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“Authenticity starts in the heart.” Brian D’Angelo

During this article you will discover how to unlock your ‘value vault’ to promote greater self-awareness so that you can start to lead an authentic life of your dreams.

This process helps to rebalance your heart chakra so that you can re-align to unconditional love and self-acceptance.

Remember this quote by Steve Goodier? “An authentic life grows like a sturdy tree. And like a tree, it grows slowly.  Every time you make a different and better decision, it grows a little. Every time you choose to do the right thing, even when nobody would find out otherwise, it grows a little. Every time you act with compassion, relinquish your right to strike back, take a courageous stand, admit fault or accept responsibility, it grows a little.”

What is Authenticity?

If you genuinely want to live an authentic life, then you must continually be learning about yourselves by confronting your fears, discovering your triggers and clearing out old emotional baggage.

You are not the stories you tell about yourself. The authentic “you” is behind all of the labels that you have consciously chosen or are somehow forced upon you. You may be a wife, mother, daughter or sister or a successful professional or business owner. But who are you behind all of that?

You are not alone if you cannot answer that question. Many people cannot even contemplate who they are meant to be, especially because they do not even really know who they are now!

What Does It Mean to Live Authentically?

The concept of being “authentic” has risen in popularity recently. But how do we discover our genuine self?

To start with we need to define authenticity. Being authentic is about finding what is real. We connect with our authentic self when we accept our deepest values, rather than trying to alter our appearance or behaviour in order to gain the approval of other people.

Becoming more self-aware takes curiosity and requires a lot of patience, discipline.

Have you ever taken the time to clarify your core values, or questioned how many of your beliefs and values have been passed down from your parents, friends or teachers or are environmental influences with the foundations of what you believe you should be?

I spent twelve years working in a corporate role to get ahead and had forgotten the things that I was passionate about and genuinely valued. I had literally gone to sleep and was going through the motions of everyday life to support a lifestyle that I was no longer enjoying because I thought people were expecting it of me. When I eventually woke up, the walls came crashing down…

Self-awareness is a bit like an alarm going off in the morning and waking you up from a deep sleep. At first you are not sure where you are but then you begin to remember all the events of the coming day as your conscious mind kicks in.

To start unlocking your value vault and develop fresh awareness please take a few moments to remember down your seven core values.

Sit with this for a while and ask yourself what is really important to you?


Activate The Heart Chakra To Promote Self-Love & Authenticity

Green is the colour of the Heart Chakra. This harmonising colour balances this energy centre which will enable you to develop the capacity to love yourself more which ultimately effects the amount of love you attract in return.

It is important to remember what you give out, you also receive (but three fold), so by enhancing your compassion towards yourself and others you will automatically feel a lot more hopeful of attaining an unconditional love that will stand the test of time. Green energy improves the function of your 4th energy centre which enhances self-love and reawakens your authentic self.

The colour green also helps to transform depression, unresolved grief, possessiveness, jealousy and co-dependency.

It works on the heart, lungs, rib cage, blood circulation, arms, wrists, hands and thymus gland.

Signs of a blocked heart chakra can include:

Codependency, poor boundaries, possessiveness, jealousy, loneliness, bitter or critical tendencies and a lack of empathy.

There are several ways to stimulate and rebalance this energy centre.

The easiest way to notice if your heart chakra is out of balance is when you are ruled by your emotions, you will probably have little control over emotions like sadness, anger and despair and you may be manipulative, overly critical or judgmental of yourself and others. You may start to be controlling and your love will have conditions. If you are in a relationship you may find yourself you are always giving, never receiving but you may find it hard to let go.

5 Top Tips To Rebalance The Heart Chakra

1. Use Vibrational Remedies:

Australian bush flowers such as the Blue Bell, Crowea, Mountain Devil, Five Corners, Pink Flannel Flower and Illawarra Flame Tree will work on rebalancing the heart chakra and will ultimately help you to remember the practise of unconditional love.
Organic essential oils such as Rose, Lavender, Marjoram, Geranium and Lime are also perfect as they can either be diffused in an oil burner or vaporiser, sprayed into the aura in the form of a misting spray or gently rubbed onto certain trigger points on the skin.

2. Use Crystals:

Listed below is a selection of healing stones that are commonly used to open, balance and heal the heart chakra.  These can be worn as jewellery or consumed as a gem elixir.

Green Aventurine – Pale Green – A stone of vitality. It increases focus and soothes emotions.
Rose Quartz – Pink – The stone of the heart. Used to calm emotions, dispel negativity, and promote peace.
Malachite – Rich Green – Absorbs energy and draws emotions to the surface and heals the heart.
Amazonite – Green with cream veins – It soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear.
Prehnite – Pale Green – Promotes unconditional love and enhances inner knowing. It calms the environment and brings peace.

3. Use Sound Frequencies:

Many sounds seem to resonate the chakras. However, among the most popular are the use of vowels and the use of mantras. This use of vowels seems to be extremely effective in balancing the chakras. The vowel for base activation is Eu.

The second method of resonating the chakras is to use the Bija Mantras, the Sanskrit letters from the Vedic traditions, which are said to balance and align the chakras. The Bija Mantra is Yam.

Another aspect of sonic chakra resonance has to do with the actual frequency or keynote of each chakra. There is a multitudinous different keynotes and scales with regard to this.

Many believe that keynote F to be in natural resonance with many of the frequencies of the Earth itself. It has a frequency of 341.3 Hz.

4. Be open with your emotions.

If you find it difficult expressing your emotions, try keeping a journal of how you are feeling.
It doesn’t really matter how just as long as you to let them out. Honesty with every word is essential so don’t hold anything back.

5. Surround yourself with the colour green

Another very simple method to rebalance the heart chakra is to consume dark green leafy vegetables, drink green tea or wear green clothes. This is especially beneficial if you have the ‘Arrow of Hypersensitivity’ in your birth-chart, which is the absence of the numbers 2, 5 and 8 on your soul plane. If you have this arrow, then you are likely to get easily hurt as you have a weak soul protection. This can often lead to isolation and withdrawing from social events as a form of emotional protection.

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Please let me know how you get on it comments below…

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