Chinese Numerology

ARROW OF MENTALITY (3,6,9) Good brain, which should be developed.

ARROW OF IMOTINAL BALANCE (2,5,8) Stable person, usually with one lifelong relationship

ARROW OF PLANNER (1,2,3) Likes planning ahead and working things out.

ARROW OF THE WIL (4,5,6) Determination and stubbornness.

ARROW OF ACTIVITY (7,8,9) Very busy person, always on the go. Can be a sign of hyperactivity as a child.

ARROW OF DETERMINATION (1,5,9) Lots of persistence and drive.

ARROW OF SPIRITUALITY (3,5,7) A strong faith of some sort that plays an important part in life.

ARROW OF HYPERSENSITIVITY (no 2,5,or 8) Strong emotions. Ups and downs in life.

ARROW OF FRUSTRATIONS (no 4,5, or 6) Plenty of disappointments and frustrations.

ARROW OF SCEPTICISM (no 3,5 or 7) Need to have things demonstrated or proven first. Takes little on trust.

  1. Everyone born this century has at least one 1 in their chart. It is considered ideal to have to 1s as this gives the ability to express oneself fully. People with one 1 find it hard to express their innermost feelings. People with three 1s are either chatterboxes or very quiet people. More than three makes it hard for the person to express himself and he can often be misunderstood.
  2. Two is the number of balanced sensitivity and intuition. Next century everyone will have at least one 2 (Age of Aquarius). More than 2s creates someone who lives in another world most of the time.
  3. This is an intellectual number, and gives a good, retentive memory. People with this number should be pursuing a mentally stimulating career.
  4. A practical, materialistic number. Someone who is prepared to work for what they want.
  5. This creates a stable, well-balanced person who enjoys helping others.
  6. This creates a strong love for home and family.
  7. This is the number of loss and experience – learning the hard way.
  8. This number gives love of detail. Someone who is conscientious, meticulous and responsible.
  9. The humanitarian number. Everyone born this century has at least one 9, so two or more required for the philanthropic side to come out.