january astrology forecastWelcome to the second half of January 2017. We are embarking on a new journey – a journey to reconnect with our Spirit selves, and a journey to hold fast to that connection in our day to day world. The true lessons of the coming few years is how to rise above the chaos n this world. and live in Spiritual reality, not Earth’s false reality, which will ultimately transform this world into the world of Spiritual Peace and Prosperity. Up till now too many people didn’t see the world as broken and were hypnotized into chasing money and possessions as life’s goal. Those who made it, found that the money didn’t make them happy, or the fame or the “stuff” they owned. The thinking became, “if I make more money then I’ll finally have satisfaction, so the “chase” has gone from being a Millionaire, to a Billionaire and now a Trillionaire, not resulting in the outcome they expected. In the end they will see that even a zillion dollars will not make them happy, but sadly they are on a tear to consume and own the world now. A psychologist friend of mine says their “chase” is a true, clinical addiction diagnosis. “They live in fear of losing their money, and keep chasing the dollar believing, foolishly, that the next money growth will be the amount that rings that happiness bell. In essence,” she says, “They are addicted to money and power, and need to go into rehab to end that addiction.”

Our Contribution to the Chaos

But we non-billionaires have also made our contribution to the chaos. Worshiping famous people, people with money, people with power, and being addicted to the thrill of shopping has been a major contributor. This sends a message to the Universe, who gives us what we think about the most, the ultimate personification of fame, wealth and power – and all that is wrong with that worshiping is in our face. Even the media chose to turn the presidential campaign into a money making ratings machine rather than follow their edict to bring us the news in an unbiased way for our country’s best interests. Truly, the love of money is the root of most evils. But all is far from lost. This is our wake up call. It is a gift from the Universe, to show us how off track we have become. Our lives are supposed to be about happiness, learning, friends/family, loving one another, sharing with one another, being one with our maker and being thankful for all that we have, including the gift of our actual lives – and living in Peace, not anxiety. We are tired of the Rat Race – but who will be its replacement? Therein lies our adventure, our calling, our duty… to create a better world.

Your Role In This World

And this is where you come in. You are here now because you CHOSE TO BE HERE. You chose to work out old patterns of complacency, or of not being your unique self, and become an equal creator in this world. You chose to be here to make this Heaven on Earth as it was originally intended. And you don’t do it with tanks and guns, you do it with opening your heart to your fellow man and your Creator, and bring that love into the planet, which will then take care of the healing we and the Earth needs to make things right again. So where does the transition begin? With basics we already know about, but may not practice enough or in the most positive way.

I will outline several different ways to use tools that are free and at your disposal at all times, to make a difference. We begin with one way you can start to align yourself with the Universe, Angels and Guardians and become a Light Worker in your everyday life. It’s a lot like an Indiana Jones movie becoming reality, where we are the adventurers who are seeking, learning and changing the world, in unexplored territory. The adventure is here, now. Take joy in the fact that you are here now, you came to make the change, and you are living in exciting, not depressing, times.

We begin with the oldest tool of all…


Prayer is talking to God, or the Universe, or your spirit guides – however you decide to connect to a higher power.  You can ask for anything and God hears everything you say, and think. In prayer you must TRUST that God has the right path for you, which may not coincide with your plans. When you ask God for help, you explain the problem, but please don’t dictate your solution. God serves our Highest and Best Good. S/he stands on the mountain top and sees all, unlike we in the village who only see our little community and not the bigger picture. So don’t think God isn’t listening, s/he is listening, but also knows better than we do, what is best for us or the best solution to our problems, and for our personal growth.

So let’s say you have lost your job, you are having trouble finding a new one, and are starting to get scared and lost. You would then say, “Dear God, please remove the fear from my heart and help me to feel strong and confident again. Lead me into the right place for the right job for me, which will offer me enough money so I can live worry free knowing my bills will be paid, in a place with good people that I enjoy spending time with daily.” vs “Dear God, I need a job that pays $75K a year, working as an admin assistant for a fortune 500 company, with people around me who can help me climb the ladder to a higher paying job and advancement.”

