Summary By The Numerologist Team, based on Kelli Fox’s video.

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Rev up the celebration because everyone can now switch to high gear since Mercury is moving direct! After weeks of suspended animation, remove your foot from the breaks, hit the gas, and juggernaut all those pending tasks, plans, and activities into completion!

This comes as a great relief, but before you whip out the champagne, the Mercury retrograde has one last show. It is a fact that the shadow side of a retrograde can come creeping back in a week before or after it stations directly. Meaning you might be experiencing just itsy bitsy trace effects of this energy.  It will help to do some detective work and examine where the Mercury retrograde falls on your birth chart to determine its impact.

Mercury has been unleashing its effects in Scorpio and Libra. If you are a Scorpio or another water sign, good communications will be back on track and move effortlessly. On a darker note, Mercury wedged in the Scorpion creates obsessions and disruptions. You might be feeling OC about certain problems or issues.  On the other hand, Mercury, in Libra, creates more lighthearted energies. The focus is on relationships, compromise, and expressing gratitude.

However, Mercury did stir up challenging cosmic alignments with the titans, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, while it was in Libra. This may have raised some problematic issues.

This week, it is crucial to turn your eye to the serious side of things and ask the big questions. Avoid making major decisions just yet! Don’t hesitate to get back in the zone since titanic negative forces are falling away, making it a fortunate time to start planning and getting things lined up.

Just around the corner, will be eclipses, whoops! So, use this lull to get ahead and take huge strides!