This week’s theme is CONFUSION and the chakra we are focusing on for healing for the second week in a row is the 7th chakra or the CROWN chakra and it is the color white or violet.

Our affirmation is: I trust that my life is unfolding exactly as it should.

Legend of Silver Cloud

Janna just broke up with her boyfriend and is now questioning if she made the right decision. There’s another guy waiting in the wings but she can’t see him yet (there always is). She begins to climb faith mountain in the fog. Suddenly a silver cloud engulfs her and she is cold and scared but keeps on climbing. As she reaches the top of the mountain the fog begins to lift and below she sees a beautiful town. And as the town is revealed she has perfect clarity and knows instantly what her next step is.

Nothing to Solve

Sometimes confusion helps us slow down and think things through so we don’t make hasty decisions. Make friends with confusion. It’s not a bad thing. Try to see the silver lining in the clouds and fog. Trust that when the time is right the way will be revealed to you.

On another note, it’s normal to doubt yourself once you’ve made a decision but it’s important to ask if the doubt is coming from a place of fear or a place of love. If Janna was afraid she made the wrong decision and she’s going to spend the rest of her life alone, that’s fear and staying with a person out of fear isn’t the basis for a healthy relationship.

On the other hand, if Janna was afraid she made the wrong decision because she was under a lot of stress and took it out on her relationship and began to realize her responsibility in the situation that doubt is coming from a place of love. In either circumstance, confusion helps us become conscious of the choices we have in our lives and that’s a good thing.

3 Words to Rebalance Your Crown Chakra

How can you strengthen your connection with the Divine? Focusing on these 3 words will help you clear out any stuck patterns so you can clearly hear and feel your guidance and wisdom from your Spiritual Team.

  1. Clarity – do you have the clarity you need in this situation to make a sound decision? If not, wait until you do.
  2. Support – call on your Spiritual Team for assistance. Write it on a notecard and slip it under your pillow at night and when you wake up in the morning pay attention to what comes to mind.
  3. Revelation – as you open to receive Divine guidance from God, the universe or your spiritual team the fog will lift and decisions will be simple.

“Silver Cloud” Meditation

Take a nice deep breath and close your eyes (if you’re able).

Visualize the room you are in and in your mind’s eye focus on 1 object for a moment.

When the object is no longer visible in your mind take a deep breath and relax.

As you relax begin to sense Silver Cloud around you.

Feel the shift… you are now in the place of not knowing and feeling comfortable and with that.

You are completely safe. Breathe into this feeling of security.

Now I want you to take a moment and ask for your highest good in this situation to be revealed to you.

Take a deep breath and allow whatever images, words, colors or thoughts come into your mind without criticism or judgment.

Breath into this knowing.

Take a deep breath and come back into the room feeling confident, clear and decisive.

This meditation is going to help you heal and clear any blockages in that 7th chakra which is your connection to the Divine this week.

Question of the Week

Can I learn to let go of needing an immediate outcome and see confusion as a good thing?

Last week we looked at destiny with the 7th chakra and now we are continuing healing for the 7th chakra with confusion. It’s okay not to have all the answers immediately. Have faith and trust that a bigger plan is unfolding in your life. This week is all about relationships and finding love and connection. Don’t settle. You deserve more. Listen to your inner guidance and take inspired action as you are led, but remember there’s no rush. Where you are going doesn’t have a deadline.

Go ahead, drop a comment or answer the question below.

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May you embrace confusion and trust the plan that’s unfolding for your life.

Angel Hugs,
Julie Geigle