astrology-forecast-july-2016-num3PinSunny Side Up!

July 14th (Happy Bastille Day France!) Mercury, our mind and communication, moves into the powerful sign of Leo, where Venus moved on the 12th. Leo is ruled by the Sun and is represented by the Lion, the King of the Jungle, who has great pride but also great loyalty. When the Planets are in Leo they are “sunny”, and there is a positive aspect to their influence. Mercury in Leo means you will be more positive in your thoughts and more hopeful. You will also be getting big ideas and feel good about developing them and moving forward. As all the personal planets will be moving from Cancer, ruled by the moon and prone to emotionalism, into the Sun, there is a great lift in our moods overall and the Sun will shore up our own sense of self importance. Its also a great time to socialize. We are entering the peak of the summer and all things summer come into play…picnics, beaches, travel, outdoor parties, etc. Take advantage of this time to get together and have fun and reconnect if you have let relationships slide. Friends and family are especially important for the next couple of years, so bring people closer and create a circle of trusted companions.

Leos In The Limelight

Leo sun signs (or rising signs) love the spotlight. They are proud. Laughing at them when they have made a mistake and embarrassing them is no way to keep a Leo friendship. Instead give them a hug, and whisper “we all make mistakes but you’re still my friend”. They live for kind words and appreciation, and they are deeply loyal to their friends. And with all their bravado you might think they are all show, but in fact they are quite smart and cunning (envision a lion hunting). Never, ever underestimate a Leo. Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock, Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lawrence, Madonna, Chris Hemsworth, Whitney Houston, Roger Federer, Anita Hill, Ben Afflec, Mila Kunis, Danielle Radcliffe and J.K. Rowling, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bernard Shaw, Kevin Spacey, Fidel Castro, Alfred Lord Tennison, Mick Jagger, Barry Bonds, Wilt Chamberlain and Alfred Hitchcock are all Leo’s. Many leos are in the arts or leaders, because people naturally gravitate to them, they “shine” and people find them attractive and appealing, even when they are not trying. They can also be quite generous, and if you upset them, you will see the Lion in them come out, and you will know that angering a Leo isn’t a very smart thing to do.

astrology-forecast-july-2016-num2PinSudden Change & Challenge Starting July 15

But the very next day, the 15th, the Sun still in Cancer, will square Uranus, the planet of change and sudden events. Squares are friction, so expect challenges coming from everywhere. It’s a lay low and bite your tongue or regret it kind of thing. And this continues on the 16th, with even more gusto with Mars now being in conjunct Uranus too. This aspect is like an itch you can’t reach. You are distracted, pulled to fix something but can’t quite fix it. It’s an annoyance. And adding a little gasoline to the fire is Mercury and Venus in Leo, urging you to “go big” – NOT! Take a chill pill, and keep your eye on the news where there can be a lot of upheaval. The 17th and 18th are a little less contentious but the aspects are stills strong and complex. It’s a 4 day period of unrest and tempers.

Get Romantic – Venus In Leo

But let’s not forget Venus now in Leo. It’s time for BIG LOVE! Leo does nothing in a small way. It’s big or bust, so love is now big or bust too. Be crazy romantic, speak of your love openly and with bravado, laugh and have fun with love. It’s a playful but boisterous time for Love. Summer Love. It’s always unforgettable, as its usually so over the top. So enjoy until Venus moves into Virgo in a few weeks, and we will drop down to earth again, and bid farewell to dynamic Leo for another year.

Roller Coaster Rocket Ride From July 22 – December 29

And now for the Interesting times ahead. Buckle up, it’s going to be bumpy and crazy and fascinating and sometimes scary. First of all Mars is direct again, praise the Lord! Inch by inch we are moving forward, getting our energy legs back again and getting ready to move like Mars should move – FAST! When the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd, things are going to take off like a rocket. All the pent up everything will burst forth and you will be a house of fire, esp. if you are an Air or Fire sign. And Mars will be moving into Sagittarius on August 2nd, so expect this August events to be moving so fast on a global level your head is going to spin.

