What Chakra is Being Healed this Week?

The chakra that we are focusing on this week is the 3rd chakra, the Solar Plexus chakra, which is all about standing in your power.

The color is yellow.

The element of fire.

It is located in the solar plexus or belly button.

How to know if your 3rd Chakra is out of Alignment

  1. beating yourself up or hard on yourself
  2. anger issues
  3. difficulty making decision

Tips to Realign Your 3rd Chakra

  1. get some sunshine; sit by a sunny window or go for a walk in the sun
  2. eat yellow – bananas, cheese, sunflower seeds
  3. essential oils – lemon
  4. wear yellow or buy yellow flowers

Question for the Week

“What have I done to help heal my past so that I live and be more present during my day?

Where is your energy best spent this week?

We are moving through that third week of Mercury Retrograde and retrograde is all about reviewing and reflecting.  We also have this incredible Super Full Moon this week along with our Spring Equinox. I’m over in the midwest and we had a pretty intense winter, over 50 inches of snow in February! We busted through so many records it wasn’t even funny. I know I am ready for spring and some sunshine!

This energy is really bringing about transformation, so it’s important that you go inside and do that inner work to clear out pain in your past that may be holding you back. Be true to yourself. Stand in your power. Speak your truth. If you’re feeling frustrated in your relationships it might be because you’ve been trying to be somebody or something that you’re not, that is not serving you. Dig deep and find the courage you need to be who you really are.

The universe is supporting you especially this week to take back your power and heal those inner wounds. That inner child is crying out, she is wanting attention. She is wanting help to heal. So be with her and assist her; sometimes, it’s holding the space for her when she’s crying out. A lot of times, that might show up with negative chatter in your mind. Just be with that negative chatter, become aware of what that negative chatter is. Be with your pain and pour your love into it without judging or condemning.


Take a deep breath. Breathing in love, exhaling pain.

Imagine that inner child sitting with there head in their hands. Feel their pain, what is it?  Shame? Abandonment? Not feeling good enough?

Go to your inner child and hold them or just sit next to them and imagine pouring love into her. Do not judge her. Do not condemn her, she’s gotten enough of that already. Just be with her and hold the space of love and acceptance for her. Give her the love she never got from those around her. Accept her with all the scars and wounds and allow her to become whole again. Witness her energy shift as she feels your grace.

She lifts her head and looks into your eyes and says, “Thank you.” Now instead of a dark, gray mass huddled in the corner, she is laughing and smiling. and a beautiful ray of sunshine streams from her being as she sings: I am love. I am loved. I am whole and complete. Thank you.

May you be blessed with love and miracles every single day.

Angel Hugs,
Julie Geigle