This week brings us the 7th chakra for healing. This chakra is all about trusting in the Divine order of things. Repeat the affirmation “I trust in Divine order” seven times each day.

To Thine Self Be True

This week do not compromise or settle. Stand up for what you want and be proud of who you are. Watch for where in your life you are seeking approval from others or where you find yourself in an unsupportive environment. Do what needs to be done to move toward that which you desire and away from that which you don’t.

Divine Blessings of Rejection

Rejection isn’t easy. We all suffer or have suffered from rejection at some point in our life whether it’s not being invited to a birthday party or not being asked out to prom rejection is part of life, just like fear. Sometimes when we can understand rejection from a spiritual perspective it changes everything and helps us not to take things so personally.

Rejection is the universe’s way of saying not this but that. It’s a matter of vibration. Even though you might think you are a perfect fit for that group or that experience the Universe knows all and is constantly bringing you situations that will help you evolve and grow.

Sometimes the lesson of rejection can be about being true to yourself and not changing who you are to fit in with others. Once that lesson is complete you will become a magnet for friendships and experiences where you fit in and feel completely accepted. The key is letting go of your attachment to wanting to be liked or fit in and being perfectly content with where you’re at in your life and with what you have.

Wanting reality to be other than it is – is the definition of insanity. Embrace rejection this week just like we embraced fear last week and allow a beautiful healing for your 7th chakra to wash over you cleansing you from head to toe.

“Homecoming” Meditation

Take a nice deep breath and close your eyes (if you’re able).

Imagine a beautiful ivory light in front of you, enfolding you and almost like a magnet you are being drawn, pulled. You begin walking forward and as you walk a beautiful ivory tower appears. As you come upon this ivory tower the door opens and you walk inside.

Before you is a lovely ivory staircase and you find yourself walking up the stairs slowly, methodically almost as if you are in a trance. At the top of the tower is a door. It opens magically and you walk inside. As you stand inside this tower you feel love and acceptance all around you.

You are welcomed.

You are wanted.

You are dearly loved.

You finally feel completely and totally accepted. Finally, you have found your way home. Bask in this feeling a few moments longer and whenever you are ready, take a nice deep breath and open your eyes.

This meditation is going to help you heal and clear any blockages in that 7th chakra this week.

Question of the Week

Am I working with or against my environment?

Do you constantly feel like you’re trying to fit in or that you are being left out? Do you get stuck in the emotions of resentment and frustration? If you answered yes to these questions then you are working against your environment. Are you ready to let all that go and be free? Repeat the meditation above as often as needed to heal these emotions and be whole again. Easily attracting your tribe fitting in and being included in activities and fun.

When you are working with your environment there is a flow and ease in your life. When a situation comes up where you have been left out you don’t take it personally and trust that the universe is saving you from a bad experience and that an even better opportunity where you feel accepted and welcomed is coming.

Go ahead, drop a comment or answer the question below. I always circle back and would love to hear from you.

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May your chakras be aligned and your heart filled with love.

Angel Hugs,
Julie Geigle

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