Uranus, the planet of revolution and change, has been heralding in a new world for several years now. He is the reason for marches in the streets and global protests and people speaking out against oppression and unfairness. He is a revolution in general, but in Aries, he is on steroids. The world is going to change a lot in the next few years. You can fight it or join it, but the latter is where success lies, because the revolution has started and can’t be stopped. On July 29th Uranus goes retrograde. If you look at a planet through a telescope during a retrograde, the planet appears to not be moving, to be stationery. This is an optical illusion as the planets always move in orbit, but retrogrades are a time when that movement slows down. All retrogrades are about slowing down to see what you forgot to take care of, or to remind you to look around and see what needs regrouping and fixing. This is now such a time for Uranus, until December 29th.

astrology-forecast-july-2016-numPinInsistent Introspection You Can’t Avoid

In the case of Uranus retrograde, you can expect being forced to look at your issues you refuse to deal with, and now be forced to deal with them. I restate this for dramatic purposes so you will pay attention: You are going to be FORCED to look at things about yourself you don’t like and have pushed under the rug, maybe for a really long time. These issues will be “in your face” now, as you MUST CHANGE. As each one of us changes, our energy pool changes and we GROW. We are becoming something new as a world, as a species, as a planet. You must change so the revolution can continue to revamp the world and make it better. Therefore YOU must get better. Stop dragging around your “stuff” and release it, change it, forgive it, purge it, dig it out and remove it so you can be FREE!!! If you are asking yourself why your life is the way it is, esp if its not working that well for you, Uranus is telling you to rebel against this and change. Hard work, but well worth it. Gonna continue to ignore it? I don’t suggest it. The interesting thing about Astrology is how powerful the planets are, how they influence us. The Universe gives us a window to make things right ourselves, and if we don’t, then the Universe makes our lives go upside down so we will change. Change of your own free will, or be forced to change. The choice is obvious. Change is good. If you are a wall street financier who decides to buy a farm and retire, do it! This is the kind of extremes you can expect during these times.

Uranus is a mover and shaker, So when he gets slowed down he gets pushy. Imagine revolution getting pushier! It’s kinda scary. So these next 5 months are going to be a power keg of crazy. The whole of global society is going to change too. Look at Brexit, a vote that can be argued was not too smart, but on the other hand, a lot of it wasn’t working and by a country as important as England making such a move, the foundation of the European Union is on shaky ground now. Italy is already thinking of doing the same. Europe is about to do a make over, and this is just the beginning. And this kind of thing will be happening the world over during this period. And sadly the crazy people will be more energized to be crazier, so expect more terrorism through December. Times are exciting and scary. But you chose to be born here and now, so you chose to be a part of it. Work for the good changes, and keep the faith that in the end it will all work out and we will have a better world for everyone. the Universe wants us to live in a world with less stress and more joy, with less inequality and more equality, with more abundance and less shortages. Balance is being brought forth, and this requires change.

Political Upheaval From July 18 Onward

And finally, Monday the 18th begins political craziness. July 18-21 is the Republican National convention and July 25-28 is the Democratic National Convention. Get your ringside seats because they are both going to be very interesting and sometimes shocking. Note too that Uranus goes retrograde the day after these conventions…let the revolution begin with gusto. The Republican convention begins at the end of the 4 day Uranus – Cancer Sun square. The push for change is everywhere. On July 19th Uranus is T-squaring the Full Moon, so expect emotions to run pretty hot at the convention on Tuesday. Eris, the new planet of Justice, is riding with Uranus the whole time, so all I can say is these two conventions are going to be quite unconventional, with lots of surprises, revelations and secrets coming out in the open. Keep your eye on the happenings of this time, which will take off like a rocket August 2nd when Mars moves into Sagittarius. This is certainly going to be the most amazing political season of my lifetime!

Enjoy your summer! Balance the crazy with some fun, and keep your friends and family close.