Well it’s been quite a year in the skies and here on Earth. Much turmoil and change and stress. But June is giving us a bit of a break. Jupiter (expansion, good luck and fun) is playing well with Neptune (Spirituality, the Unseen, the End of a Cycle). These two bring us faith and a more positive outlook in general.

Additionally Saturn (the Taskmaster, lessons to be learned and the physical realm) is in harmony with Uranus (revolution, brilliant ideas, sudden events). Uranian ideas, often bringing chaos, are grounded by Saturn and more easily made into something real and practical. Crazy ideas and stability will create new norms, and newly changed institutions. Our bright ideas are also supported and what one person calls unrealistic, another will call it brilliant and moving forward with those kinds of ideas can grow into something meaningful and real. It’s time to be unique and spirited.

Jupiter is retrograde in Scorpio

Clear the slate

Currently Jupiter is retrograde in Scorpio, which is a time for cleaning up, not starting something new, so clean out the garage, revisit a business idea you’ve had and tweak it, clear the decks of to do’s so you can move forward when Jupiter does. Be ready by having a clean slate.


Neptune retrograde in Pisces

Look after your emotional Health

And now Neptune in Pisces is going retrograde too on June 18th. As these two are trine and both in water signs, it’s a time to look within emotionally. Pain from the past could emerge, and needs to be resolved and put to rest. Spiritual matters can expand and become a bigger part of our lives. As the chaos in the external grows, the internal Neptune-Jupiter trine can reconnect you to spirit in a more meaningful way than ever. It’s a time when dreams can have greater meaning, meditations create a stronger bond to your higher self, and all things spiritual or philosophical in nature can take you to a better place where hope and vision prevail.


Mercury Moves into Cancer

It’s all in your mind

On June 12 Mercury (our mind) moves from Gemini to Cancer. Our mind will shift gears from intellectual thoughtfulness to a more emotional view of our thinking where hunches pay off, rather than logic. Use this mental energy to work with Jupiter and Neptune to accomplish much in your inner work.


Venus Moves into Leo

A Time For Romance

Venus moves into Leo, making us want big love. Romance is filled with drama, like serenading the one you love, or making grand gestures. It’s time to flaunt your feelings and have a good time with them. It’s also a time of self-love and making lists of all your good qualities and owning them. Leo is ruled by the Sun and loves the spotlight so let your ego run a little wild and open up and be more playful, more fun, more expressive and laugh at yourself too.


New Moon moves into Gemini

Communication is Key

On the same day, the New Moon moves into Gemini. It’s the renewal time of the month, and it’s time to make new paths in the area of communications, which Gemini rules. Write a book, start a blog, take short trips to refresh you emotions and learn how to communicate better so you can be HEARD. It’s also a time to express love in meaningful words, that touch the heart and solidify connections. New Moons are also good for making wishes. From 11:44AM PST and the next 24 hours is a good time to wish upon the Moon, not the stars. Express a hearts desire and it may well come true.


Mars in Aquarius

Prepare for Low Energy

Lastly Mars moved in Aquarius on May 15th and usually stays in a sign for about 6 weeks. But Mars is going retrograde on June 26th and this always brings up delays and stalled movement. Mars is our energy and ruled by Fire. If you have Mars in a Fire sign, you will have great energy throughout your life (barring a harsh aspect to a planet who will block that), and will be one of those elderly people who seems to keep on going like a younger person.

And if you were born with Mars in Cancer for example, a water sign, your energy is less exuberant and you will run out of steam more easily than Mars in a Fire or Air sign. But when Mars goes retrograde, we all feel like our battery is running down, or we try to run errands and can’t seem to get it done without aggravation. Forward movement is slowed down and can be frustrating. In Aquarius, the sign of mankind, the masses, we can expect more protests about the world’s injustices.

Uranus rules Aquarius so there is an anti-establishment note to this energy, wanting change from corruption to fairness, like a living wage, human rights being respected and Universal health care, etc.  There is also a rebel quality personally to this aspect, making us look at our unique qualities and enhancing them vs hiding them. Be bold and different, and how to make that happen is a theme here. If you break free and express unfamiliar ideas or appearances, and lose some friends in the process, so be it.

It is a time to be ourselves and not being held back by naysayers. New people will come into your life who suit the real you and you will grow as a person. This retrograde period is 5 months long, so make some real changes in your outlook and style.

In July and August we are back in eclipse season which will bring a lot of change to our world. Get ready for a crazy ride of a summer. Be blessed and thankful.



About Yvonne Walker

Yvonne Walker, Astrologer/Life Coach/Tarot Reader, has been guiding people for 35 years. Using astrology as the key to your life’s plan, she can point you toward your planned destiny. She also consults with businesses helping them hire the right people, plan important moves, nurture the company, etc. She is also completing a novel about the spiritual adventures of a universal Light Being. Connect with Yvonne at TheAstroHealer.com.

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