This will allow much room for God to find you better options (you’ve made your wish so structured with little wiggle room), but it’s also you deciding what your future is all about, and not leaving open opportunities for something different. Blockages, like not finding your usual kind of job, is message. Time to look for other options. This year of 2017 is about NEW BEGINNINGS. It’s about turning a corner, and being open to those changes because they will take you on an unexpected journey to a better place for you. The status quo is ending. We are REINVENTING the world, piece by piece. And that includes changing yourself. Be open to the new. It will support you.

Maybe you’re a Madison Avenue Broker, who has plenty of money, who decides to quit, move to the country, take a sabbatical while you try to figure out how you can make your life more meaningful and use your resources to help your community and find your bliss. Or you’re a waitress, and have no marketable skills and feel stuck and short on options. Thinking that way will make it so. Forget the “how” and think about what you’d like to do all day and get paid for. Maybe you love animals. Then look into volunteering 4 hours a week in a place you love, like the Zoo or a Veterinarian’s office, and over time you find a way to get into that arena because you’ve met people who have gotten to know you, and they will help you move forward. Before you know it, you’re working with animals. And when you love to do what you do 40 hours a week, you fill your heart with love and joy, and that joy spills out into the world and everyone benefits from it. You heal the world with LOVE and you generate love by being happy and kind and caring. So don’t tell yourself one person can’t make a difference, because one person can change the world!

Changing Your Perspective

january astrology forecast 2Also take the time at least once a day, to sit quietly and see the Earth from the Moon’s perspective, and imagine white or golden or purple light surrounding our beloved planet and ask God to bless us and the planet and help our hearts to heal and our hearts to open to love. Use prayer for others, not just yourself. “Dear Goddess, my sister is having a bad time with her boyfriend. Help them to heal their relationship, or separate amicably, so they can move on to something better for both of them.” Remember, we wish the best for everyone….yes we can even pray for Washington and ask them to open their hearts to kindness and caring and finding joy in service to others – instead of money and power.

In each new blog I will talk about other ways we can turn ourselves into Light Workers, as well as role models. You can start by praying often. This builds a bridge between you and your Higher Self, like working out, and makes the connection stronger with each prayer.

January 18 – 20 – Extremes, Anger & Possible Explosive Behavior

The Stars are pretty crazy Jan 18, 19 & 20th. It’s a time when some are egged on to go to extremes. Lots of anger, frustration, and blocks can cause explosive behavior. Try to be the calm in the storm, and stay away from big public places on those dates to protect yourself from people who are not dealing with their anger very well. Take time to pray for the Earth and her inhabitants.

January 28 – Mars Enters Aries = Energy

On the 28th Mars enters Aries, its home sign. When planets come home they are exhilarated and emboldened. Your energy will bounce up like a rocket. Get things done during this 6 weeks transit (to March 11th) so you can relax in April when several planets go retrograde and your energy will be very low.

January 28 – Aquarius New Moon & Your Inner Rebel

January 28 is a New Moon in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, the guy who loves to shake things up. This date is the time for you to reach inward and meet your inner rebel, your daring adventurer, your ideas for a better world. There are 12 New Moons every year, a time to make a change in your life for the better, and this one is very potent because its in Aquarius, the sign of Mankind, the visionary, the leader who stands on the mountain and takes it all in and sees new paths and better ways to help everyone. Aquarius does not seek power and money. He wants to shower his vision to the world and make it better. Now you can tap into that energy and focus and find a new path for you, or the courage to do what you’ve been dreaming of doing. This is a year to take the challenge, to be better each month than the month before. To build your sense of self and empowerment because you are living with God in your heart and you just feel good and want to help others. This is true happiness and true power. There is nothing like giving to others to give us joy, and nothing like feeling a part of everyone to give us community and love and a sense of belonging. This is the challenge for the new year: to become the authentic, brilliant, mindful, adventurous you. Change is always a tad scary, but change is your friend this year, your #1 year. Be brave and bold.

Till February … Many Blessings, Yvonne

I always read your comments, so tell me what you think or what you’d like to hear more about.

About Yvonne Walker

Yvonne Walker, Astrologer/Life Coach/Tarot Reader, has been guiding people for 35 years. Using astrology as the key to your life’s plan, she can point you toward your planned destiny. She also consults with businesses helping them hire the right people, plan important moves, nurture the company, etc. She is also completing a novel about the spiritual adventures of a universal Light Being. Connect with Yvonne at TheAstroHealer.com.

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