september astrology eclipsesPinI want to preface this forecast with some comments about the coming times. I know everyone is talking about change like it’s a mantra, and that’s because in the times we live in, IT IS! It doesn’t take Einstein to look around and see the world is in bad shape, from global warming to imbalances of power and privilege. Nothing, not even our beloved planet, can survive in perpetual dis-ease. The balance in things must be restored to be centered, or 50% yin and 50% yang energy, so that opposing forces are equal. This brings stability to the world, to our personal energy and brings back harmony, something this stressed out world is in short supply of right now.

Returning To Harmony

God gave us free will, because God wants us to be creators just like God is, and grow and evolve and become better tomorrow than we are today. But sometimes free will goes astray, or is confused by mass messages that fills us with ideas that are not right, while we are told they are. Our inner self tells us one thing, TV and Magazines tell us another….because their goal is to make money, not to help you be a happy, fulfilled person. We are in the midst of the Great Change, or the Shift as some people call it. Our world’s energy is taking a giant shift to center, and we do this by centering ourselves. I read once that for every one person who meditates, 10,000 people’s energy is affected for the better. Don’t believe the myth that one person can’t accomplish much, because its only said to keep you down. It’s time to be yourself, to listen to that small, still voice within and follow that instead of all the messages out there telling us to ignore truth and go for illusion.

Now is the time for YOU to become the unique individual that you are.

Listen to your inner voice and start to make baby steps forward in the direction it is sending you. It’s time to become an authentic you. And you do this by meditating every day, by praying for everyone including the planet, by doing good things for yourself and others, with no expectation of reward. Love ye one another. All you need is love. This IS the answer. So everyday try to be a kinder person, a more loving person. Smile at strangers. Give an old lady a seat on the bus; help a neighbor who needs a babysitter but can’t pay you; run an errand for someone in need, etc. Volunteer to help an organization. Put your love and energy into the world, and it will become a better place for everyone, and your inner sense of happiness will grow ten fold.

This is the true lesson of what every astrologer, numerologist, psychic, healer, etc is trying to impart in their teachings. We must become GOOD PEOPLE, because the world needs it so very much, while our soul aches for it. This is your time to be a spiritual warrior of the best kind….a loving, caring, good person creating positive energy for thousands, and also becoming an example to others of how to live an authentic, meaningful life. And this is where all the looking within is taking you. Millions of dollars will not make you happy, really. I do readings for millionaires who thought all that money and success was supposed to make them really happy, and it didn’t. Giving to others is where happiness lies, and make sure you give to yourself too…balance in all things. Love yourself and others equally, and the world will turn into a loving place.

So, this is what the Universe has in store for you this month.

Begin your journey by listening to what the Universe is asking you to do, by creating specific energies around you to accomplish the changes.

August 31st – Mercury Went Retrograde

Mercury went retrograde on the 30th, so the brain slowing down is about to begin. Remember this is your brain’s vacation, so be kind and let her rest where ever possible. Get more sleep. Do more physical things, like clean out that garage, so your brain isn’t taxed. It’s chill time. it’s time for inner work, not outer work. Its also not a time to sign contracts or have surgery if its not absolutely necessary. It’s also a time when mechanical and electronic things go awry. Just today my Cable TV went out and my telephone went crazy for about 10 minutes. This is to be expected during this kind of energy. It’s also a great time to finish up OLD matters, and not start anything new right now. Getting all those to do’s done will have smooth sailing during this retrograde.

solar eclipse september 2016PinSeptember 1st – New Moon In Virgo + Solar Eclipse

Sept 1 is a New Moon, in Virgo, which is also experiencing an eclipse, while squaring Saturn & Neptune. The month begins with emotional upheavals and just following yet another eclipse last month, with yet another coming around in a couple of weeks. This is highly charged emotional energy being spewed across the planet. LOOK AT YOUR FEELINGS. Especially the darker ones. We have two sides, and the dark side has its purpose and place too. Join your dark and light sides, this is balance and what we need to accomplish….and yes its really hard work, but it has to be done. No more elephants under the rug.

