Aura Awareness

The first step in learning to see auras is to simply be aware that they exist. That may seem to be too simple, but it’s true. That which we focus on with our imagination has a tendency to become reality, and this concept works with auras, too.

Start by learning the basics of the chakra system, and spend sometime meditating on each of your chakra centers. Once you feel comfortable with how each of the chakras contributes to your overall being, learn the meanings of the individual aura colors. As you direct your attention to the conceptual ideas behind the chakras and auras, your subconscious mind will be quietly listening and trying to decide whether it’s something you are serious about making part of your life.

Repetition is the key here, and some people maintain that doing something 19 times will make it a habit. Interestingly enough, this holds true whether you’re talking about something harmful (like smoking) or beneficial (like exercising). The benefit to this approach is that it helps remove the ambiguity from the question “How long do I need to do this before it works, or know that I’m wasting my time?”