Beliefs Concerning the Human Body

When you have a ringing in your ears, say the names of people you know. The name at which the ringing stops is that of
the person thinking of you. Pliny said, It is an opinion generally received that when our ears do glow and tingle, there be
some that in our absence do talk of us. Tingling of the right ear means that good is spoken, and, of the left, evil.

If you sneeze after you have made a statement, it is a sign that it is true. To sneeze rapidly three times is a good omen.

Sneeze once for a kiss; twice for a letter; three times for a wish, and four times for something better.

Itching of the palm is an indication that you will receive money unexpectedly, Rub it on wood, sure to come good. Rub it
on brick, sure to come quick. Itching of the nose means a visitor.

If you knock your elbow you will see someone you are very anxious to see. If your right eye twitches, you will receive news.

A cinder in the eye foretells unexpected pleasure.

Place an eyelash on the back of your hand, and blow at it. If it disappears immediately you will get your wish; if not, your
wish will be delayed.

If your singers seem slippery and everything seems to drop, it is a sure sign of a visitor.

Get out of bed with the, right foot first to ensure a lucky day.

If your left foot goes to sleep, an enemy is thinking of you.

A cowlick is very lucky.

If your feet itch, you will tread on strange ground.

When a fever blister appears on your mouth, someone has been dreaming of kissing you.

If four people shake hands crosswise, a marriage is dictated.

Stumbling while going upstairs is a sure sign you will not marry within the year. A hunchback brings good fortune.

If two people say the same thing simultaneously and without another word entwine their little fingers and make a wish,
the wish will come true.

Misplacing words while you are talking is the sign of a coming stranger. If you sing before breakfast, you may cry before

To put on a garment inside out is lucky, provided that you discover it and change it.

To button a coat or waistcoat unevenly is a good sign. Put on first your right stocking, but your left shoe.

A hole in your stocking brings good luck the first day, but bad luck on the second. To find buttons means new friends.

Tearing your dress under the arm means a wedding.

Brushing your clothes at night brings surprises.

If a stick catches in a woman’s dress while walking, it is a sign of a beau.

If three things go wrong with a dress in the making, you will wear it at a wedding probably your own.

It is good luck to have the hem of your dress turn up.

If any part of your clothing catches and is torn, somebody is anxious to see you. The boy who wears his trousers out at
the knee will be rich.

To find a handkerchief is a sign of a letter.

To sit on your hat is a sign that you are in love.

When a girl puts her hat on backwards, it is a sign that she has a new lover. If a matron does so, she will experience a
change of circumstances, and if a man, he will have good luck in business.

When a man’s shirtsleeves come down below his coat sleeves, somebody is talking about him.

If new shoes squeak, they are not paid for.

If you wear your right shoe out before your left, you will never rise above mediocrity.

To wear down your heels on the outside shows a generous nature; on the inside, a stingy nature.

If you break a shoestring, your sweetheart will turn to another.

To tear a veil while putting it on is good luck.