive one means trouble with someone of the opposite sex.

Prison - To be in prison indicates good luck; to escape, success in your undertaking.

Purchases - To dream you are buying means you will receive money.

Purse - If empty, prosperity, well filled, good fortune.

Puzzle - If you dream that you are puzzled, someone is about to confer a great favor upon you.

Quarrel - To quarrel with someone indicates unfavorable news.

Rabbit - White, friendship; black, reverses.

Racing - To run a race foretells success in life and joyful news. To ride in a race, on the other hand, means disappointment and anger.

Railway - A journey.

Rain - Inheritance. A fine rain means worry.

Rainbow - Change of fortune and travel, also unexpected good news.

Rats - Beware of enemies.

Reading - To read an entertaining book, success in love and riches.

Reconciliation - You will receive a valuable gift from a loved one.

Removal - Change of employment

Ring - Wearing a ring, success; receiving one, marriage.

River - If clear and smooth, happiness and good fortune; if muddy, sorrow.

Road - A broad road, happiness; narrow one, deceit.

Rocks - To see them, losses; to climb them, success.

Roses - Happiness and good fortune if received.

Running - To dream you are running means worry; if others are running, bad news.

Safe - Cares.

Sailing - Change of residence.

Salt - A very good omen unless upset when it means sorrow.

Sand - Disappointment.

Scandal - Unexpected legacy from a relative.

School - If a grown up dreams of going to school, expect a great change.

Scissors - Quarrels.

Separation - Much enjoyment from an unexpected source.

Shaving - Loss of money.

Sheep - A good omen.

Ship - A successful journey.hoes - Quarrels.

Singing - To hear yourself sing, sorrow; to hear others sing, pleasure.

Skating - Easy gain.

Smoke - Failure.

Snakes - Trouble or sickness.

Snow - Success, money.

Soldiers - Troubles or lawsuits.

Spider - Lawsuit.

Stairs - To climb stairs, success; to fall down, grief.

Stars - Generally happiness and good news. If hidden by clouds, misfortune.

Stockings - Money.

Storm - Danger.

Stove - Good news.

Strange place - A legacy.

Straw - In stacks, wealth; in sheaves, economy.

Sun - Honor and wealth. If hidden, struggles. A red sun, discord.

Surprise - Good luck; success in business.

Swallow - Approaching, family happiness, good news; leaving, unhappiness.

Swimming - Success. You will meet someone you have not seen for a long time.

Table - To set one, prosperity.

Tea - Worry.

Tear - To tear a garment, passing bother.

Tears - Happiness.

Teeth - To lose one, loss of a friend or disappointment in love. Seeing white teeth, great joy in store.

Telegram - A surprise.

Theatre - To be in one, indicates that you will soon change your residence.

Thread - Beware of intrigues.

Thunderstorm - Danger threatening

Toothache - You will receive an offer that will be advantageous to you.

Traveling - Unexpected good fortune.

Treasure - Disappointment.

Trees - If in foliage, you will get your wish.

Tunnel - A laborious undertaking.

Umbrella - Inside out, coming change; lost, abandonment.

Uncle - An inheritance.niform - Adventure.

Veil - If white, sorrow; if black, disappointment. For an unmarried person, marriage.

Vexation - You will acquire some property and your place in life improved.

Vines - Health and wealth.

Violet - Happiness.

Violin - Happiness in love.

Visit - Paid, injustice; received, flattery.

Volcano - Peace and contentment.

Voyage - Success in business.

Walking - If alone, sadness; walking fast, you will be ultimately successful; walking with a companion, you will enjoy true friendship.

Wall - Trouble, obstacles to your plans; to climb over one, joy and happiness.

Watch - Money.

Wedding - To attend one, disappointment; to dream of your own is a good omen.

Weeping - Pleasure, good news.

Well - To see one, good luck; to fall into one, danger.

Wheels - Inheritance.

Window - Generally unlucky. To fall out, an unsuccessful lawsuit; to see them broken, sickness; to see them shut, disappointment.

Wine - To see or drink it, profit; to spill it, bad luck.

Wings - To have them, improvement in position.

Woman - To see one, bad luck; to see many, gossip. To see a blond woman, devoted love.

Work - Good luck if you are doing it yourself.

Writing - You will have pleasant news.

Yarn - A handsome present.

Zebra - A change in your mode of life.

Zodiac - You will be a great traveler.