What chakra is being healed?

Today we are healing the 6th chakra which is the third eye area. This chakra is all about intuition, watching for signs, and being tuned in and connected with your own internal guidance.

Where is my energy best spent this week?

This week, your energy is best spent by having faith and allowing the Divine source energy to flow through you. There’s more than what meets the eye in this situation that’s happening for you this week and it’s important that you really let go of fear and worry and simply TRUST.

I know it’s hard to do, absolutely, but this is important. And it’s important because it’s all about vibration, when you are trusting, when you are going with the flow, and having faith and staying strong in your power, that’s when you are able to harness the miracles that are all around you constantly.

When you get caught up in fear, sadness and worry it clogs things up. You start spinning your wheels and you start feeling hopeless and helpless. You are not hopeless. You are not helpless. You have a plethora of angels by your side each and every day that are guiding you on this journey here on this planet.

I want you to just take a moment right now and place your hands on your heart and take a nice deep breath. Breathe into your heart and feel that love, feel the love you have for yourself, feel the love that your spiritual team has for you and be one with the love that you are.

Remember the only thing that’s real is love, everything else is an illusion that’s created by our ego, that mental madness that’s constantly running in our mind. Stand in your power. Take back control of your life and step back into that beautiful perfect space of love.

When you are able to do that it allows miracles to flow into your life each and every day.  Have a beautiful and blessed day and may miracles surround you always.