September 2 – 4 – Sun In Virgo (Stress Time)

Sept 2-4 we find the sun in Virgo is square to Saturn in Sagittarius, the planet of restriction, opposing Neptune in Pisces, the planet of Illusion and Spirituality. This is a water, earth and fire aspect. It’s a lot of stress. Don’t push your agenda, wait until the 4th when things lighten up.

September 6 – 7 – Help From Powerful People

Sept 6-7 is a time when Sun is trineing Pluto, the ruler of the underworld and power. This is a positive aspect when you might get help from powerful people, or a judge rules in your favor, and general good luck, esp. if you have placements in Earth signs, like Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn.

September 9 – BIG DAY For Good Luck & Expansion

Sept 9th is a BIG day. Jupiter, the planet of good luck and expansion, moves into Libra for one year, the sign of love ruled by Venus. This is such a good thing for all of us and our planet. Lovingness is going to be exhaulted. Whatever house Jupiter occupies in your horoscope is going to be expanded, filled with good times and positive growth.

  • 1st house = people like you and offer you opportunity without you having to even try.
  • 2nd house = money is coming
  • 3rd house = communications, writing, speaking go well for you, and books can be published
  • 4th house = you might move, remodel/redecorate your house, add more family members move in
  • 5th house = fall in love or fall in love again with your spouse, have a child, get very creative
  • 6th house = you might have more responsibility but it will go smoothly and not be the burden you might have expected
  • 7th house = get married or form a business partnership
  • 8th house = get an inheritance, someone mentors you and helps raise you up in the world, lots of great sex!
  • 9th house = explore religion and philosophy and have spiritual awakenings; travel the world or go back to college
  • 10th house = career success is assured, opportunities abound, work hard and see awesome results
  • 11th house = make a wish and it can come true more than you even dreamed of, and lots of new friends and social gatherings are assured
  • 12th house = old Karma and possibly enemies might be coming up for you, forcing you to face some hard lessons, but if you face them, you will be surprised how easily they are resolved, not like the scary thoughts you might have when the issue arises. A great time for clearing up the past. This only happens once every 12 years, so make the most of it! And this loving energy will help the mood of the world and it’s inhabitants a lot too!

Mid-September – Rough Patch Ahead + Caution Advised

Sept 10-16 is rough. Sept 10-12 is Saturn square Neptune and Venus square Pluto – if you work with your life partner, this could be a couple of days of big arguments; the stock market is a mess; and political scandals will make your hair curl!

Sept 12-13 Sun and Mercury in Virgo square Mars in Sagittarius. Bite your tongue, go to your room and sulk, and breathe a lot. Arguments will escalate beyond belief if allowed to ignite.

Sept 14-5 Sun Square Mars (energy, action), Mars trine Uranus (the revolutionary) which means the latter will encourage each other to go over the top and the former will make you stubborn and determined. This is global dynamite, possible terrorist attacks and on a personal level, just don’t get into arguments or force your opinions, another day of too much anger to let even a little of it out. Find ways to be alone and relax.

September 16 – Eclipse Again!

Sept 16th is the next eclipse, on the heels of 6 days of harsh energy. The Full moon in Virgo, aspecting Mars and Uranus forming a T-Square or stressed to the max energy. It’s a day of serious good or bad, all quite unexpected, and highly emotional. Expect some astonishing political news as well.

Take a little break from the world during this weeks energy, and mind your tongue and your anger and you will do just fine.

Keep meditating and praying for blessings for the earth. I like to imagine I’m on the Moon, looking at the earth. I see the Earth wrapped in Golden White Light and ask the Universe to bless every living thing on the planet, including the Earth herself, and keep us wrapped in divine love and guidance so we can traverse these trying times with hope and dignity and loving kindness. Be the example, not the problem, and you will find inner peace and learn be of this world, but not in it, or detached from the chaos. Many blessings, till next time.