Clairvoyance comes from the French and means “(clear seeing)”. It is the name given to describe the ability to pick up information without using the normal senses. If, for example, a friend shuffled a deck of cards and looked at the top card, and you picked up the thought, you would be demonstrating telepathy. If your friend mixed the deck again and you knew what the top card was before anyone had looked at it, you would be demonstrating your clairvoyant abilities.

The ability to be clairvoyant can be very useful in daily life. You could receive a letter of parcel through the post and know what was inside before opening it. Psychometry is an example of clairvoyance and you already know how practical use can be made of that ability. If someone has lost a valuable item you cannot determine where is it telepathically, as items is lost, but by using clairvoyance you may well be able to sense where the lost item is. I have a friend who can always find parking space for herself, by “seeing” a street in her mind’s eye complete with any parking spaces.

Here are some tests to help you develop your clairvoyant skills.


Find a small wooden box that can be locked. Ask a friend to ask someone else to place an object inside the box. This to ensure that neither you nor your friend knows what has been placed inside. Once the box comes back to you, relax completely and move your hands around the box, just a few centimeters from the surface. Remain as relaxed as possible and allow whatever time is necessary. You may feel a tingling sensation in your fingertips and this is a good sign. If you have no success after ten minutes, simply put the box away and try again the next day, preferably at a time when you feel refreshed. When trying again physically hold the box as that will make the test a little easier. This is not an easy test, but is one well worth persevering with.


This is a fun test using playing cards. Shuffle the cards thoroughly and then draw one out at random from the middle of the deck. Say, for example, that it is the seven of Clubs. Replace the card in the deck and shuffle again. Cut the cards into two piles and try to clairvoyantly pick out the pile containing your card. Do this at least ten times. The chance score is success five times out of ten. Do not worry if you score about the chance level on your first attempts. With practice you will ultimately be able to be correct eight or more times out of ten.

Once you are getting good results with this test, try cutting the pack into four piles, then six or eight.


This is a test you can use in daily life. Whenever you visit somewhere for the first time visualize what is inside the cupboards and drawers in the room you are in. sometimes you will be able to check your results for accuracy and you will be surprised at how good you become with regular practice.


Here is another practical test. Suppose you have an appointment to see someone you have not previously met. You have never been inside this person’s office. The night before the appointment relax and then visualize the office in your mind. See the waiting room, the furniture, even the names of the magazines in the waiting room. When you keep the appointment you will be able to see how accurate you were.

Test conducted with ESP cards, playing cards and dice are fun if not overdone. However, they can get boring with too much repetition. As much as possible try and develop your clairvoyant abilities in daily life. You may have to consciously remind yourself to test these abilities. For instance, if you have to find a parking space, relax and try and find it clairvoyantly. If you have an appointment try and visualize the setting beforehand.  Whenever you pick up of touch an object allow yourself to psychometrize it, even if only momentarily. Nothing worthwhile comes easily, but the progress you make as you practice will spur on to even greater success.