4th Chakra is Being Healed this Week

The chakra we are focusing on this week for healing is the 4th chakra which is the heart and is all about love, forgiveness & compassion. Find out more about your Heart Chakra here.

Question of the Week:

Am I afraid to tell the truth? What do I really want to say?

Where is your energy best spent this week?

What do I really want to say? As you move throughout this week I really want you to be thinking about that and I want you to be speaking on purpose. Trickery can be showing up in 3 ways in your life.

1. It can show up in storytelling.

I want you to take a look at what tales are you spinning? Maybe you’re sick all the time, or maybe you have a disease or some health issue and you like the attention that it gives you. It’s important to be aware of where that dishonesty is showing up in your life. Become conscious of how trickery is at play.

2. The next way trickery can show up is through deceit

Is there someone in your life that is being deceitful and you know it but you are ignoring it? You are choosing to keep your head in the sand and pretend that you don’t know. When you do this you both lose. Life is all about communication and it’s all about being honest and having those hard discussions with each other. Fight for better in your relationships. Fight for more in your life. Don’t allow this trickery to block you from better.

3. The third way it can be showing up in your life is through paranoia

Maybe something’s happened in a relationship that’s causing some suspicion and instead of having a heart-to-heart conversation with that person, you jump to conclusions and you confront them and then it all blows up in your face. Or maybe you’re the other extreme where you play that passive-aggressive game of ignoring the person or stonewalling them, not talking to them or not being helpful. Again, nobody wins when we allow trickery to rule in our lives.

Ask Yourself…

As you move throughout this week I want you to be constantly asking yourself: What do I want to say? Am I afraid of the truth? Be bold and speak from your heart. You deserve to have good, solid relationships built on trust and honesty.

Be sure to share your answer in the comments below. I always circle back and would love to hear from you and support you. Have you subscribed to our YouTube channel yet?  That way you’ll be notified as soon as my forecast goes live so you won’t miss a thing. I hope you enjoyed this message. Thank you for sharing this forecast if it resonated with you.

May you be blessed with love and miracles every single day.

Angel Hugs,
Julie Geigle