oct2016PinSeptember was about looking within, but October is about external events. Jupiter, the Sun and the New Moon in Libra on the 30th herald a new turn of events, with the Libra energy spilling around the world into everyone’s hearts will increase our desire for love and harmony and community. Libra is also the scales in balance, the search for justice, contractual agreements and fair play. But as Libra has a constant dance to find that balance, there is also the factor of just the opposite – opponents, enemies, and strong competition. If you are a Libra, have moon in same or rising sign, this is your year for balance and optimism. This aspect opposes Aries, and squares Cancer and Capricorn, the squares being pushed to find balance while is Aries forced to lighten its dark side. Aries, the solo entity of the zodiac, will find the need to dominate and this can bring Aries big trouble with much push back. Cancers and Capricorns can find emotions/alliances might go big, and then they’ll be stressed. Air and fire signs in general will benefit from this placement of Jupiter, and should expect lots of socializing, activities, abundance, fun, etc.

Mars is now in Capricorn since Sept 27th – GET THINGS DONE!

This is a powerful placement, and gives you the energy to get a lot done during the next 6 weeks. I sat down this weekend and went crazy on catch ups and can proudly boast my “to do” list is current (and I can’t even remember when that happened before)! Now I can be more creative, and take more classes because I have free time. This is a plan for you too. Get that stuff off your to do list so you can breathe, start a new venture, take classes and grow and have the energy at your back to do it without feeling tired or listless. This is truly a time to get things done once and for all. Clear your list, clean the garage, give bags of stuff to Goodwill, clear out and feel better – while this powerful energy is helping you get it done with ease.

Sept 30 – Wish Time

Sept 30 with the conjunction of Jupiter and the New Moon was a perfect time for making wishes. With Venus now in Scorpio in harmony with Neptune, there is a dreamy creative and romantic quality taking place that kind of woo’s us into a good mood. Write down the wish for the life you want, fold it into a small square and safely burn a candle on top in a bowl that will catch the wax and light it as many days as you want this month (only when you are home, after work is always good).

Oct 4 – 6 – Productivity Goes Up

Oct 4-6 is Mars now in active “get things” done Capricorn and is not in good aspect to Jupiter. This is a time when religious fanatics might get overly excited about their “missions” and commit violent acts in the name of religious fervor, but the plans probably won’t work out thanks to the square. We can hope. Venus in Scorpio, with its intense emotions, is in good aspect to Pluto, the power planet. If you have aspects to these two planets in these signs it could be a great time for business ventures, loans, and generally benefit in a Venusian way.

Oct 6 – 7 – Sun in Libra: Tension & Challenges

October 6-7 is the Sun in Libra, feeling harmonious and pleasant, is squaring Pluto who wants power to rule the day. This is a couple of days of tension, and world events can be affected in a harsh way, and political news might be alarming. Remember last month predicted a political or celebrity surprise and we heard about Brad and Angelina calling it quits. This aspect has even more harsh warnings. Brad is a Sagittarius, and Saturn has come to visit and is approaching his Sun, and an approach is always the strongest. This is likely a divorce that will drag on and have heavy results for him as its affects his Sun, or his soul, and can be quite painful. She is a Gemini, his opposite, which means Saturn is opposite her sign, and is right on top of her Sun now, making her equally upset. As Saturn stops opposing her Sun, and moves toward his, she will calm down and feel less stress. If they can ride out this aspect for about 18 months, they could reconnect in a deeper way and make the marriage last a lifetime. If not, it will be a painful, hard lesson parting.

Oct 11 – Refresh!

October 11th is a good day in general with Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Neptune have a good time together. Its a good time to figure things out, make headway and find solutions. Bask in the energy of this day and recoup your nerves, especially because more stress is on the way.

Oct 12 – 20 – Stress Period

October 12th through the 20th is a really stressful period. Venus in Scorpio is inconjunct Uranus, the revolutionary. Inconjunct is an itch that can’t quite get scratched and becomes a real annoyance. Expect lots of comings and goings in alliances, people questioning everything and finding solutions to nothing. Tempers will flare.

Oct 15 – 16 – Cool It On Decision-Making For These Days

On the 15-16th, Sun opposes Uranus, Mercury square Pluto and a Full Moon in Aries. Expect one argument after another, outbreaks of violence. Don’t you dare make any decisions now, as your brain is not in a good place and you are not seeing things clearly.

Oct 18 – 20 – Keep Your Cool

Oct 18-20 are a powder keg time, with Mars conjunct Pluto those days. Powers that be will push back at the world, and Mars isn’t too happy about that. Mars is always about energy, but temper too. People in power can be quite undiplomatic and even rude. Cross your fingers that it doesn’t go beyond that. In personal terms, just lay low, think a lot before you speak and if someone pushes your buttons, like a boss, just hold your tongue and take a break. People in power are going to be real jerks now, so get out of their way. Engage in the controversy at your own peril.