What Chakra is Being Healed this Week?

The chakra that we are focusing on this week is the 6th chakra, third eye chakra, which is all about intuition and paying attention to your inner guidance.

The color is purple.

The element of light.

It is located at the third eye or space between your eyebrows.

How to know if your 6th Chakra is out of Alignment

  1. crazy or bad dreams
  2. repeating mistakes
  3. difficulty concentrating

Tips to Realign Your 6th Chakra

  1. chant OM it is the vibrational resonance of the 6th chakra
  2. eat purple – raisins, grapes, blueberries
  3. essential oils lavender or patchouli
  4. wear purple or buy purple flowers

Question for the Week

Who is the person I admire most in my life and how can I emulate them?

Where is your energy best spent this week?

Your energy is best spent this week focusing on being a good person. Focusing on what traits that role model of yours has and how you can bring that into your life. A few years ago one of the traits I worked on was generosity. I had loads of fun with that. I had huge shifts by the end of the year and I really felt like I had grown in that area of my life and became more of a generous person, more of the person that I really wanted to be.

The energy this week is going to help you make some really needed changes in your life. It’s not about beating yourself up if you don’t like who you are or maybe there’s something happening in your life that is frustrating for you. It is about realizing that you can constantly choose again. Don’t be too hard on yourself, but do take action in creating the person you want to be and creating the life that you desire.

In closing,

This week it’s about taking a closer look at your role model and what makes them someone you admire. Then, how can you become more like that in your life? Make the choice to be a better person, identify what you want to change or area you want to grow in and then take the action needed to move you in that direction. When you are in alignment with your soul there’s a beautiful ease and grace that moves into your life.

May you be blessed with love and miracles every single day.

Angel Hugs,
Julie Geigle