astrology november 2016PinEach planet in the Zodiac has a role to play, and an energy signature, which affects us all. Each planet’s unique area of expertise governs a part of our life, and encourages us to go with its flow as it has something to teach us.

Bringing Out Your Dark Side

November, the time of Scorpio, is ruled by Pluto. Pluto works with our Dark Side, our hidden self, and things that go bump in the night that scare us. Pluto is an interesting player. He may well be the most misunderstood of the planets, as he has qualities of secrecy, hidden things, the underworld, deep, deep internal exploration – think worms and decay deep! Pluto is comfortable here. Scorpio is Pluto’s domain, and most Scorpio’s are intense, seem like they’re holding something back, hidden, and can unnervingly look through you like a cat does. Scorpios see everything, like Virgos, but unlike Virgo who wants to organize it all and put it into its proper place, Scorpio wants just to observe and analyze, to see what its made of and how it works. Sherlock Holmes is said to be the archetypal Scorpio in that he looks at a room and sees everything at once.

Scorpios are very smart, loners, and like to have secrets…

…Even if they don’t amount to much, it’s THEIR secret and it gives them solace in knowing something no one else does. The Scorpion is the lower symbol of the planet, while the Eagle is its highest form. Pluto is about your soul, not your body, about your connection to the dark side of the divine Creator and how it all works with the Light. For example, the age old question, how can something that gives us life, take it away? Or does it?

Pluto is the Phoenix rising from the ashes, as it’s constantly being reborn. Scorpios reinvent themselves quite routinely and love trying on the new costume and personality when they do. The eternal search for spiritual growth by being reborn again and again, understanding the nature of life and death, is a deep part of Scorpio’s exploration, and in turn, the deep exploration of ourselves. Pluto teaches us the importance of our dark self. If we didn’t have one, we would not have survival instincts, for example. Therapists talk a lot about how we need to face our shadow self, explore it, make peace with it and get balanced. This is Pluto, the part of ourselves we don’t necessarily like to share with others or even look at ourselves, but is there for a reason and is our friend.

Understanding Pluto In Your Chart

Whatever house Pluto resides in your chart gives you a clue as to what part of your life is undergoing constant regeneration. Pluto in your 4th house, probably means power struggles in the home and the lesson to be yourself no matter what others say, also a big lesson of self love and being free. Pluto in your 10th house says you want to make your mark on the world and be a big fish in a big pond, and see what its like to manage power carefully or will it manage you? The constant look at the nature of duality is where Pluto lives. Pluto is your underbelly and really helps you understand the death cycle, especially when you lose someone, their body is dead, but they are not. They live on forever and you will see them again when you move from this world to the next. Phoenix from the ashes, ever alive, just mutating. Letting go is another Scorpio trait. Make way for the new. A highly evolved Scorpio is a joy to behold, as they know the secrets of the so-called dark side, which is not really dark at all, it is birth, death and rebirth. It is forever. It is the cycle of all life.

November 1 – 7: Creative Expression, Networking Gets A Boost

November 1 is Sun Trine Neptune, good for the arts, creative expression and compassion and spiritual growth. Make this an action day and make things happen. November 3rd is Mercury sextile Pluto and good for figuring things out too. November 5-6 is Venus Trine Uranus, so get out and meet people, attraction sparks will fly. But Mercury in conjunct Uranus may make you misunderstand others, or they you. Try not to make decisions today as your thinking is a little off. Nov 7th is Sun Sextile Pluto, a power day. I think the weight of voting, the future of our country will weigh heavily this day. The awareness of power in general is strong and you need to look at it, because power itself is going to be very important in the next 18 months.

november 2016 horoscopesPinNovember 8 (Election Day), is quite odd

There are no planetary aspects and its a void moon most of the day. A void moon is one of those days when you don’t feel much, you feel kind of blank, unemotional, because the Moon, our emotions, is not being affected so we feel somewhat emotionless. But there are also no other aspects to other personal planets either. It’s like a day of emptiness, and very odd. The next aspect after all this void, is Mars entering Aquarius on the 9th – the sign of Humanity. We will be empowered to do something for everyone, not just ourselves. I think the election will spur us on to make changes that benefit the whole, not the one, and this then is the start of the global revolution about to take place. Humanity is going to speak up like the 60’s, demanding change on big levels, to stop the injustices and to make a new and better world for the masses.

November 12 – 16: Important Events & Dates To Note

On Nov 12 Mercury now enters Sagittarius, joining Mars, and Venus goes into Capricorn. Your mind is quick and you might want to study something new or travel, and your love life can get serious. Find something real, not just fun.

Nov 13th Is Sun inconjunct Uranus, while Neptune is conjunct the South Node of the Moon. Religious extremism and violence might rule the day. Its also a time for people over-reacting in general, perhaps the election results will finally sink in for some. It’s not a good energy day, so act accordingly.

Nov 14 is a full Moon in Scorpio, whose emotions are tense here anyhow, as a full Moon they are amplified. This can be more of a reaction to yesterday’s events. It’s a “try to lay low” day. Work on you, leave the outside world to its devices.

Nov 15-16 is Mercury sextile Mars means peace will prevail today. Things will not only calm down, new ways of dealing may be implemented and soothe rattled nerves and tensions. Talk things out, don’t get angry and yell. Talking can yield solid results.

Thanks for checking in, I’ll be back mid month, and don’t forget to vote!

Best to you All, Yvonne