Aura Programming

1) The first step is to sit in a comfortable position and use the progressive relaxation technique you learned earlier. Once you are completely relaxed, move on to the next step.

2) Next, identify a goal for a specific area of your life. Do you want a better job? How about a healthier body? Would you like to attract someone new into your life, or improve an existing relationship?

Each of these goals must be defined and stated in clear, specific terms in order for you to successfully bring them into your life. It’s not enough to merely say “I want to be rich” -- you must define in no uncertain terms exactly what that means to you.

3) The next step is to determine what is needed to reach goal. Do you need additional job skills? What positive actions will you need to take to build a healthier body? Will your present circle of friends and acquaintances be sufficient to meet the person of your dreams, or will you need to cultivate new friends? In any case, identify what resources and energies will be needed to make your vision a reality.

4) Now that you have picked a goal and identified what you will need to bring into your life to realize your goal, visualize what your life will be like once you have achieved your goal. What will you look and feel like once you are successful in finding your dream job? What will you be able to do with your new state of health? How will you spend your time with your new relationship partner?

Project these feelings into the future. What will it be like in 12months, 3 years, 5 years and beyond. Again, be sure to use all of your senses. Make it as real as possible, for this is the key to imprinting your goal into your aura, allowing you access the universal life force for the necessary resources to make your dreams real.

5) Once you have projected your realistic vision of your goal into the future, thank the universe for helping you to make your vision a reality. Slowly open your eyes and write down any thoughts that may have occurred to you during this exercise.

This is a basic yet extremely effective technique that you will be able to use for any area of your life.