PinMarch has been a stressful month I know. Lots of push pull, icky news reports, and it mostly continues for the rest of the month. However, there are some light hearted opportunities too! It’s also about big time healing energy. I went away for a few days to do just that, reflect on my life and find new ways to grow and make my journey more interesting, more fulfilling and more fun. I think the fun factor is really in peril right now and it’s so hard to find real joy when we look at the world, but the world is a reflection of our lives too, so we need to make some changes.

Ask yourself what can you do to make your life more FUN!

What do you like to do? How often do you do that? I used to go to Museums a lot, and somehow got out of that activity. Monet has come to my town, and while I can’t seem to find a time to go that works with my friends, I have made a decision to go to the exhibit on my own. It won’t be the end of the world being alone. In fact it will be an act of bravery. I may well meet new people, and even if that does not happen, I get to see Monet’s work and enjoy the spectacle of this great artist. It’s also about owning our personal power. No one gives a darn if I’m alone at the Museum or not, so my own ego and fear are being tested here, and that is a good thing. Step out of your comfort zone and do things on your own. Eat lunch out in a restaurant with yourself! BE with you, enjoy your own company. Get to know yourself. Start feeling strong and empowered.

March 20 – Sun Moves Into Aries (Reinvent yourself!)

On Monday the 20th the Sun leaves emotional, gentle, spiritual Pisces and and moves into Fire Sign Aries. It’s the Astrological New Year. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so its about new beginnings. It’s Spring when all things are growing and blooming. It’s time to reinvent yourself. Time to do things you’ve only thought of doing. Time to take risks, be bold and adventurous. Get out of your rut and blossom into someone else. Explore the world and yourself. Read up on Aries on the internet, and get the full gist of the energy we are living in for the next 30 days. Aries is a loner, an inventor, a doer, and action taker. Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of War but also our own personal energy. Where Mars sits in your horoscope tells us the kind of energy you have at your disposal in this life. And Mars teaches us to seize the moment. Take advantage of the now….be here now in this moment and live, savor and enjoy it. And this is your journey for the next 30 days…live outside your comfort zone and do the things you’ve been meaning to do or have been hesitant to do. It’s time to be a little bit crazy and very spontaneous. It’s time to be bold and brave.

And being Thankful can take your life to a whole new level too. Not only does the Universe feel good as you give thanks for all that is good in your life, it will also turn your own thinking around so that as you begin to acknowledge your many gifts and feel blessed, taken care of and hopeful. The glass will be half full and your sense of feeling good will bring more to be thankful for. Being Thankful is another easy habit to add to your day, so give it a try.

When I wake up and put my feet on the floor, I give thanks for another day of life. Don’t just think about your day and what you have to do, think about the fact that you are alive and can have this day to have new adventures and experiences. The gift of life is yours for yet another day. wow is that a gift to be thankful for or what?? This also gives you a a new sense of time. Time is the greatest gift and once it has passed it cannot be retrieved ever again. So putting things off, doing nothing but letting your life drift by, is a waste of the gift of time, a waste of the gift of life. Treasure time. Appreciate your day and the hours and minutes, whether you are lounging on the couch getting a respite from the world’s craziness, or working hard, or playing with your friends or your kids, appreciate the moments and give thanks for that time. When a gathering has ended, sit in your car for a few minutes and say “thank you for such a fun time with my friends.” or “thank you for making this such a pleasant day”. This gives the Universe a smile, because their gifts to you are appreciated, but it also gives your mind the input that you LIKE this kind of thing. The more thankful you are, the more good things you draw into your life.

PinAdd being thankful to almost everything in your life.

Say thank you when something you want comes easily; give thanks for your home and the safety it provides. On cold, rainy nights when I crawl into my bed I give thanks for my big, warm, soft bed, and say a prayer for the homeless and ask the Universe to send them blessings to turn their lives around. Give thanks for your car, your job, your family, and your friends. Give thanks when something good happens. Give thanks when things don’t go your way and say “I know you’re busy with a lot of people and this just wasn’t my day. I thank you for teaching me patience. I give thanks for my life and I know that things will turn around for me soon.” It’s the power of positive thinking perhaps, but I know that when I say thank you I feel something in my Heart Chakra flutter. Its creating a bond between me and my Creator. We’re a team, and as long as I acknowledge that bond, my life is easier and less stressful – and I feel love/loved.

As you practice gratitude, good things just flow.

I had a lot of errands to do one day, and not really enough time to get them all done and was really stressed out. I made my list and just said “I’ll complete as many as I can” and give myself a break if I don’t get them all done. I live in San Francisco, where parking is worse than Manhattan (for real). I suspect the average parking space is empty for 15 seconds before it’s taken up by the next person. But my friends know I seem to have a knack for getting spaces most of the time. So I went out with my errand list in hand, and at each place there was an empty parking space waiting for me. There was no one ahead of me in the stores or offices so I got things handled quickly. And in less time than I had allotted, I had completed all my errands with ease and all my stress was wasted bad energy. I got into my car, started laughing out loud and said “thank you so much for your support today. I really needed it and really appreciate it.” and I laughed some more because the Universe has our back, especially when we give thanks for their gifts and protection.

Adding spiritual practices to your life like meditation, prayer, thankfulness enhances your life, brings optimism to your thinking and puts you on a more positive plane. I hope you are giving these disciplines a chance to be a part of your life.

Try being an Aries for a month, and take charge or your life and your new ways of living. As it’s also the real New Year, you are setting patterns for the next 12 months, so be bold, brave and have some fun! Remember, time is to be savored, so use it wisely and well. Peace, Joy and Fun to you ALL!