For the next 21 days the Sun is in Taurus, which reminds us to be thankful for the simpler things in life; to honor our friends and family; to put some money away for a rainy day, and to honor the Goddess, Venus, and all the beautiful gifts she brings to us.

Time To Get To Work

In a couple of days Mercury goes direct so our minds will be more clear and lucid. Venus went direct last month so our hearts are softening and open to love again. Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto continue to be retrograde, so big issues from the past haunt us for resolution. Clean up matters you’ve been avoiding. Just rip the bandaid off the wound and make it heal by doing the hard work to clear it all up. Taurus is good slow and steady energy, so its time to tackle big problems slowly, deliberately and surely. If you have a big project you’ve been avoiding, meet it head on. If you have trouble with the IRS, give them a call and settle up or make a payment plan. They are NOT going away so why not take the bull by the horns (the symbol of Taurus) and get it resolved and handled so you can be free of it? Whatever monsters are in the closet, look them in the eye and make a peace treaty with them. Free yourself of situations that make your life upset, blocked or troubling. Make room for the new, for joy.

April 27 – May 10 – Mercury Conjunct Uranus/Eris: Thoughtful Decision-Making

Mercury is conjunct Uranus/Eris from April 27 – May 10th. Half of that time Mercury is retrograde – not a good time to take action because you don’t have all the facts or are not thinking clearly. Uranus/Eris are impulsive, revolutionaries, inventors, genius who see what most of us cannot in terms of the future and where it can take us, and a faulty mind can make bad choices about same. So whatever impulses you have going during April 27-May 5, think before you leap if you can. Look it over, think it through, write it out, make a plan….then implement it around May 5th for best results. It’s a time when a genius idea can come to you, but it won’t be ready to unveil until you’ve walked around it and looked under the hood so to speak. During the retrograde you may be missing something that needs to come to light and figured out before its ready. This is especially true if you are a Gemini or Virgo, the two signs ruled by Mercury.

April 25 – End of May – Saturn Trine Uranus: Bring Your Dreams Into Reality

Saturn trine Uranus is a spectacular event. It started April 25th and continues to end of May. Saturn is matter, the material, the solid, the “real”. Uranus is what could be, what might be, a visionary. Both signs are in Fire, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. Fire signs are naturally impulsive, driven and desire action and movement. No couch potatoes here. There is a desire to bring form to ideas – to manifest them and make them real, kind of in keeping with the Mercury Uranus/Eris energy discussed above, but this energy is about making it real, concrete, actual. I would see this as new ideas and concepts, once carefully examined before May 5th, should be implemented thereafter and made real. Start a business, a movement, a cause. Create new products or ideas that can change the world for the better. This is inventing-the-cell-phone kind of energy, something common made better for the masses. I watched a 1960’s Star Trek episode on BBC the other day, and there they were in space with their little flip phones at a time when no one could dream of such a thing, but a creative TV producer did. It’s a dream can be made real time. An idea can be made glorious. It’s also about changing yourself by showcasing your personal uniqueness and quirkiness. Be yourself, be kooky, have fun with it. Change how you dress (a total make-over maybe), or your environment like redo your living room to make it an unusual sanctuary for yourself, your little world if you will. Turn it into a tropical jungle, or a princess’s lair, or wild colors. Anything but the routine, the drab – down with beige!

May 8 – 9 – Sun & Pluto Move Into Action: Business & Power

May 8-9 the Sun and Pluto are playing nice. Sun in Taurus rules money, so a good time for business activities. Good for buying a house or making an investment. Pluto, now retrograde, is about power – but perhaps something from the past that needs to be dusted off and re-examined for its potential.

Lunar Node Movement – Karma & Justice

Another big event is the Lunar Node moving from Pisces/Virgo to Leo/Aquarius. The Nodes are about Karma, what you sew you shall reap. Your South Node in your natal horoscope represents your past karmic issues, while the North Node tells you where you are headed if you do your inner work. Pisces Virgo is Water and Earth, emotion and stability. Leo/Aquarius is Fire and Air and is the new energy of the Eclipses in our solar system. The first full Eclipse in this new energy is in August. Leo is personal ego while Aquarius, the opposite, it about mankind as a whole. We will be balancing our ego and our need for a new society and new dynamics of same. Aquarius is bringing in the need for society to meet the needs of the many, not the few. The Ego must be controlled to make us have a healthy attitude about ourselves, vs an overblown attitude that gives way to disregarding and disrespecting others. The balancing act between our needs and the needs of the many is a clear public issue today. The world over people are seeing the unfairness of their nations treatment of them, and it will come to pass that the people’s will is to be heeded and made manifest in society.

May 10 – Full Moon in Taurus: BUSY Day

May 10th is a busy day. Full Moon in Taurus is about loving one another as a whole society. It’s about becoming more spiritually enlightened and praying for the planet to be made whole via the Venus energy of Taurus. It is a perfect day to pray for each of us, the whole world, and humanity as well as the Planet Earth herself, to bring enlightenment to the world, so we can evolve and become a better species and closer to our Universal connection to God.

And if all that Full Moon energy isn’t enough for the day, six planets are doing a dance as well – Mercury/Saturn; Sun/Pluto; Mars/Neptune. The first four planets are in harmony, while Mars and Neptune are at a stand off. Mars is go now, do it now, think later – Neptune can be illusion. You “feel” something is real when it is not. Add the full moon energy to this and you have people believing in false doctrines, behaving impulsively. Religious fanatics will be empowered and its over all a powder keg of energy. But for most of us who want to take the high road, it’s a day to meditate deeply and connect to spirit and seek understanding and positive change. If you don’t already meditate, find a meditation style and practice it on this day for sure. This is actually a May 10 and 11 aspect.

May 12 – Mars Trine Jupiter/Mercury Trine Saturn: Clear Thought & Healing

On May 12 Mars is trine Jupiter, and Mercury trine Saturn. Air and Fire energy prevail, but in a good way. It’s a great day for getting people to settle down, think more clearly, be less radical, emotional or impulsive. It’s a day to calm things down from the Chaos which seems to be all around us now. Again, Prayer and Meditation cannot be underestimated now. This is a Friday, why not have a meditation party, where you gather with your friends, teach others how to meditate, sit together and do at least 20 minutes of meditation and then talk about spiritual and bigger picture things all night. It’s a bonding/healing night. It’s giving good energy back to the world. For each person who meditates, they affect the energy of 10,000 people, by sending energy ripples into our energy pool. And end the evening by telling your friends, publicly, how much they mean to you, how honored you are to have them in your life and how much their friendship means. Share/Show the love.

Best wishes for a great first half of May,


About Yvonne Walker

Yvonne Walker, Astrologer/Life Coach/Tarot Reader, has been guiding people for 35 years. Using astrology as the key to your life’s plan, she can point you toward your planned destiny. She also consults with businesses helping them hire the right people, plan important moves, nurture the company, etc. She is also completing a novel about the spiritual adventures of a universal Light Being. Connect with Yvonne at

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