This week’s theme is DESTINY and the chakra we are focusing on for healing is the 7th chakra or the CROWN chakra and it is the color white or violet.

Our affirmation is: I listen. I trust. I take guided action.

Legend of Black & White

There were these two people who had passed from this earth plane and they were before their council preparing for their next lifetime. As the council discussed the options before them Black & White asked if they could incarnate once again (after many lifetimes of being romantically connected) as life partners.

But the council said, NO.

Dismayed they begin to plead their case when Great Spirit appeared after some consideration Great Spirit said, YES!

Realizing that it was in the highest good of all involved and that together they could accomplish more on earth than alone Great Spirit blessed them with another lifetime in a spiritual partnership.

Take a Stand

If you don’t like what is happening in your life or around you take a stand. Don’t accept things the way they are because “that’s always how we’ve done things.” Be gold and courageous and willing to fight for better. The Divine is on your side and is always looking to assist us in expanding our consciousness and experiences.

3 Words to Rebalance Your Crown Chakra

How can you strengthen your connection with the Divine? Focusing on these 3 words will help you clear out any stuck patterns so you can clearly hear and feel your guidance and wisdom from your Spiritual Team.

1. Love – only love is real; all else is an illusion.

2. Pathway – take a stand and create the path you need to attain what you desire.

3. Faith – believe that it is possible, that you are in charge of your life and you deserve good things.

“Wise Council” Meditation

Take a nice deep breath and close your eyes (if you’re able).

Continue breathing deeply and completely for 3 full breaths.

I want you to imagine a time in your life when you took a stand. It doesn’t matter if you won or not, what matters is that you didn’t ignore or deny your feelings you stood up and spoke out.

Now move into how awesome that felt to be heard, to be seen. Maybe you were proud of yourself or someone else was of your act of courage. Maybe you were so passionate about the cause that you even surprised yourself. Allow that feeling to move throughout your whole body.

Now imagine that you are before your Spiritual council.

Go ahead and make your request, plead your case if you must but ask for what you want.

Take a moment to pause and allow a response.

Then when you feel confident thank your council for their wisdom and love.

Relax and let go of your request. Your only job now is to keep focusing on this request coming to fruition.

Repeat: I don’t know how; I don’t know when; I only know it is happening right now and I feel amazing!

Take a deep breath and come back into the room with full faith and confidence that your request was heard and is being answered as we speak.

This meditation is going to help you heal and clear any blockages in that 7th chakra which is your connection to the Divine this week.

Question of the Week

Are you willing to make sacrifices to have what you desire?

Last week we looked at abundance with the 3rd chakra and now we are healing the 7th chakra with destiny. Your life is what you create. You are powerful, not powerless but there are opportunity costs when it comes to attaining all that you desire. For example, when you choose to have children you are sacrificing your time, when you choose to go to college you are sacrificing money. They say the biggest college expense isn’t tuition, it’s loss of income while you go to school full-time for 4-8 years!

Sacrifices we make in life to attain what we desire is absolutely worth it! We’d love to hear below about the sacrifices you’ve made in your life to get you to where you’re at.

Go ahead, drop a comment or answer the question below.

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May you let go so you can rise up into something bigger and better. God is calling you to have faith and reach for the stars.

Angel Hugs,
Julie Geigle