Meaning “wheel” or “disk” in Sanskrit, chakras are swirling energy centers in the body. There are seven main chakras that exist along the spine, from the base to the top of the head. Each of them correspond to different emotions, as well as different systems and parts of the body. When our chakras are open and balanced, we are in more optimal emotional and physical states.

The sacral chakra, also known as “svadhisthana”, is the second of the seven energy centers of the body. It is connected to our emotions, creativity, sensuality, desires, personal power and our unconscious.

The sacral chakra is associated with the color orange, the Moon and the element of water. It is located just under the navel and the body parts linked to this chakra are the sexual organs, womb, hips, pelvis, lower back area, spleen, kidneys and bladder.

When the sacral chakra is open we are claiming our power, feeling and expressing our emotions freely, we are embodied and enjoy sensual pleasures, and our creativity is fertile and flowing through us.

When this chakra is closed, we experience the theme of disempowerment in our lives, suppress our emotions from flowing, suppress unconscious desires, are disconnected from our sensuality and sexual expression and are lacking creative flow.

Here are some plant allies that can assist you in opening your sacral chakra…

Foods for the Sacral Chakra


This fruit has a juicy, sweet and warm quality and is one of the best foods for the svadhisthana chakra. Have pieces of orange or the juice of this fruit with the intention of opening this chakra.

Orange-Colored Foods

As orange is the color associated with the svadhisthana, along with oranges, any orange-colored foods and herbs such as sweet potatoes, carrots and turmeric would be suitable for opening this chakra.

Kidney Beans

These beans are not just shaped like kidneys, they also contribute to kidney health, which helps to open to the sacral chakra. They’re also rich in protein, fiber and vitamins and minerals and are great for women to have during their menstrual phases for replenishment.


Water is associated with this chakra – and watermelon is full of it! Also, it is magically associated with the moon, and helps to support kidney health.


Squash, particularly orange-colored ones like pumpkin, kabocha and red kuri support the spleen, another organ linked to the sacral chakra. Have them in a stew or soup, or roast them. Yum!

Maca Root

This superfood is considered an aphrodisiac, is energizing and helps support the health of the reproductive system. Put some powdered maca in your oatmeal, smoothie or hot chocolate.

Dark Chocolate

This pleasure-inducing food is perfect (in moderation) for the sacral chakra. It is also a well-known aphrodisiac. Have dark chocolate with orange or rose with the intention of opening this chakra.

These and any other foods or herbs that support the body parts linked to the sacral chakra will assist this energy center.

Essential Oils for the Sacral Chakra:


This sweet, warm yet playfully bright scent is detoxifying, uplifting and helps relieve stress and tension.


This sensual and soothing scent is associated with the Moon and is used in love and money magic. It is an aphrodisiac, and helps you to get into your body. Women can use this oil to get in touch with their femininity and sensuality.


This flower is associated with the Moon and Venus. Use its indulgent and exotic scent to connect with your sensuality, intuition and have a sense of prosperity and luxury.


Rose soothes emotions and is a beautifully sensual and feminine scent. The essential oil is especially good for women, as it supports the health of their reproductive system.


A spiritual yet grounding scent which also serves as an aphrodisiac, and gets one into their bodies. Sandalwood is calming and is great to use for meditation.

These and other scents which support the body systems mentioned above are great for the svadhisthana.

What plant allies do you use for this chakra? Please share below. And please feel free to share any other questions or comments!